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Medifast vs Wonderslim: Which One ACTUALLY Works?

Medifast vs Wonderslim: Which One ACTUALLY Works?

If you’re trying to choose between Wonderslim and Medifast diets, you have come to the right place.

While these two weight loss programs are quite similar, there are some aspects that set them apart. Both Optavia (previously known as Medifast) and Wonderslim offer meal replacement products and promise to help you lose weight quickly. Still, Optavia is a more popular program. One thing is for sure! Both diets stand out due to their unique benefits – they can help you lose weight really fast and in a delicious way. If you are interested in liquid diets, here is my list of the best liquid diets you could try.

So, how do these diets compare? Here is an insightful review of each one of these programs in which you will discover useful details such as their benefits and drawbacks, costs, and ratings.

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Main Differences Between Optavia vs Wonderslim

The main differences between Optavia and Wonderslim are:

  • Wonderslim is more of a DIY plan, allowing you to mix and match a shopping cart of options based on budget and dietary restrictions, whereas Optavia is more tailored to your needs
  • Optavia is much more streamlined with specific meal plans delivered on a set schedule, whereas Wonderslim is more of a do-it-yourself diet plan which works well for people looking for flexibility
  • Optavia offers full online support, whereas Wonderslim doesn’t have the same level of on-demand access

How is Wonderslim Different?

What I really like about Wonderslim is the ability to customize, mix and match, and generally CONTROL your budget. There's nothing worse then getting locked into an over-priced diet plan. If you like flexibility, Wonderslim has it!

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A. Optavia Program Overview

Do you think it is possible to eat up to six meals a day and still get rid of those annoying extra pounds? Well, at least that is what Optavia promises to accomplish. According to the company, if you follow this diet plan, you will lose between 2 and 5 pounds per week during the first two weeks of this program. After that, you will continue to lose one or two pounds per week.

What Is Optavia?

optavia plan

If you’re on the lookout for one of the most popular diet plans of all times, you’ve surely already heard of Medifast. This famous diet first appeared on the market four decades ago and it has been recommended by more than 20,000 nutritional specialists and doctors since its launch. Well, Medifast is, sadly, a history now. The good news is that the same producer introduced its ideal replacement, Optavia, which is reportedly so close to the original Medifast diet that the two are perfectly interchangeable.

Just like its predecessor, Optavia offers top-quality meal replacement products that are clinically proven to support a well-balanced weight loss. They also promote weight maintenance.

During this diet plan, you are required to eat certain allowed foods and specific meal portions. Also, the company will deliver these meal replacements to your doorstep on a regular basis. The menu includes a large array of items such as hot soups, nutritional bars, high-protein shakes, dinner entrees, and others.

How Does It Work?

Optavia is a diet that is simple to follow as long as you stick to following its guidelines. For example, besides the shakes and meal replacements provided by the company (so-called Optavia Fuelings), you will also eat a lot of real foods like chicken breast, spinach, tuna, shrimps, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, and more.

There’s no doubt that this diet based on low-calorie meals really works and its long history proves that. However, you must put in some effort as well as a lot of self-discipline and perseverance. If you want to remain slim after this program ends, you must recreate your entire lifestyle and change your eating habits.

The most popular Optavia (ex-Medifast) products are shakes and nutritional bars. They come in plenty of available flavors like chocolate, lemon, orange, cookie, cinnamon, berries, peanut butter, and more.

Benefits of Optavia Diet

  • Every meal contains nutritious and wholesome foods which will have a positive effect on your body and health;
  • Besides the obvious benefit of losing weight, the Optavia diet also has other advantages such as reducing stress and body inflammation;
  • This diet program is proven to be effective and it is backed by science; it is based on solid nutritional principles;
  • Optavia offers education and support for all its clients;
  • It is easy to follow because it is mostly about prepackaged foods.

Possible Drawbacks

  • It might get boring after a while to eat the same meal option recipes over and over again;
  • Some of the snacks and beverages provided by Optavia contain added sugar which adds more calories to your meals;
  • Some dieters might easily regain weight once they stop this program if they don’t keep a balanced lifestyle;
  • It might seem a bit expensive especially in comparison with some alternatives including the Wonderslim diet.

How Much Does Optavia Cost?

The company offers three different pricing plans:

  • OPTAVIA Premier™ for new users that lasts one month: $364.65 + five FREE boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings, which equals one week of the diet for free (free shipping + other bonuses and gifts).
  • Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan®) that lasts one month: $414.60 (free shipping + other bonuses and gifts).
  • Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan that lasts one month: $400 to $450 depending on the content (free shipping + other bonuses and gifts).
  • Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan that lasts one month: $457.95 (free shipping + other bonuses and gifts).

What makes Optavia stand out is the number of free gifts and bonuses you receive once you become their client. This is a real competitive advantage. For example, you will get a free blender bottle which is of crucial importance when it comes to preparing Optavia meals. Moreover, you’ll also get five boxes for free with your first Premier order just for signing up.

In case this diet seems too expensive for you, you might want to check some alternatives to Optavia (ex-Medifast).

Optavia Negative Reviews | What Do Customers Say About Optavia?

Most clients were more than pleased with this diet system, saying it helped them lose a lot of weight. Some even declared it is a great plan that eliminates the arduous struggle of deciding what to eat.

Optavia dieters agree on certain aspects like the fact that not only did this system help them shed some extra pounds but also supported them in maintaining a slim figure. Praises also came from people who enjoyed the taste of Optavia products. They said it is easy to customize this diet to match your needs and preferences.

Initial Verdict on Optavia


The Optavia diet consisting of prepackaged and low-calorie meals is an effective weight loss system.

When buying the Optavia plan, you will also receive support from certified specialists as well as diet-related suggestions and advice on what foods you should buy from grocery stores. One of the possible drawbacks is that Optavia is more expensive than Wonderslim.

B. Wonderslim Diet Plan Overview

Wonderslim seems to have gained a lot of awareness and popularity lately due to the amazing results that dieters have experienced during this program. This weight loss system provides vitamin-rich meal replacements and has plenty of flexibility.

What Is Wonderslim?

wonderslim plans

This is a popular meal replacement system that seems to actually work. It encourages you to replace your usual meals with the company’s products.

Supplements like snacks, bars (I particularly liked the Wonderslim bar options for “on the go” fixes), and shakes are all part of the equation. Wonderslim is well-known for its wide range of possibilities and large options of ingredients.

Wonderslim’s parent company is Diet Direct and this diet was created in 2001 in the prepared meal dieting space. It has some longevity and the products are great when it comes to limiting your caloric intake.

How is Wonderslim Different?

What I really like about Wonderslim is the ability to customize, mix and match, and generally CONTROL your budget. There's nothing worse then getting locked into an over-priced diet plan. If you like flexibility, Wonderslim has it!

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How Does It Work?

All Wonderslim supplements and meal replacements come as diet kits (see here for selections). Each diet kit will help you start your challenging yet rewarding weight loss journey. These shakes, drinks, soups, and bars are customized for both men and women. One meal plan contains 1000-1200 calories for women while for men, these plans provide between 1500 and 1800 calories per day.

You must enter on the company’s official page and become a member of the program. Then, you will receive a clear shopping list that will guide you and teach you what foods are allowed and what you should avoid buying. Besides its own meal replacements, this diet focuses on lean meat, vegetables, and starch. As long as you will stick to this program, you will definitely achieve your weight loss goals.

The Most Popular Product – Wonderslim Shake

The most popular products of this diet are the shakes which are super convenient. To prepare them, you must combine one serving of powder with milk or water.

If you don’t have a blender, don’t fret about it! You can simply use a spoon to mix this shake. Another alternative is to purchase Wonderslim ready-to-drink beverages that don’t require any preparation.

The taste of Wonderslim shakes is more than pleasant and there are a lot of flavors to choose from such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coco mint, hazelnut, and more. One shake costs on average 1.80 dollars and it provides 15 grams of protein.

Benefits of Wonderslim Diet

wonderslim diet

There are plenty of benefits that come with Wonderslim weight loss program, but we will list here only the most important ones:

  • It takes less than five minutes to prepare a Wonderslim meal;
  • Although Wonderslim meal replacements are quite expensive, they can be cheaper than your usual meals (and cheaper than some alternative diets too);
  • It is a low-calorie diet that helps you lose weight;
  • Lowers your body’s blood sugar level;
  • These meal replacement and supplements can be consumed by people who suffer from type 2 diabetes;
  • This diet plan comes with plenty of options to choose from;
  • These products are recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

Possible Drawbacks

  • There’s no guarantee that this diet will have the same results for all dieters;
  • If you decide to follow this meal plan for a longer period, it will cost you a lot of money;  although there are still numerous more expensive diets on the market;
  • Some of the supplements contain aspartame for flavor enhancement which is an artificial sweetener;
  • Some clients complained about the taste of Wonderslim products.

How Much Does Wonderslim Cost?

The products’ price tags represent one of the main concerns of potential clients. It’s only logical since many weight loss programs are quite expensive. Wonderslim is no different, although its price is still relatively affordable in comparison with some of the competition. If you choose to consume a maximum of seven supplements and meal replacements per day your total monthly costs should standardly range between $307.05 and $498.45.

Nevertheless, the company now offers generous discounts that allow you to enjoy even the most comprehensive of their plans for just $319.00. This means that you will on average pay just $1.63 per meal with this diet, which makes Wonderslim even more affordable than standard shopping in a random grocery store.

NOTE ON PRICING: You can shop a variety of kits via here to modify based on your budget.

How is Wonderslim Different?

What I really like about Wonderslim is the ability to customize, mix and match, and generally CONTROL your budget. There's nothing worse then getting locked into an over-priced diet plan. If you like flexibility, Wonderslim has it!

Customize Your Plan & Save Here
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Wonderslim Negative Reviews | What Do Customers Say About Wonderslim?

Most consumers declared themselves satisfied with the Wonderslim diet plan and eating program and its products. They said the taste of Wonderslim supplements was pleasant and the products are rich in protein.

There were a few negative reviews in which clients have complained about the bad texture of the shakes. People also sometimes complain that Wonderslim meal replacements couldn’t keep them full.

Of course, if you are looking for rapid weight loss without a few months to get started, that’s a frequent complaint. 

Initial Verdict: Wonderslim Review


All in all, Wonderslim provides effective yet realistic results. It has all the benefits of a low-calorie meal plan. The company offers a wide range of products and meal replacements.

It is true, however, that some consumers said they taste pretty bad and they cannot keep your stomach full for a long time.

How is Wonderslim Different?

What I really like about Wonderslim is the ability to customize, mix and match, and generally CONTROL your budget. There's nothing worse then getting locked into an over-priced diet plan. If you like flexibility, Wonderslim has it!

Customize Your Plan & Save Here
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Optavia vs Wonderslim – Bottom Line

a. Diet Approach

Optavia and Wonderslim focus on low-glycemic meal replacement programs for fat loss. They will make your body speed up its metabolism and burn fat a lot quicker than usual.

During these diets, you will be required to eat special meals such as shakes, nutrition bars, oatmeal, and desserts once every couple of hours a day, and here are some of the best Optavia (ex-Medifast) foods to eat to lose weight.

One thing that sets Optavia apart from Wonderslim is the option to purchase frozen low-calorie green meals if you don’t want to spend time preparing your own meals. Wonderslim does not offer that possibility.

b. Cost Comparison

Wonderslim is currently cheaper than Optavia but that depends on the pricing option you choose to buy and actual deals.

Wonderslim’s basic plan is just $1.83 dollars per meal, whereas Optavia costs around $3 per meal on average (when calculated from the total price and number of included servings). Also, Optavia’s price list seems to be a bit unclear and non-transparent, so it is quite complicated to understand all your options and to do your math upfront accurately.

Although Optavia does seem to offer more tasty, and variable meals, its price is overall distinctively higher in comparison with Wonderslim.

c. Weight Loss Results

Both Optavia and Wonderslim promise the same thing: to help you lose weight easily and quickly. Those who choose to follow the Wonderslim diet usually lose a maximum of four pounds per week. According to Optavia’s research, their dieters seem to lose up to five pounds per week.

d. Online Support

Wonderslim provides clear diet instructions as well as an introductory kit. Still, you will not receive any online support whatsoever. On the other hand, Optavia offers plenty of online support such as forums, recipes, message boards, and emails.

Final Verdict: Optavia or Wonderslim?

Both Wonderslim and Optavia diets are similar diet programs that offer nutritious meal replacements.

They promise to help you shed those extra pounds in no time and keep them off with long-term weight loss. Both of them are recommended and approved by doctors. Something that sets Optavia apart from Wonderslim is its highly effective online support.

Wonderslim might be more of a DIY plan during which you must compose the meals on your own but, at the same time, it has more flexibility compared to Optavia. So, the secret to choosing the best diet program lies in what your goals are (goal weight, etc…).

  1. Go With Wonderslim IF you want something more flexible that you CAN follow (or modify) with multiple kits and plans to choose from.
  2. Go With Optavia IF you just need a clear dietary plan that you can follow closely.
How is Wonderslim Different?

What I really like about Wonderslim is the ability to customize, mix and match, and generally CONTROL your budget. There's nothing worse then getting locked into an over-priced diet plan. If you like flexibility, Wonderslim has it!

Customize Your Plan & Save Here
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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Anna Kyser

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

Thank you for a good article but I am shocked because the con's for Wonderslim seem to be the same as what I think about Medifast (now called Optiva). In addition to the name change the prices have gone up and the product selection right now is no where near as good as Wonderslim. I just tried Wonderslim products this week and besides being about 40% less cost they taste better than Optivia so far or just as good. I started using Optavia a year ago and wasn't familiar with the original concept but they have Coaches now who you have to sign up under and they get commission. There is neither of those things with Wonderslim. Maybe you could post an update to the top of this article because yours is one of the few that come up in a search about comparisons. and it really does seem totally opposite to what I have found out. Also, as of this week Optivia is out of stock and discontinuing so many foods, it's really not good and a lot of people on their huge Facebook groups are complaining. Also, shipping times are very long and I got my Wonderslim order in half the time.

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Monday 8th of March 2021

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You are absolutely WAY off base. In reading your comments, it's as if you mixed the 2 up. I currently have products from BOTH. I've done Medifast with great results. Wonderslim is still kind of new, but its much cheaper and tastes far better. Medifast lacks flavor. Wonderslim stuff is so good, you wouldn't know it's from a diet program. You need to correct your misinformation. I'm guessing you're paid by Medifast...

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