Alt Protein Editorial Integrity Policy

At Alt Protein, we strive to always provide our readers with honest, unbiased, fully vetted reviews, comparisons, and guides. To do this properly, we keep a clear separation between our monetization team and our editorial team.

First, our editorial team is led by Team Leader / Head Editor, Natalia Bickell. She is not involved in any business or advertising related activities. Any information about affiliate fees, cost-per-click, and/or revenue share agreements we may have with health products is strictly withheld from our editorial staff and writers.

Our writers, including our panel of credentialed experts, are not associated with any business or advertising related activities and only represent themselves here on our site. They do not recommend specific products, but rather are here to review the validity of our health-related information, interpret journal reviews and studies in order to provide the most accurate information and up-to-date advice we can.

While Alt Protein’s business managers may provide resources and advisory support to the topics we choose to discuss, the products we choose to review (including the best-of lists, reviews, comparisons), the execution of any reviews, tests, trials, as well as the conclusions drawn by our writers and editorial team will be controlled by the Head Editor with no influence from the managers, management team, or monetization team.

We do not receive payments directly from brands for any kind of content, including sponsored content or product placement. Content topics are driven both by our editorial team, writers, the panel of experts, and the owner.

Finally, each of our managers and editorial staff has signed an agreement to protect the editorial independence and integrity of our content, which you can see below.

Manager and Editorial Staff Pledge:

We are here to help the health and wellness of our readers. Our goal is to help consumers make the best decisions and separate market hype (fiction) from fact. We care about the quality of the products we recommend and will only recommend the products we would use in our homes, with our families. We pledge to honor our Editorial Integrity Policy and all related disclosures and persons of interest, including the strict separation of all business and editorial activities.

The monetization of this site will never influence what you read here at Alt Protein, as we keep the monetization and editorial teams completely separate. We do not seek to benefit certain products over others, and we will always review, test, try products before our writers give their honest opinions on them.

We appreciate your readership, support, and trust.

The Alt Protein Team

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