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HMR Diet vs Medifast: Which One Should You Try?

Today, I’ll present you two of the most effective eating plans on the market: HMR Diet and Optavia (previously named Medifast). Both these diets can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, but what sets them apart and what are their similarities? You’re about to find all that and more in the article below.

Bottom Line Up Front: I actually think the best option is NEITHER of these. A better, more complete, and fully planned solution is Nutrisystem here. They feature a more holistic approach to dieting, PLUS fresh fruits and veggies as well. Right now, you can take up to 40% off their “Fresh Start” plan right here.

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HMR Diet vs Optavia – What Are They?

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HMR Diet Overview

HMR is a well-appreciated eating system in which many coaches, dietitians, and other nutrition specialists are involved. This diet helps people achieve their fitness, health, and well-being goals.

With HMR, you can benefit from in-person coaching and even medical supervision, if necessary. Or, you can choose to use the program in the comfort and intimacy of your own home through group coaching via phone sessions.

The HMR Diet lets you choose from three different approaches: Healthy Solutions, Healthy Shakes, and a Decision-Free alternative. Normally, dieters follow one of these plans for a period of minimum six months in order to get optimal results.

The program was launched on the market in 1986 and since then it has helped millions of people lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

All HMR products and services are available at 40 different clinics all over the United States. This eating system includes soups, entrees, shakes, cereal bars, and even a wide range of DIY recipe ideas. Their meals are calorie-counted as well as wisely portioned.

Basically, you will eat calorie-restricted meals that will help you lose weight. Still, HMR specialists also recommend dieters to engage in regular physical activities if they want to obtain the best possible results. As a member, you will receive nutrition support from the company’s coaches.

Optavia Overview


Optavia is a very popular eating plan that helps its clients lose weight. With this diet system, people usually learn the proper way to eat in a healthy and balanced manner. Optavia’s name might sound new to you, but it has a long history and tradition. In fact, this diet is just a rebranded version of Medifast, a famous diet that Dr. William Vitaleall created in 1980.

Apparently, this diet works even better for individuals who want to lose a lot of weight. The company’s meal delivery services provide all the necessary nutrients that one’s body needs such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. According to Optavia representatives, their weight-loss solution helps you burn fat without affecting your muscle mass.

Not only will this diet help people shed those extra pounds, but it will also work for those who suffer from gout, food allergies, and diabetes. On the company’s website, you will find the available eating plans:

  • OPTAVIA Premier™ for new users;
  • Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan®);
  • Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan;
  • Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan;

You have the possibility to choose four daily meals that can vary from fruits to vegetables and snacks. There are many choices, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored with these meals’ taste. During this diet, you must eat no less than six meals per day, once every 3-4 hours. 

Optavia is a simple system that is also time-saving and highly convenient. You won’t need to go grocery shopping as often as before, although you still have to buy some fresh greens and lean meats to complete your diet.

HMR Diet vs Optavia – Main Similarities

  • Both programs aim to help you lose weight in a healthy and balanced manner;
  • They both offer a delivery service of already-cooked meals;
  • HMR and Optavia provide customers with weight-loss plans and professional guidance;
  • All the recipes marketed by these two companies are prepared by professional chefs and they are approved by nutritionists;
  • The foods these systems offer are free from hormones and antibiotics while also being low in fat and carbs;
  • The meals are healthy for your heart, they contain non-GMO ingredients, they come with a high content of protein, and are mostly diabetic-friendly;
  • Both programs are easy to follow and highly convenient;
  • HMR and Optavia are available for download on Android and iOS devices;
  • You can contact these companies’ representatives by email or phone;
  • Clients can benefit from a money-back guarantee, no matter which of these two systems they choose to follow.
  • Both diets have the advantage of free shipping.

HMR Diet vs Optavia– Main Differences

  • Unlike HMR, Optavia provides a broader range of available diet varieties. They have customized eating plans that can suit the lifestyle and unique needs of nursing moms, seniors, etc.;
  • On the other hand, the HMR Diet clients will also get full access to the system’s fitness and workout tips, tutorials, and materials;
  • The HMR Program is more affordable than Optavia;
  • HMR meals contain more sugar than the foods provided by Optavia;
  • Optavia doesn’t deliver soups, drinks, desserts, and fruits;
  • HMR Diet is a customizable weight-loss program;

HMR Diet vs Optavia – Targeted Customers

Who Is HMR Diet Ideal for?

  • If you deal with a chaotic daily schedule and you don’t have the time to go grocery shopping or cook your meals, this is the right program for you;
  • For those who want a healthy alternative to frozen foods;
  • It is good for people who want to lose weight or even desire to follow a vegan nutrition program.

Who Is Optavia Ideal for?

  • People who want to lose weight;
  • Individuals who need to maintain or improve their health;
  • Those who want to achieve healthier eating habits;
  • People who want to know more about proper nutrition and fitness.

Pros and Cons

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HRM Diet


  • HMR provides a high diversity of available meals and foods;
  • Their program is created for the finest motivation;
  • It is more affordable than Optavia or other similar programs;
  • They seem to understand better what their clients want and what a healthy lifestyle is all about.


  • It is not the best or safest solution for individuals who suffer from severe or chronic health conditions;
  • Although HMR is a bit less expensive than Optavia, it still remains a costly program.



  • All their meals are approved by nutritionists, and their program is developed by doctors;
  •  It is an effective weight-loss program;
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee;
  • You will lose weight in a balanced way by consuming nourishing meals.


  • The company, unfortunately, markets mostly heavily pre-processed meals, which can be discouraging for many customers;
  • Apparently, their website can sometimes be quite difficult to navigate and it is quite challenging to find all the information you need;

Optavia snacks and juices have pretty high prices.

How Do These Diets Work?

hmr vs medifast diets

HMR Diet

Each HMR eating plan offers plenty of food options like puddings, cereals, soups, shakes, hot drinks, ice cream, bars, etc. There’s even an a la carte menu option that you can select. Most of your extra weight will be lost by drinking HMR shakes and by replacing your regular meals with HMR-approved veggies, fruits, and entrees.

In other words, each day, you must include 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 vegetables and fruits in your diet. With the help of HMR, you won’t need to plan your meals. That way, you can shift your attention to learning and practicing your newly-developed living and eating skills.


Optavia also focuses on providing you frequent yet low-calorie foods that will target body fat and help you lose weight. Instead of consuming three bigger meals, you will eat a higher number of smaller meals per day.

It is a good method to eat less without feeling hungry all the time. The most popular Optavia plan is called Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan). Although the meals are calorie-restricted, they are nutrient-dense and enriched with more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Hence, you will feel satiated throughout the day.

Optavia is a program that boosts your body’s fat-burning process while also maintaining your muscle mass intact. One must only consume the foods and meals that the program approves of.

What I like most about the system is its simplicity. Ordering the meals is very simple. You can either choose to follow the shorter diet that lasts 15 days or go with the longer version that lasts one whole month. There’s also the alternative to create your customized food and meal selection and order only the items you want to eat from the company’s list of bars, shakes, snacks, etc. You will receive all the orders at your doorstep.

HMR Diet vs Optavia – Main Benefits

Both diet plans are popular and effective, but what sets them apart and what elements differentiate each of these two eating systems? You’re about to find that out!

HMR Diet

hmr diet meals

·        The company relies on three keys that led to this diet’s success: structure, accountability, and support. First and foremost, HMR helps dieters lose weight and keep in shape while also being healthy. The program is well-balanced and very motivating;

·       You will benefit from professional support from experienced coaches. This is an effective method that will help you shift towards a healthier overall lifestyle;

·    The diet’s approach is a simple one. It eliminates the confusion related to calorie counting, and it is backed by more than three decades of clinical success.


·        It is a motivating diet – no matter what type of body you have or how difficult it is for you to lose weight, Optavia specialists always know how to keep you motivated;

·        It is easy to follow – this is a simple eating plan. All you have to do is go on their website and follow their steps. There are easy-to-follow guides that you can use to learn how to place an order and the proper way to cook your lean and green meal every day;

·        This is a long-term weight-loss solution – during the program, not only will you lose weight, but you will also learn how to maintain your new weight while making your achieved results last for a lifetime;

·        Optavia is a safe diet – doctors recommend this program, and it is also backed by science;

·        It is a satisfying program – every couple of hours (no more than 3) you must eat another meal which will help you feel satiated.

·       Dieters will receive support during the entire program – as a client, you will gain access to Optavia’s tools, materials, and nutritionists. All these perks are just a click away.

HMR Diet vs Optavia – Meals and Menus

HMR Diet

·        Healthy Solutions – you can follow this program at home or in a clinic. It is dedicated to those who want to lose weight but also suffer from serious medical conditions. During this program, dieters will eat 2 entrees, 3 shakes, and five fruits and veggies each day. Also, they will receive coaching sessions and weight supervisions;

·        Decision-Free – you can enroll in this program only in a clinic because it is medically administrated. If you want to shed those extra pounds quickly and safely, this is the right choice for you;

·        Healthy Shakes – this program can only be followed at home. If you agree to lower your calorie intake even more, you should try this alternative. During the day, you will consume three HMR shakes, one healthy meal that will be prepared by you, and five portions of fruits and veggies.



There are numerous Optavia plans available for purchase, but we’ll only discuss the most popular ones here:

  • OPTAVIA Premier™ is designed especially for new users. It lasts one whole month and lets you enjoy one week of the diet (= five Optavia Fuelings boxes) entirely for free. The plan also comes with free shipping and various gifts.
  • Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan®) is the most popular and recommended plan that lasts one month and contains a colorful range of bars, shakes, and full meals. The shipping and useful gifts (such as a blender) are also included.
  • Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan is a favorite monthly plan for those who want to maximize their weight loss without feeling hungry and tired. Choose from 60+ scientifically designed Fuelings and burn your fat while maintaining your lean muscles.

Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan is the most comprehensive (and expensive) monthly plan for those who want to eat all food groups while achieving their ideal weight healthily and enjoyably.

HMR Diet vs Optavia– Pricing and Costs

HMR Program

When it comes to the company’s pricing plans, opinions vary. Some consider their services and products pretty reasonable while others think they can be a tad on the pricey side.

Their most popular program is Healthy Solutions which costs $301.65. This price includes all the meals and aiding materials for the first three weeks of the program. There’s no shipping fee if you choose the auto-delivery option. Sometimes, the company offers a discount of $100 on a client’s first order.


Optavia is one of the most expensive weight loss programs currently on the market. Their cheapest monthly plan (Premier, which new customers can only use for the initial month) costs $364.65, while their most exclusive plan (Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan) costs $457.95. 

On the other hand, the company offers free shipping and various valuable gifts that can justify the high prices at least partially.

**NOTE: Optavia does offer some seasonal discounts, so check this page to see if there are any ongoing promos***

Let’s Recap: HMR vs Optavia

Both diets are easy to follow and effective for weight loss. They both provide nutritious and well-balanced meals. It is true; however, that Optavia is much more popular, and many doctors support it too. When it comes to Optavia, you also have a wide range of foods and meals to choose from, although most of them are heavily pre-processed.

On the other hand, HMR Diet will also help you upgrade your lifestyle. They offer you the possibility to lose weight under supervision, in one of the clinics they collaborate with. So, this eating program might be better for you if you suffer from severe or chronic illnesses.

Bottom Line: I actually think the best option is NEITHER of these. A better, more complete and fully planned solution is Nutrisystem here. They feature a more wholistic approach to dieting, PLUS fresh fruits and veggies as well. Right now, you can take up to 40% off their “Fresh Start” plan right here.

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  1. I tried HMR. I found the program punitive. Everyone had to list their weight list for all to see every week. My doctor was rude. I have hashinoto’s thyroiditis and my nasal metabolism is low. Until I was tested I was accused of lying, nearly. I’m a grown woman and have no desire to be involved in a punitive environment. The less expensive price was not worth it.

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