The Plantfusion Protein Powder Reviews – Is This Supplement Legit?

Plantfusion Protein is one of the leading “green” all natural protein supplements on the market. Riding the growing trend of plant based protein supplements, Plantfusion offers a plant based alternative with a carefully engineered and refined composition of ingredients.

The challenge with many plant based supplements tends to be grainy texture, difficult mixability and poor taste. Plantfusion takes a professional grade approach. In essence, this is an alternative protein powder with a mainstream brand attention to quality and marketability.

As part of our review process, we testing out Plantfusion protein over the courses of one month to see how it faired. While not a perfect scientific test, this does enable us to speak honestly about the results. Below you will find a comprehensive Plantfusion protein powder reviews, including the top features we liked. Finally, we also look at the Cons. As with all things, honesty is always the best policy. We hope it helps you make an informed decision!

Pros – What We Liked

  • Low Carb: This is an ideal protein supplement for people who are looking to lose weight or at least gain muscle without adding extra pounds of fat. The 4 grams of carbs and 120 calories provided us a good balance between supplying enough energy without leaving a heavy bloated feeling afterward.
  • Low Fat: There is nothing worse than a protein supplement that is abnormally higher in fat, especially if you are looking for a pure supplement and not a meal replacement. Plantfusion has about 2 grams of “good” fat per serving.
  • Higher Protein Count: While not the highest we have seen by any means, 21 grams of protein per serving is a very respectable amount of a plant based protein supplement. It even compares to many of the whey protein supplements out there! This is likely a good dosage for most users, including those with heavier workout routines.
  • BCAA’s: Plantfusion has 4500 mg of the precious BCAAs which are so vital to overall health and fitness. The quick and dirty is that these are the amino acids your body cannot produce on its own. Definitely a good mark in my book!
  • Good Plant Blend: Rather than relying on just one source of plant protein, Plantfusion blends (as the name suggests) multiple plant based supplements. At its core, it is a pea protein base. In addition, you have a blend of artichoke, sprouted amaranth, and sprouted quinoa.
  • Good Energy Source: We noticed a slight but definite increase in overall energy levels after using Plantfusion for about a week. With multiple sources including sprouted amaranth, globe artichoke, and quinoa, this is a wholesome energy source that goes beyond a simple protein supplement.
  • Non-Soy: While we are not personally opposed to soy, a growing number of people have soy sensitivities and allergies. We could definitely recommend this to our soy-free friends.
  • No Artificial Sweeteners: Looking at the ingredient list, we were happy to note that this is an all-natural protein without any sweeteners like xylitol.
  • Easy to Digest: Undoubtedly because of the natural ingredients, this was an easy supplement to digest with no adverse side effects. In fact, it likely aids the digestive tract of most users in general.
  • Good Taste: Plantfusion balances good ingredients with a good taste. Some plant proteins are downright pungent, but this had a nice slightly sweet taste to it without overdoing it.

It is available in three flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, and (my pick) Vanilla Bean. It also makes a great addition to any protein smoothie — if you want to keep it vegan, just add almond milk or even organic coconut milk. Don’t forget your healthy fats either, like cashew butter to create a filling meal replacement shake you can have everyday!

Cons – What We Didn’t Like

  • Higher in Sodium: It’s not the worst that we have seen, however, it is still relatively high at 390mg per serving. If you are trying to reduce your sodium intake, you may want to consider low sodium alternatives. I like to think of it in terms of daily sodium intake. If you are monitoring the “other foods” you are consuming, this shouldn’t really be in issue. Of course, I would prefer something a bit lower like Vega One with only 30mg (see my take here).

Where to Buy Plantfusion Protein Powder

Plantfusion is available in some supplement stores but often retails at the full $40 markup. Keep checking back here for the latest discounts. There are also first-time user coupons available — so check here for updates!

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