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Vega One vs Shakeology: Which is Better?

Vega One is one of the higher end protein shake options that many people have referred me to.

After experimenting with a vegan diet, I decided to try Vega One out to see if it could measure up to other shakes that I had tried. Vega One is particularly intriguing because it has a wholistic plant-based mixture.

With a full nutritional profile, there is a lot to like about Vega, including the fact that it is a 100% vegan dairy-free health supplement.

For the purposes of this review, I looked at the all-in-one protein blend, which also happens to be the most popular selection according to customer reviews and ratings.


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Nutritional Benefits of Vega One

The following are some of the notable features that stood out to me:

  • 100% Plant Protein: Some people look down on plant protein as inferior to whey or casein, but largely without much factual background. Vega One delivers a powerful protein much without any dairy products. This is perfect for people with sensitive stomachs, dairy sensitivities or outright intolerance’s. Even for someone without any “issues” with dairy, this type of plant-based supplement can act as a “cleanse” to detox your body.
  • Tons of Super Foods: Vega One has all the antioxidants, probiotics, and other digestive aids (digestive enzyme) that you might want. It is packed full of omega-3’s, maca root, kale, broccoli, chlorella, spinach, alfalfa, and much more. This is probably more than I would normally get, even with a green diet. This is also a nice contrast to Shakeology which markets a lot of exotic superfoods as their key difference maker.
  • High Fiber: With 6 grams of fiber, Vega One immediately helped me regulate my metabolism which has a huge positive health impact overall.

vega one mocha

Pros of Vega One

  • No Side Effects: I actually feel better after taking Vega One, even without exercise. It is the ideal whole-body supplement.
  • Gentle On The Stomach: This is a highly underrated benefit that I really love about Vega One. I hate the feeling of shakes just sitting in my stomach and I do not get that feeling at all with this mixture. Here are the 5 best protein supplements for sensitive stomachs.
  • Low Sugar: 1 gram of sugar is outstanding for a protein supplement, even a vegan one.
  • Low Sodium: I hate it when supplements load on the sodium as a cheap flavoring choice. I really like Vega One because they only have 30mg per serving. This is among the lowest I have seen for protein shakes in this class.
  • Moderate Calories: Only 135 calories is not bad, especially for all of the ingredients. For a meal replacement, this is ideal.

Cons of Vega One

Price: At close to $55-70 per container retail (for the latest prices and discounts, check here), Vega One is not the cheapest protein supplement. I maintain that you get what you pay for, but I do understand that this might be outside some folks budgets. Thankfully, Vega does tend to offer frequent discounts here.

Keep in mind, it’s also not “just” a protein shake and serves as a full meal replacement shake (great compared to the cost of regular Shakeology – for example). 

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Why I Chose Vega

There's a lot of hype about certain brands, particularly in the multi-level marketing space. Vega is actually a GREAT alternative (with top of the line ORGANIC ingredients), BUT sells at a much lower price point. Check it out!

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Vega One vs Shakeology


In researching and using Vega One, I came across a lot of comparisons to the Shakeology shake. Having tried Shakeology a few times, I also wanted to compare them to each other for our readers.

Now a lot of people have a vested interest in promoting the shakeology meal replacement shake because of the network marketing aspect of it, so it’s pretty hard to fine 100% honest information online.

With this in mind, I wanted to take some basic criteria to compare the two products. Here are the main points of comparison that I have found:

  • Similar Ingredients: Both have rice protein, pea protein, savi seed protein and all of the assorted superfoods (maca, goji berry ingredient, etc…).
  • More Protein: Vega One comes out with slightly more protein per serving at 20g to Shakeology’s 17g. Key difference here.
  • MSM: Shakeology has 250mg of MSM which is supposed to help with joint and muscle pain. While this is a benefit for some, I don’t think this is crucial to a good supplement. If I want anti-inflammatory medication I will get it over the counter at my pharmacy. I’d prefer not to have it mixed in with my protein.
  • Sugar: Vega One has only 1 gram of sugar, while Shakeology shake has 9 grams. This is a MAJOR difference that I don’t think most people are aware of. Sugar can be seriously detrimental to weight loss efforts.
  • Salt: Vega One has only 30mg, Shakeology has 150mg. While not the highest sodium content that I’ve seen, I’ll take the much lower total per serving all day long.
  • Business Model: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by “distributors” pushing Shakeology on me. It’s not that it’s a terrible supplement, but the people selling it really have no idea what they are talking about. It’s kind of like a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing system. They’ve been very successful at what they do, but I get turned off by my “friends” trying to convince me to buy through them. I’m a trainer myself so it’s even more of a nuisance.
  • Cost: Despite Vega One being among the more pricey supplements, it is still far less expensive that the Shakeology alternative. Vega One averages $2.65 per serving, while Shakeology is over $4 per serving (based on a 44 gram serving of each).

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FAQ About Vega One Protein Meal Replacement Shakes

These are some common questions I get about Vega brand protein supplements:

Does Vega One help you lose weight?

Vega One CAN be used for weight loss goals, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. It’s technically a “meal replacement drink” supplement and doesn’t claim to be a low calorie option. That said, depending on your current diet, Vega One can aid in the pursuit of a balanced diet.

Is Vega One a full meal replacement?

Yes, Vega One is a meal replacement shake, designed to be consumed in lieu of a full meal.

Does Vega protein powder make you gain weight?

Vega protein powder should not lead to weight gain on it’s own, if you are following the intended use as a meal replacement drink. The only times I’ve seen issues for people is when they treat Vega as a 4th meal and don’t actually replace a meal.

At A Glance: Shakeology vs Vega One Comparison [Meal Replacement Shakes]

CaloriesSaturated FatSodiumCarbsFiberSugarsProteinPrice
Shakeology (30 Servings)
1601g150mg17g6g6g17g(For the latest prices and discounts, check here)
Vega One (20 servings)1600.5g30mg10g6g<1g20g(For the latest prices and discounts, check here)

Where to Buy Vega One

Hopefully this Vega shake comparison has helped you make a purchasing decision.

Like I mentioned earlier, the best place to find consistently good savings is directly via the Vega site here. I’ve checked out the other retailers and their prices are always at least a few dollars higher.

Editor's Choice
Why I Chose Vega

There's a lot of hype about certain brands, particularly in the multi-level marketing space. Vega is actually a GREAT alternative (with top of the line ORGANIC ingredients), BUT sells at a much lower price point. Check it out!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Additional Reading on Super Food and Meal Replacement Powder:


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87 thoughts on “Vega One vs Shakeology: Which is Better?”

  1. Just an FYI, the French Vanilla VegaOne protein (large tub) is now available at Costco for $29.99!!

    I live in Carlsbad, CA…I know sometimes they release things in different markets that aren’t in others, but I am SOLD! A friend of mine has been trying to get me to start Shakeology, but I just wasn’t able to commit because of the price point. Hopefully Costco keeps it stocked for months to come!

  2. Nice review!
    I’m now on a quest to compare the super foods ALL INGREDIENT sources as I am passionate about organic, non gMO, quality raw materials, fair wages, etc, etc.
    I hate to be a skeptic, but doubt the beachbody peeps will furnish me with this stuff. Not one shakology ingredient is listed as organic–wtf…
    also I’ve spoken to Brendan about Vega and I know he cares about all those same things as me….
    I will say, though, that I was shocked, I ain’t gonna lie- about the adaptogens, superfòods, mushrooms, and lack of junk in shakology.

  3. Stumbled across this while comparing meal replacement options. I’m drinking a Vega smoothie right now, but my friend said she loves Shakeology. Glad I found this post since I’ll be sticking with Vega!

  4. Thank you SO much for posting this. 2 weeks ago I purchased a beach body challenge & shakeology. Overall, I am pleased with the results I am seeing (it’s all in your head though, right?) but I am starting my last week of this challenge, getting low on shakeology and feeling EXTREMELY guilty for having spent as much as I did. I spent over $200 for a bunch of DVD’s, containers, and a bag of protein powder. I am not totally shaming them, I only wished I had been smarter when I started this. I had my eye in Vega One when I started researching. I literally copied all the ingredients in Shakeology and took it to the grocery store to compare. You’ve broken it down for me and I love you for that! After all that’s said and done, it cost me a whipping $165 for a 30 day supply of Shakeology. Yikes. I am a single mom barely getting by, sacrificed a lot to be able to do this for myself… Live and learn right? As soon as this bag is done, I’ll be getting Vega One for sure.

    1. Tiffany,
      You are the reason I post these reviews and comparisons! Thank you for sharing. You don’t need to be rich to be fit, no matter what these companies try and “Sell” you on. It IS a learning experience. Hopefully you can spread the knowledge to others.

      1. I absolutely will be. A few friends and mother were going to purchase shakeology from me when i “became a coach” but that isn’t going to happen… I just sent them the link and they are having a look. thanks again!

    2. Hey Tiffany,
      I am a fan of both products. When I run out of shakeology, i have a tub of vega One as back up until i receive my next order. And dont feel guilty about paying 5$ for the healthiest meal of the day, since a fast “food” trio is even more expensive AND it a thally makes us sick!

      I do think people should keep in mind that these are SUPPLEMENTS, not real meals. No matter how they are marketed, nothing replaces whole foods like they are in their natural states. Thats why, if u want a real breakfast, add a banana, blueberries, kale, spinach and a carrot in the blender with ur scoop of vega or shakeology.
      Personally, i like the taste of shakeology much more, and find it much easier to digest than Vega one. But that’s just me.

    3. I did the same as you. Purchased the challenge pack and even went as far as becoming a discount coach. But I’m not sold on pushing the products and I find even with the discount it’s a lot of money. Now I’m searching for an alternative to shakeology so I can get out of it. I love the workouts so I’ll keep that up but I’ll be happy to save money too. Hope you have success in your journey too ?

  5. Thanks, I love how you have broken down the ingredient list in the Vega One….I have been on Vegan Shakeology for approx. two years now and just contacted them to see if I could get delivery bi-monthly as I just cannot afford it….with the monthly coach fee it is costing approx. 150.00 for a 30 serving bag (add another 20.00 to that because even if I don’t get a bag each month I still have to pay my coach fee) that means each bag is really costing approx. 170.00….I just purchased a jar of the chocolate Vega One and was looking for comparisons prior to opening the jar…..I really don’t know what to do…in doing the math it would cost me 1120.00 per year for 6 bags of Shakeology which equals 180 servings ….. if I purchased a container of Vegan One each month @ approx. 70.00 that equals 840.00 per year for 240 servings…….60 more servings and 280.00 less for the Vegan One but my big question is… are we really comparing apples with apples …. like Wendy’s comment (above) does the Vegan One compare to Shakeology with the adaptagens, superfoods and mushrooms….etc ???? Still not sure what to do……Janet

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for commenting and I totally understand the cost issue. To answer your question at the end here, you are getting a very similar product without a lot of the hype in Vega One. This is my own opinion of course, but you really have to quantify the extra superfoods, adaptagens, etc… 1) Which ones are legitimate with at least *some* medical/scientific documentation and 2) what IS the health benefit of the extra superfoods, “special” ingredients, etc…? To me, the superfoods are like icing on the cake. Some are more reputable than others, but the benefits are marginal and far LESS important that the MAIN ingredients (think protein, sodium, calories, sugar – or sugar substitutes – etc…). You can’t build a good supplement by throwing a bunch of superfoods in a container and then adding some marginal soy protein, sodium and artificial sugar.

      Even with this being said, stack up the “extra” superfoods, mushrooms, etc.. side by side vs Vega One, Garden of Life, or even Sun Warrior Blend (a new supplement that I’ve just been trying out). If the protein content alone and the QUALITY/SOURCE of protein is not enough, then I think you will see that the extras are really quite comparable if not better (based on more valid science/nutrition) than Shakeology.

      Finally, back to the cost question, you should NOT have to spend this much money. Period. It’s borderline unethical, in my opinion. There will always be lingering doubt about switching because Shakeology has investing a LOT into “marketing” (maybe even brainwashing) a lot of people. They’ve even created evangelists in the process in the form of distributors. It’s actually quite a smart and powerful business model, but it papers over any kind of objectivity….which is really what led me to write this article originally.

    2. I think it’s kind of rude and unprofessional how you are putting down beachbody just because you don’t understand their business.. Shakeology has actually changed my life, medically. I have watched it change a lot of lives! Some businesses are pyramid schemes.. Beachbody is not. Yes I make money from selling Shakeology, that doesn’t mean I lie about how great it is. Lol it’s kind of like YOU pushing Vega One. I’m sure it’s a great shake, but with beachbody you are not just buying the shake, you are paying to have a personal coach that you can call whenever you need help. You are paying for support and accountability from someone that is also on their own weight loss journey and knows how to fight the cravings at 2am because we are doing it at the same time! I don’t think Vega One does that. Adding that extra support ups the success rate from 10% after a year to a whopping 89% of people that need to lose 30+ lbs! That means a lot if you are wanting to be serious about losing weight! Yeah, you can save money and get this shake, or you can go with beachbody, and actually stick with it and have better odds that after a year you are at your goal weight! =)
      All I’m saying is that it’s fine to do a comparison of the shake, but to say it’s “brainwashing” just to scare people away from a program that has changed people’s lives for the better is ridiculous.
      And Janet.. I’m not sure how you came up with your numbers… A coach pays $97 + $2 shipping+ $15 in coach fees.. That equals $114. Period. Not to mention if you are actually selling it then you don’t pay for yours at all. I haven’t actually paid for mine in a year! So that means $0.

      1. Hi Amanda,
        Thank you for commenting. I’m not trying to be rude at all. I’m also not trying to push any one supplement. If you read the rest of my articles on this site, I suggest a lot of alternatives to the mainstream Shakeology, Isagenix, Herbalife (Big Pharma) options. Garden of Life, Vega One, Nature’s Bounty, Sun Warrior, and Tera’s Whey (just to name a few), are options I’ve recommended for people to consider.

        What really sets Shakeology apart is the coaching model, you are right. But why do I have to bundle my coaching with my supplement products? Isn’t that a defacto conflict of interest? You might have the best intentions, but if nobody bought Shakeology you’d be out of business. That’s a fact. I’ve run into many, MANY, distributors such as yourself. They are well meaning (most of the time), but not really educated in wholistic fitness techniques. Shakeology and other similar MLM companies “train” their distributors and give them talking points to push. It might not FEEL like you are being biased, but you probably are.

        Have you tried Vega One? Garden of Life? Sun Warrior? Anything else?

        My whole approach is that there isn’t ONE WAY or ONE SUPPLEMENT to help you lose weight and be healthy. Companies like Shakeology would have you believe that they are extra special and have some sort of unique advantage. They don’t. They are taking advantage of a lot of people who are just learning about becoming fit/losing weight. They sell a lifestyle branded image. I want to prove to people that 1) you don’t have to spend a lot on supplements to be healthy and 2) there are many good AND bad brands out there. I don’t push one brand, but I will stack them up side by side against each other for the benefit of readers.

        1. Hi Owen,

          I found your site through a Google search on alternatives to Shakeology. I greatly appreciate the time you take to review different shake options and I bought Vega One based on your review! I really like your approach to things and will be spending more time checking out your site.

          Also, I really appreciate your reply on this comment because it demonstrates the importance of being informed and knowledgeable about other options out there. Thanks for that!

  6. Love my vega protein. I was interested in shakeology as everyone around me was talking but how great it was. After reading this I am now happy to stick with my vega! So thank you for this post and to Google for helping find it! Also love the fact I can buy it at Costco for about $34! I won’t be giving up my Vega just yet.

  7. One thing I noticed you don’t mention is taste. How does it compare in that area? Thanks for posting this. I’m currently the proud owner of one bag of Shakeology and I’m looking for more cost-effective options.

    1. Taste can be a bit more difficult to gauge. Some people like “sweet” tasting supplements, while others want something mild/bland. I like to add fresh fruits and veggies to my shakes. The taste of the powder itself is really masked by this. As standalone supplements – just drinking with water – Shakeology had a “richer” and “Sweeter” taste than any of the other supplements. But I didn’t take this as a positive, given the ingredients.

  8. I’m from Canada and getting Shakeology is a real pain (I haven’t ordered it, because I like to do extensive research before giving away large sums of money. But I’ve had friends who do and I feel bad for them. We are students and can’t afford something so expensive for our health). Anyway, today I was in a health food store and saw a Vega One packet for $2.99. I bought it on a whim, and OH MY HEAVENS, does it taste good and made me feel great! I quickly jumped on google to type in “Vega One reviews” and came across your blog first thing. I love that you compared it to Shakeology! I am on a beachbody fitness plan and cannot afford the Shakeology stuff, but they have an ad for it before every workout DVD I do! So annoying! I have to say, you laid this out so well that I’ll be off to the store tomorrow to buy a whole tub of this stuff. And good news – it’s only $29.99 where I live. Hooray! Thank you!

  9. I am curious on what the big differences are between VegaOne and Vega Protein & Greens. I am looking for something similar to Shakeology but with less of a price tag. Costco sells the vanilla Vega Protein & Greens for $30, I have tried it and it is great. I am just curious if VegaOne Nutritional Shake is that much different then Protein & Greens and if so in what ways? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jessie,

      The main difference is that you are getting a green/superfood boost. The protein part is essentially the same proprietary blend. Vega One is a more “complete” supplement, with additional multivitamins, minerals, Omega 3’s and antioxidants.

  10. Thank you so much for this information. I too have just purchased a beach body program for $140 and it came with a 30 day supply of shakeology. I wanted to purchase an additional bag and the cost was $129. It was suggested that I purchase another program for $140 which would give me an addional 30 days of shakeology plus another workout (which I didn’t want). I was then told by my “coach” that I could reduce my costs if signed up as a distributor which would allow me to purchase shakeology at a discount and then I can sell it to friends. I have a job, and am not looking to get into the business. This made me suspicious, and lead me to your article. I figured there were comparable alternatives, just wasn’t real sure where to start. I’m not an athlete, just trying to make better choices, loose a few pounds, and get in better shape. Can you speak to the use of theses supplements and if they really help with weight loss and nutrition if you are eating a balanced diet?

    1. Hey Abby,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Your story is an EXCELLENT example of why Beach Body should give everyone pause before blindly buying into the program. The fact that they wanted you to become a “distributor” when you had no interest clearly shows that it’s just about make money and rapidly expanding the base of the pyramid.

      Can you lose weight with Shakeology and be healthy? Yes, absolutely. Is it worth the high price tag? No, not for me. It’s not the only option out there. A lot of people I know struggle to pay their bills on a regular basis. Even those who don’t, probably have better ways to spend hundreds of dollars a month. But Shakeology tells you that they are the elite. The one and only true program that will allow you to be healthy. This is absolute garbage. Making better choices – like you mention – does not have to break the bank. Even if you can afford it, I’m not a fan of burning money.

      I’d recommend checking out Vega One, Garden of Life, Sun Warrior, and/or and organic whey supplement.

  11. I’ve been part of beachbody for about 10 yrs..if not more..I’m not a coach, I’m just simply a customer…I’ve been using Shakeology from the beginning and let me tell you the prices are just going up!! Being in Canada the prices are ridiculous..I’m paying now 175.00 CN!! Now that’s ridiculous, I don’t care how good it is!! I’m really really happy that I found this website!! Thank you!!
    We don’t have Garden of Life but we do have Vega One and that’s my next purchase!! Once again thank you and keep up the great work!!!

  12. So refreshing to finally read an honest review about Vega and Shakeology. Every site I visited always tears down every other shake except Shakeo and most are written by Beach Body coaches, what a surprise! No bias there whatsoever. I am thrilled to learn that I’ve made a wise choice with Vega. Honestly I tried Shakeology and I was physically sick to my stomach. After that, there was no going back. In fact, it took me months to even dare try another powdered all in one. But I gave Vega a go and it’s been a keeper. I still swear prefer whole foods over processed shakes, but on those days when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have time for breakfast, it’s reassuring to know I am putting goodness and energy into my body via the Vega All in One. Thanks for your review, cheers to healthy smoothies.

    1. Mary-Anne,
      Thanks for the kind words. You are spot on about the Beach Body coaches being the primarily promoters. I was honestly quite shocked myself when I did the research. In a way it makes sense. Because the product is so over-priced, there’s a significant margin built in for the promoters to make a lot more money than they normally would from most protein supplements.

      Good luck on your fitness journey!

  13. My wife and I just received our initial Shakeology package. Never being satisfied with accepting one option and being budget minded, we have also purchased Vega One and my wife already has Garden of Life’s RAW protein. We will be testing all 3 and trying to find the right balance of nutrition and price point. I will come back in a few weeks to update my post.

    Thank you for all of your information on supplements and helping us find affordable ways to build a healthy lifestyle.

  14. I’ve started using Vega One choc-a-lot about 3 years ago when I went vegan. I am no longer vegan but Vega One has been my breakfast for the past 3 years daily. It holds me for a good several hours. Chocolate is the only flavor I care for. I mix it each morning with almond milk, frozen strawberries (so I dont have to use ice), this time of year I add fresh blueberries, a peach and a banana. The best! BUT, I just purchased an exercise video from Beach Body and found they are connected with Shakeology. My son and his wife have started purchasing Shakeology because the wife’s family are selling it. I know how expensive it is and that they can’t afford this so I thought I would see what there was for comparisons out there and found your site and the various comments. So glad I did. I am totally satisfied with my Vega One and buy it through Amazon for $14 a pouch. A pouch makes us each a smoothie daily and lasts for a week. That’s $56 a month for 2 people. Think I’ll stay right where I am and hope that my son and wife will consider this alternative for their shake and keep up with their Insanity exercise program!

  15. Owen-thanks for the even handed reviews of these products and for the very open-eyed observations about the Beachbody business model. None of what you’ve written comes across as disrespectful. I love the Beachbody workouts and have had great results with them, but the coaching and the rest…not so much. If you understand nutrition and are working on a solo fitness journey, the coaches can be off putting. My wife and I used Shakeo for 4 years. We liked it but found it overpriced. We recently found Vega One at HEB here in Houston. We checked the label, did the math and decided to give this a try. The labels were as you described. We’ve had no issues from a digestive standpoint and find the flavor and mouth feel of the Vega One fine. Understanding how subjective that is, I should say fine for us. I did not find it as thick or sweet as Shakeo. As a meal replacer, breakfast in my case, I’ve liked it. We’ve tried most of those listed here and I would add Boku to that list. Shakeo and Vega One to me are comparable, but the convenience of getting Vega One in a grocery store, the value per serving and not having to contend with Beachbody coaches (who by and large are lovely people) shifts me to Vega One.

    Thanks again. Bryan in Texas

    1. Thanks for sharing, Bryan. It’s seems like you’ve really tried the full gambit and have hit the nail on the head… It’s not that BeachBody coaches are bad people, it’s just that the core product is sold at a grossly inflated cost. Best of luck to you and your wife!

  16. Thanks so much – this is just the information Ive been searching for. Like you say, it’s very hard to find a balanced, honest opinion about Shakeology due to so many people having a vested interest in its success. I bought USN Ultra Lean Diet Fuel in the hope that I could use it instead of Shakeology. It turns out to have been a mistake as there seems to be a stack of sugar inthere. So i have been trying to find something more suitable. Vega One sounds perfect – I just wanted to check whether it can be used as a meal replacement (e.g. in place of my breakfast) or whether it needs to be taken after training (i dont work out until the evening). I’d be very grateful if you could let me know what you think 🙂

    1. You can absolutely use it as a meal replacement! The Vega line had three offerings, starting the base Vega protein. Vega One is the third – most complete – offering with all the protein, greens, super foods, antioxidants, probiotics, omegas, etc… That you’d expect from a meal replacement. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

      1. After reading your review we purchased vanilla and berry vega one. We were not as happy with the texture as we were with Shakology. We found the vega one shakes a little gritty. I combed through the shakeology ingredients and found that they added xanthum gum as a thickening agent. I purchased a bag of at the grocery store and add 1/4 tsp to each shake to make it thick and creamy. We also purchased MSM capsules to sprinkle in when needed.

  17. Hi, thanks for this review. I personally have not tried shakeology yet… I did try Vega One berry flavor, and Vega One French vanilla also Garden of life chocolate flavor. I love the Vega but I always add ground flax seed in my shakes (preventing constipation) I have ordered sample packs from ebay of shakeology. I will try them I only ordered 3!!! I’m glad I did as I am watching my sugar and sodium intake Tanks for your review 🙂

  18. Hi, I’m just wondering if I can use Vega one daily as the breakfast replacement because I’ve never try these kind of product before and I’ve been trying to loose weight, but I couldn’t decide between Herbalife smoothie and Vega one. I would be appreciate if you can give me some advise.

    1. Beverly,

      Yes, you can use Vega One as a breakfast replacement! It’s a very good option. At least test it out. You can always change over if it doesn’t agree with you. Just don’t lose your commitment overall!

  19. Thank you for the honest review!! I have FB friends who are BB coaches and constantly pushing Shakeology.
    I’m looking to start a program and knew I couldn’t afford Shakeology, nor am I really interested in joining a group to be marketed to.
    I saw Vega One today at Sprouts along with Garden of Life but didn’t purchase because I wanted to check for reviews, so this is perfect!
    Vega One was only $35 which is much more in line with my budget.
    Thank you again

    1. Sherrie,

      Great! This is exactly what I’m trying to do here… break through the hype! I think Facebook is one of BB’s marketing strategies. The idea is to get a lot of users/distributors posting images and “selling the lifestyle” to their social networks. It’s pretty smart, actually. I know my budget can’t afford Shakeology, tho and there are plenty of good alternatives at a far cheaper price.

  20. I am interested in artificial sweeteners (and would prefer to avoid them). Do you know the relative amount of artificial sweeteners in Shakeology and Vega? I wondered if Vega uses more artificial sweeteners as it has less actual sugar? Thanks!

    1. Hi Janet,
      Both Shakeology and Vega One contain stevia (a “natural” sweetener). I’m still not a big fan of Stevia, or any other sweeteners “natural” or not. If it’s a problem, I’d look something like Garden of Life or Sun Warrior as alternatives with no added sweeteners and low sugar.

  21. Elizabeth Kokkonen

    I was skeptic at first of Shakeology that is why for months I drank vega one or Garden of life until I could no longer drink one more sip. They are the grossest tasting shakes I have ever had. Well at first I did not know any better but the taste of stevia is absurd. I am a whole Organic foods fanatic and I still have containers of both vega one and garden of life that I just won’t touch and actually feel bad giving them away. Yes they are “healthy” but why do they have to add so much stevia. And if you don’t drink it right away it sepperates… the liquide goes to the top and the grainy bits go to the bottom. I had to experience this for myself like all of you will I am sure. One day I decided to go for it and buy Shakeology. I have never felt better and right away I saw my level of energy change and I started to see results with the programs I was doing. Yes I am a beachbody coach but I want to make something clear. I am not in this for the money I just don’t need it. But what I did need is the accountability groups and the support of an online community. I became a coach before I started drinking shakeology because I had tried before to do home programs but would not stick to them for more then 10 days. Once I joined a challenge group I was hooked and decided to gather a bunch of ladies around me and get in shape together. We have since them improved our health and learned the value of consistency. It brings me to tears when my friends thanks me for having approached them because they now have lost 20lbs in 40 days but more important to them they have more energy and are more happy. I get messages like this all the time. When a coach offers someone to become a VIP menber/ discount coach it is so their friends can take advantage of the 25% savings. Beachbody gives 25% to either the coach as a comission or to the “discount coach” as a savings. The once a customer becomes a “distributor” as you put it… The original coach makes no money from them. There is no hoax.. I have tried them all and Shakeology tastes awesome even if I don’t drink it right away. That to me was more important then the feeling of being had by a big coorporation. I also study the value of herbs in health. I make my own infusions and tinctures I am very glad that shakeology has so many super food in it. No one not even you will make me change my mind because I was there.. I did drink vega one and garden of life.. I did my research for the best shake out there. If you really want to be fit and develop a clean eating lifestyle you will want accountability, a personal trainer or a gym membership. If you also count the hours wasted going to the gym Shakeology in my eyes will always come out a winner.

    1. Hey Elizabeth, thanks for commenting. If it works for you, more power to you. My goal is to help people live healthier lives without having to spend so much money. I don’t doubt that Shakeology works, but I DO doubt that it’s the only way. The bottom line is, Shakeology is not that panacea it claims to be. The thousands of Shakeology “coaches” (few of whom are actually credentialed) who corner people at the gym and drown our Facebook newsfeeds with personal “infopreneurship” messages, build into the hype machine. Being healthy doesn’t require HUNDREDS of dollars per month. A good supplement doesn’t HAVE to cost $130. You should NOT have a Coach, Support Group, and Supplement ALL coming from the same source. That’s absolutely bananas! Think of the conflict of interest! Doctors get in trouble when they get cozy with pharmaceutical companies who push certain medications…

  22. I’m well versed in nutrition, but I have serious issues with portion control. I’ve been intrigued by the 21 day fix, but I’m not willing to pay $60 for containers and $130 for shakeology, plus there’s the DVDs, I’ll never watch those.. So I’ve kind of put together my own spin off and I’m using Vega Essentials (it’s same company and similarly nutrition to Vega One, but packaged only for Target) and I’ve got all my meals planned out in (gasp) regular Tupperware. I enjoyed reading your honest comparison. Almost every single one I’ve found ends in a Shakeology ad.

    1. Sara, thanks for commenting. Tell me about it! That’s why I started this blog in the first place. Everyone has to make money, but it’s “how” you do it. I try not to get too attached to any particular supplement. Unfortunately, the whole industry is clogged with this stuff.

  23. This was SO refreshing to read! It’s so hard to find any information on shakeology that isn’t from a coach.

    I started the 21 day fix & shakeology in August and with the regular shakeology started having really bad stomach cramps and bloating. (Which I’ve learned is most likely because of the whey protein. I had never taken any sort of protein shake before) I was part of a huge 21 day fix facebook group so asked about it on there, and most people told me to switch to their vegan line. So I did, and while I didn’t get the immediate stomach cramps and bloating like I did with the regular, I still was unable to go to the washroom (sorry TMI) without a laxative. Obviously not normal. I again turned to the facebook group asking about this and honestly felt attacked – you must not be drinking enough water, you must not be eating enough vegetables, oh it’s just your body getting used to it, it can’t be the shakeo causing this, it must be something else. Before starting this program I was a pretty healthy eater, so it’s not like my body didn’t know how to process vegetables and lean proteins! And I stuck with the shakes for 5 weeks, so that should be plenty of time for my body to “adjust”. Anyway, I decided to stop taking the shakes completely this past week while staying on the clean, portioned 21 day fix eating plan, and my digestive system is totally back to normal. Thank goodness! I feel a million times better. So it was 100% the shakes doing that to me. Now, I will say they have worked for a lot of people and I know that tons of people love them, and that’s awesome. But it just felt really bizarre to me to be made to feel like I MUST be doing something wrong, that it couldn’t be shakeology doing this to me.

    That said I’ve been wanting to try vega one, and by googling it landed here! I’m still very nervous to try vega one, just because I was already using a vegan product and it still didn’t agree with my digestive system, but I’m really missing starting my day out with a shake, so I’m REALLY hoping vega one is the answer for me! Fingers crossed!

    1. Kate, thank you so much for sharing! And being honest! Sometimes I feel like I should start a Beach Body/MLM support group…..It’s cult like, mainly because people have some much to lose from authenticity/honesty.

      Regarding Vega One, you should try out a sample pack first. Everyone has a different body and digestive systems are a delicate thing. That’s why I NEVER just recommend ONE supplement as the ONLY option. It could be that you have an insensitivity to one or more of the common ingredients. In this case, keep trying different supplements (Vega One, Orgain, maybe an organic whey, Garden of Life, Nutiva, Sun Warrior, etc..). You don’t have to marry them!

  24. Hello thank you for your comparison. I’ve tried the garden of life protein shake and i just couldn’t stomach it. It felt gritty and bland and mealy.. I really like the rich and sweet chocolate shakeology. But, due to cost I’ve been looking into Vega One as a replacement (thats how I found this article). I was wondering though if I found Garden of Life icky, do you think I’ld also not like Vega One? Thanks

    1. Hey Megan, Garden of Life IS a bit more bland and isn’t as processed. If you are looking for something a bit smoother, try Vega One. Even just a few sample packs are worth it. Vega One is the closest thing to Shakeology without the hefty price tag.

  25. I am totally holed on vega protien powder. I believe this is a lot cheaper that binging everyday for the past three years plus o get all my nutrients in. Excited 🙂

  26. I’ve spent three days doing research online for Shakeology alternatives. I’m a college student and I’m finally ready to take my weight loss goals seriously but I didn’t want to spend $129 + SH on a bunch of shake packets that I would have to wait for. The main issue for me wasn’t that Beachbody (despite what any defender might say) is a pyramid business or that they try to use many marketing schemes to push through over $200 worth of products. I’ve seen their results so they must definitely work and they’re not a charity they need to make money off their product but, my issue was that I didn’t feel sure with the product. I already have many of their DVDs as gifts so I already have my fitness routine part covered.

    I’ve tried to read several blogs, from people trying to explain and say Beachbody isn’t a pyramid scheme to people going off the far end and judging the product based on isolated accidents that don’t represent the brand as a whole.

    You are the ONLY one in this particular topic who’s simply offering solutions and alternatives in a laid back and relaxed tone. I don’t feel the pressure to go buy Vega One or hate Shakeology, I don’t feel the pressure to believe one is better than the other, I feel informed. I’d like to congratulate you on accomplishing the role you say you’re trying to play because you’re doing a great job. Vega One might cost $50 per tub but it’s still less expensive and I’ll most definitely give it a try.

  27. Thank you for this! Though I love Shakeology, I cannot afford it. If you have Canadian visitors, Shopper’s Drugmart often has this product 20% off of $69. If you get it on a “20X the points” day you receive an additional $10 off your next purchase so it would equal $48. Or you can save your points and get a free tub every few months 🙂

  28. Like many outhere was looking for options while going though a beach body eating plan and work out plan and had the fortune to come across with your article.
    Eye opener experience!

    Didn’t purshase shakeology just couldnt stand the marketing behind it!

    I have finished with my 21 day fix (yesterday) and will continue since it gave me the results i wanted. I am also planning to incorporate a protein shake to my eating plan ( brought home Vega Protein and greens from Costco $30) thanks to your article.

    I just hope you keep yourself motivated based on our responses and maybe keep doing updates?

    Thanksso much for your time and efforts!!


    1. Hi Gabby – thanks so much for the kind words! I will continue to keep this blog (and this post updated) as new supplements keep coming on the market. Best of luck! So glad you are living healthy AND saving money.

  29. Just wanted to say thank you for this. I found this page through your other review of 4 different meal replacement shakes. I found that very helpful as well. I was able to find 3 of the options at Whole Foods in sample size packets which was great. I loved the Vega One most. And my Whole Foods is having a sale for $30 off. This was a great review and I can’t wait to share this info with my die-hard Shakeology fans! 🙂

  30. Thank you so much!! I have been doing comparisons and found your review. My plan is to add to the mix and create a smoothie for breakfast- since I hate eating in the morning I am hoping this works for me.

  31. Thank you so much for this! I’m looking for a vegan meal replacement shake and I was just about to purchase the beach body package. I still want the 21 day fix just not the expensive containers or the pricey shakeology even though I have tried the sample pack before. I’ve seen vega around and have always wanted to try it…which flavor is the most tolerable do you think ? What do you mix with yours to make it taste better? Taste isn’t as important to me as the ingredients and price. I’ll have to try Vega’s sample pack if they offer that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  32. i cane across your website looking for taste comparisons between Shakeology and Vega One because lets face it Shakeo is expensive and I am finding that I am struggling to keep my supply due to the cost. I love the stuff but i cannot afford it anymore. I am a discount coach and I got into the business to help others with accountability because Ive always purchased a workout dvd but would lose interest in that dvd after 10 days or so and it would start to collect dust on the shelf of my entertainment center. I just did the unthinkable of any coach, i cancelled my home delivery shipment of Shakeo and i am going to purchase a sample pack of the Vega One and see if i can survive without Shakeology. I’ve never pushed shakeology on my customers before just pushed the fact that working out consistently is key and changing what we eat will help us obtain our health goals so they always been told to purchase the workouts minus the Shakeo. I cant help it if I have a moral compass. I just feel selling something so pricey if not needed is wrong. Thanks for breaking down the ingredients in a way that i was easily understandable

    1. Hi Nikki,

      Happy we can help you with your decision-making process. I believe in making informed choices, especially when it comes to our health, glad to know I can be of service in some way here.

  33. It’s easy to highlight a product if you only compare the ingredients that yours is better in. You left out the over 70 superfoods that Shakeo has that Vega doesn’t. The comparison isn’t apples to apples. It’s apples to hand picked apples. I support both products- I would certainly encourage people to get Vega vs nothing. Especially since Costco carries it at such a great price!!! But Shakeology is a fill-in-the-gap nutrient drink, not a protein shake. I feel this entire post is misleading. Such a bummer for all those who take it as fact!

  34. Thank you for your review! I also was suckered into the shakeology/coaching gig… I cancelled everything after I realized how expensive the shakeology was! $130.00 for a month of protein powder??? I bought vega one and just started using it and I’m loving it!

  35. Thank you thank you so much for this comparisson! After googling vega one, this came up and hit so close to home.
    I tried shakeology a few years ago and actually could not stomach it at all. I called my beachbody coach and asked her if it was normal to feel nauseous after drinking and she could not believe we were talking about the same product. I stopped drinking it after a week.
    Recently, after getting inandated with Instagram and Facebook posts from friends that sell shakeology, I thought about trying it again. I voiced my concerns to several different coaches and was told that I was basically nuts. One person mentioned a vegan formula, but instead of offering me a sample I was prompted to buy buy buy!

    I started vega one last week. I bought the sample pack so I could try different flavors (4 for like 10 bucks or something) and am so happy I did. I found two flavors I loved and two that were just ok. I didn’t feel shaky or nauseous mid way through the shake like I did with shakeology. I had energy and felt pretty satisfied. My vitamix does a great job blending everything very well with minimal grit 😉

    And someone mentioned all the “other” superfoods in shakeology that you didn’t mention… well to me, less is more. If you can get a healthy satisfying supplement using less ingridients, awesome. The more you put in something the more you have to worry about side effects kinda like mine

  36. This is such great information! I’ve seen Vega at Target and Costco and that is super convenient for me. However, the ones they sell there are not Vega ONE. They sell Vega “Protein and Greens.” Is there a big difference between the two?

    1. Owen Alexander

      Hi Angela,

      That’s a great question. Vega Protein & Greens is just that: protein and greens. On the other hand, Vega One also contains omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and a few vitamins and minerals. It is also far higher in fiber. If you really wanted to just go with the Vega Protein, you could supplement with a good probiotic and add some ground flax seeds to your shake for the added omega-3 and fiber.

  37. I purchased Shakeology and it was fine, however the price point is what had me searching for alternatives. When I came across Vega in Target, I was impressed by the low sugar and the ingredient comparison so decided it was worth trying. I love this product. The flavor is great! I typically mix it with a few slices of frozen bananas, toss in frozen berries and use half unsweetened coconut milk and water and use my bullet to blend. I gave only tried coconut and mixed fruit so far, however look forward to trying the others.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks so much for your comment and Vega recipe ideas. My favorite is blending a scoop of chocolate Vega with almond milk, ice cubes, and instant coffee. Enjoy!

  38. This article was really Helpful! I have recently started working out again and have looked around for the best protein drinks. I decided on Vega, but I have friends who sell Shakeology and I was wondering if I should switch. After seeing the difference I know I am doing the right thing! Vega is the best tasting protein shake I have found! I usually mix it with banana and almond milk or if I am craving chocolate I mix it with cacao, cacao nibs, and almond butter!

  39. Can’t say enough good things about this article! It was everything I was looking for. However when I went to purchase Vega One on Amazon I found that there’s a “new” improved version. I noticed that the sodium content has upped to 280mg. But I’m not sure what else, if anything, has changed. Would you still recommend this new version? Thank you so much!

    1. *sigh* Yes, this is disappointing for me. It has to do with one of their protein suppliers (I think the pea protein). I still use Vega One, but am testing out switching to Sun Warrior or Garden of Life where possible. I still prefer the Vega taste / texture and still better than Shakeology IMHO.

  40. I have tried both, and I really want to switch to Vega One over Shakeology because of cost… I like Vega One, alot.. and if I could not get or afford Shakeology, it is what I would choose. When I switched to Vega one for one month… The two things I noticed is.. 1. My brain fog started coming back… 2. I started eating more again….

  41. So, I’ve done Vega before and decided to try the Shakeology. I do like it, but the cost is crazy. I really bought into it because I felt like I needed something to force me into doing the shakes again and this seemed like something to try. I can’t lie that I like the amount of stuff like Moringa there is in the Shakeology blend, but I like how you pointed out that we don’t have any quantifiable amount to even know if those key things that I like about it are actually making a difference. I can just buy the mushrooms and Moringa on the side, know I’m getting a lot out of it, and probably still be paying the same price as Shakeology for VEGA and shakeology. The fact is this, I knew when signing up that I was perfectly capable of doing all of it on my own…I’ve done it. I think for some people belonging to some sort of group helps them out. For me, it’s not working any better than anything I’ve done in the past. I’m here because I needed that extra push to go on and cancel my membership. I thought about teetering between the two, but now I’m pretty much convinced not to. The sugar is the main factor. Also, the app they have is really annoying compared to easier apps that I use. Lifesum for calorie counting, netflix or amazon for free workouts at home, fitbit or something similar to count those steps, vega for the morning breakfast shake and there you go. More than probably there is even another vegan option that is just as good. I like the vega brand because I’ve heard great things about the owner and I know that not all vitamins or supplements are created equal. Let’s put it this way, most American vitamin brands buy the leftovers of European brands. It was explained to me that it’s sort of like coffee. With the same set of coffee grains you can probably get one, two, maybe three brews of great, good, and decent coffee. After that, integrity is diminished greatly. Europe uses the first, second, and third and then American brands buy what’s left over and use it until there is nothing left. They can still market it without problems because, technically, it’s still made with those ingredients. I’m not saying that Shakeology is a farse, I’m just saying you can do everything they teach for way, way cheaper. The whole idea of it is calorie deprivation…it’s not a new concept, it’s just exploiting what everyone in weight loss knows in a different way. By getting your friends to sell it to you, you feel like you’re apart of a group…you have competition, you’re constantly seeing results. The same results can be achieved with a similar, but cheaper shake, free workouts, a free calorie counting app, and an activity tracker. Do what you have to do to get healthy, but I’m getting off the shakeology train now that I’ve tried it. Thanks for the comparison. I did not notice that about the sugars! Very important for someone who is insulin resistant and trying to avoid extra sugar!

  42. Hi Owen,
    Thanks for the information as it is quite helpful. For Vega One I noticed your data about the Sodium content may be low. I just bought Vega One from Costco this week and it shows 220mg of sodium. I think they changed the formula since previous versions so you may want to reevaluate this element. I saw some complaints on this sodium increase in reviews. Thank you!

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