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Noom Food List by Color: The Complete Directory!

Noom, one of the most popular health and fitness apps, has prepared a color-coded food list to help you identify foods good for your body. You’ll find an elaborate list of foods rated based on their nutritional value, and color-coded to help you achieve your weight loss goals. With Noom, choosing the right foods has become easier than ever. Read on to find out the Noom Food List by color directory.

Why try Noom? | Noom

Noom focuses on helping you build healthier habits by using behavioral psychology. The program was designed by a team of psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers and helps you track and actively change your daily habits.

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Noom Food List by Color – An overview


When it comes to losing weight the healthier way, many people struggle to identify what to eat and what not. Therefore, many people end up fasting instead of eating healthy and do more harm to their body than good. What they don’t realize is that “not eating” is more harmful than “unhealthy eating habits.”

Research shows that tracking your calorie intake is a great way to lose weight. With Noom’s color coded food list, you no longer have to worry about picking the right foods. The list comprises a wide variety of foods, color coded and rated as per their nutritional value. So, with the Noom food list in your hand, you can eat healthily and eat more without gaining extra pounds.

Noom Food Database – Surprising facts

noom recipe

As per the latest information on Noom’s official website, their food database has increased to 3.7 million. Isn’t that simply awesome? So, it’s highly likely that whatever you’re planning to eat would be available on Noom’s food database.

For every meal, you can use the search functionality to find your food items and calculate the total calorie consumption. You’ll be surprised to know that you can also search for approximately 200,000 food items and meals by scanning the barcode at more than 850 food outlets and restaurants. If you like to cook for yourself, you can try the delicious, healthy recipes on the Noom app.

To calculate your total calorie consumption, all you need to do is enter the food on the Noom app and choose your portion size from the variety of portion sizes available. While many foods allow you to pick the quantity in only “cups” or “grams,” Noom has added more convenient options to enhance the user experience. They’ve also created in-house standardized sizes for common dishes and foods after brainstorming with experts. For instance, if you’re entering blueberries, you can now select the size in handfuls or small bowls.

If you have a specific recipe that you would like to enter, you can make the most of the “custom-dish” option.

Although the list of foods and their nutritional value is easily available for users to calculate their daily calorie budget, the experience can become a little overwhelming for those who’re struggling to make the right food choices.

This is where the importance of the color code directory comes into the picture. With Noom’s food list and color code directory, you’ll know exactly what and how much to eat to lose weight effectively.

Noom Food List – Color Code Directory
A quick guide

The Noom Color Code Directory comprises three colors – green, red, and yellow. Each food is assigned a color code based on its calorie density to help you make better and healthy choices. The system is designed on the principles of volumetrics – a scientifically-proven weight loss method.

Let’s look at the three color lists one by one.

The Green Foods list

noom food list by color

The Green Foods list is the most useful food list on the app. This list consists of the least calorie-dense foods or those with high nutritional value. All in all, the Green Food list focuses on fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A few dairy products can also be seen.

If you want to eat clean and healthy and lose weight, you should wholly and solely focus on the Green Food list.

Here’s a list of some food items included in the Green Foods list:



Egg whites

Brown rice



Green Beans






Almond Milk


Low-fat yogurt

Brussel Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes


Low-fat cheese



Cashew Milk






Coffee with Milk

Whole grain bread

Whole grain pasta

Whole-grain pita



Sweet potatoes


Non-Fat Greek Yogurt


Skim Milk

Salad Greens

The Yellow Foods list

noom food list by color yellow foods

The Yellow Foods list comprises foods that are somewhat calorie intense, and you should only include them in your diet in moderate quantities. There are less beneficial when it comes to nutrition and can fill you up easily.

Here’s a list of some food items included in the Yellow Foods list:

Lean meat

Grilled chicken

Low-fat milk

Low-fat cheese




Turkey breast

White rice

English muffins

White pasta

White bread

Cottage cheese

Greek yogurt








Baked Beans


Pita bread

The Red Foods list

pizza and beer

As you can easily guess, the Red Foods list comprises foods containing high calories and considered unhealthy. As much as possible, you should avoid them or reduce the portion sizes. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals quickly, it would be a good idea to cross these items off your list for at least a few months.

Here’s a list of some food items included in the Red Foods list:





Fried meat




White flour

Peanut butter





Processed juices




Noom Weight Loss Programs – All you need to know

Noom offers two types of weight loss programs – a Healthy Weight Program and a Diabetes Management Program.

Each program comprises a color code system that specifically caters to the participants of the program. For instance, if your weight-loss plan includes joining the Healthy Weight Program, your diet will be more focused on foods with high nutritional value, whereas, if you join the Diabetes Management Program, your diet will be more focused on reducing carbohydrate-dense foods. By cutting down your carbohydrate intake, you’ll be able to control your sugar levels.

So, what do you think about Noom’s Food List by Color Directory?

Picking the right foods and calculating your daily calorie consumption to keep a check on your portion sizes are two important steps toward healthy weight loss. And, Noom can help you with both. You can leverage Noom’s Food List and Color Code Directory to select the right foods that can aid weight loss or enter the food items you’re consuming to check their calorie value. Research shows that 78% of people who maintained logs of their daily meals were able to lose weight more efficiently and quickly.

Why try Noom? | Noom

Noom focuses on helping you build healthier habits by using behavioral psychology. The program was designed by a team of psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers and helps you track and actively change your daily habits.

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We hope you found the article insightful and interesting. If you have any queries regarding the Noom app or Noom Food List and Color Code Directory, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below. Our health and fitness coaches will get back to you with the answers as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Noom diet and what can you eat?

In general, there are 3 types of food on this plan that the Noom weight loss coach suggests eating for long-term weight loss:

Green foods provide with healthy nutrients low on calories; These include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
Yellow foods are richer in calories per ounce; Such foods are beans, low-fat cheeses, yogurt, low-fat milk, and many low-fat types of meats (lean meats).
Red foods have the most caloric density such as red meat, nuts, chocolates, pizza, drinks, etc.

How is Noom a different diet app from other weight loss apps?

Noom coaching allows you to make healthier habits and be responsible to lead your own healthy lifestyle by creating your own “grocery list”.

This means that it doesn’t necessarily have a meal plan to give you a specific daily or foods to eat. Basically, you input everything you consume daily, and the app helps you understand how healthy you are actually eating.

How much is Noom per month?

Noom offers several options that dieters can choose from. The monthly subscription is $59, you can also opt-in for an annual plan for $199.

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