Naked Casein Review

Naked Casein Review: Is Naked Casein Worth it?

If you’re looking for an effective and high-quality alternative to whey protein, Naked Casein may be your solution!

It is true that whey protein powder is much more popular than casein, but the second option acts more gently when it comes to aiding your digestion while also building muscle mass and helping you lose those extra pounds.

Today, I’ve chosen to present you the Naked Nutrition’s Naked Casein. This product has raised my attention because it is a non-GMO, soy and gluten-free, and grass-fed supplement (from grass fed cows). Also, it doesn’t contain growth hormones, but you will find more about it in the following sections.

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Naked Casein Protein – Brief Overview


Naked Nutrition

Supplement type

Protein powder

Serving size

Two scoops

Number of servings in one container


Main Ingredient

Micellar Casein

Money-back guarantee


Price per container

$94.99 [Check for Bulk Discounts Here]






What Is Naked Casein?

You might think that Naked Casein is just another protein powder. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! This supplement, unlike whey protein, it is a better alternative because it is slow-digesting. Its main ingredient is casein which is a milk protein and an amazing source of branched chain amino acids (essential amino acid).

Naked Casein is a versatile product. You can consume it after a workout, before bed, or whenever you want to lower cravings and curb your hunger.

A Few Words About the Company

Naked Nutrition is a well-known supplement manufacturer. They produce and sell a wide range of products, from whey protein to organic brown rice powder and pea protein supplement.

According to their representatives, all their products are some of the purest supplements on the market. Naked Nutrition’s protein powders are rich in nutritious ingredients and essential amino acids. Also, they are free from harmful compounds such as artificial colors and sweeteners (artificial flavor).

The manufacturer claims it uses clean yet effective ingredients that will help consumers achieve both their nutrition and fitness goals. Also, the label is pretty transparent, and Naked Nutrition is always ready to clarify and solve consumers’ requirements.

Besides Naked Casein, some other popular Naked Nutrition products are Creatine Monohydrate and Powdered Peanut Butter.

naked casein nutrition

Naked Casein Protein Ingredient Profile

  • High-quality hormone-free protein – micellar casein
  • Mineral blend – calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus
  • Amino acid profile – leucine, valine, arginine, proline, lysine, serine, alanine, glycine, etc

*It contains milk (casein is a milk protein). Also, the formula was tested by independent third-party labs.

Nutritional Values – per one serving (2 scoops)




26 g


0 g

Dietary fiber

0 g

Total fat

0 g


2 g

*I feel a little confused because on the label appears to be a small amount of sugar included in the formula (2 grams). However, I have found a company’s announcement, in an online Q&A section, where they say the supplement is sugar-free, but there was a printing error on the label. To make sure this is true, I suggest you contact the company and find out the answer directly from the source.

How to Properly Prepare and Use This Supplement

Naked Casein by Naked Nutrition is very easy to make and highly convenient. It mixes quickly. All you have to do is dissolve two scoops of this powdered supplement into about 6 to 10 ounces of water or any other beverage of your choice.

You can mix the blend with a simple spoon, but if you want to achieve a nicer consistency, it is recommended to use a shaker bottle or even a blender. Still, you won’t need to mix it for more than 20-30 seconds. The powder is so smooth that the final drink won’t have any clumps or chunks.

How Does the Naked Casein Supplement Taste?

There are three available casein protein flavor varieties: vanilla, chocolate, and the unflavored version of this protein powder. I must confess that of all these three options, I have only tried the unflavored one but, for the other two, I have done thorough research among the opinions of other consumers. So, here it goes!

For me, the unflavored version has a taste that resembles unsweetened milk. It is pretty plain, and it is not sweet. I cannot speak for you, but for me, these characteristics are a plus because I can experiment with a lot of recipes. So, you can add the unflavored variety of the Naked Casein protein powder to almost any food or beverage you want: smoothies, shakes, baked goods, etc.

If you want an enriched taste, you can always blend the powder with almond or coconut milk, instead of plain water, although it tastes pretty decent even if you add water and nothing else. On the other hand, if you are the type of person that likes to consume sweeter protein supplements, then I recommend you purchase the vanilla or the chocolate flavors. Reviewers say both these flavors have a pretty neutral taste, too.

As for the casein protein consistency, it is thick like a melting smoothie. Some said it can be thick like a pudding, but I don’t really agree.

naked casein benefits

Best Uses for Casein Protein

After you consume this supplement on a daily basis for a while, you will start experiencing its benefits. For me, it really worked. What I mean is it helped me repair damaged muscle tissue after intense workouts and build lean muscle mass.

All these effects are mostly due to the supplement’s high content of protein. In my opinion, you should take Naked Casein right before bed. Still, according to the manufacturer, you can consume it whenever you want, during the day.

Pros and Cons of Naked Casein Powder

Naked Casein Protein Advantages

  • The product is free from artificial colorings, flavorings, and sweeteners
  • It contains non-GMO ingredients
  • It contains only one ingredient: micellar casein
  • It is free from allergenic compounds such as soy and gluten
  • Naked Casein comes with a profile of essential amino acids which have plenty of health benefits
  • It is a cold-processed supplement which makes it safer to consume
  • The protein is sourced from grass-fed cows, raised at farms in the United States. The product is free from any growth hormone;
  • It provides plenty of BCAAs
  • Naked Nutrition’s Naked Casein powder works great when it comes to maintaining or building lean muscle mass

Naked Casein Protein Disadvantages

  • At the price of $4.80 per gram, Naked Casein is definitely one of the most expensive protein powders on the market
  • According to some reviewers, this product is not very tasty if you mix it with plain water, but you can always rely on other beverages to prepare a delicious protein drink
  • Mixing it with just a spoon instead of a blender or another tool can be a bit of a tedious task

naked casein price

How Much Does This Product Cost?

There are several sellers that market Naked Nutrition’s Naked Casein protein powder. For starters, you will find the supplement on the company’s official website. Then, there are other online sellers like Amazon or Lucky Vitamin.

Naked Nutrition Official Website

  • A one-time purchase of a 5 lbs. container costs $94.99 (free shipping)
  • If you decide to become a subscriber, you will benefit from a discount of 5%. Therefore, the final price for the same container size will be $90.24. Subscribers benefit from free shipping, too and they have the possibility to choose their desired delivery time: once every three months, once every two months, or every single month.

On Amazon

The price of Naked Casein | Amazon on Amazon is the same as on the company’s website, but here, you can also choose to buy a smaller container of only one lb. Regarding the number of servings, a tub of one lb. contains 15 portions while the big 5-lbs. container comes with 76 servings.

  • The big container Naked Casein | Amazon ($90.24 for subscribers);
  • The small container is sold the price of $22.99 ($21.84 for subscribers).

Clients can choose their desired quantity (the number of containers they want to buy) as well as their preferred delivery time. Still, I couldn’t find any information related to the shipping cost or if there is one.

pure muscle naked casein

The Effects of Casein in the Body

Naked Casein is a multi-purpose product. That’s the beauty of it. You can use it to either gain weight or, on the contrary, consume it in order to lose weight and gain muscle mass. It all depends on what type of diet you pair it with. This supplement works great as a ketogenic-friendly high-protein powder. Also, due to its slow-digested properties, your organism will receive a double benefit:

  • The first benefit is represented by the amino acid rush that your muscles will enjoy post-workout;
  • The second advantage is the one of using these essential elements to repair muscle damage throughout the night.

Potential Side Effects

The entire time I consumed Naked Casein, I felt good, and I didn’t experience any adverse effects, whatsoever. So, this is a major advantage, for sure. Still, people who are allergic to dairy products can deal with several unpleasant issues such as bloating, nausea, or headaches.

There can also be some other similar complaints, but they are all minor problems. On the other hand, some other aspects worry me. For instance, certain studies have linked casein with a higher risk of developing respiratory health conditions, allergies, and other illnesses like ear infections.

The Overall Quality Level of Naked Casein Powder

When we say Naked Casein, we’re talking about a single-ingredient product. This supplement is, without doubt, a premium, high-quality, and even top-notch, if you may, protein powder. Its micellar casein compound is enriched with essential branched-chain amino acids and minerals.

Also, the protein isn’t altered in any way due to the company’s cold processing manufacturing approach. Therefore, all the nutrients and amino acids that your body will receive are completely pure, in a pure state.

Another important aspect that proves the quality of this product is the lack of bleach processing. This lowers in a significant way the risk of contamination with harmful heavy metals. So, you will get a pure and clean protein supplementation. And, frankly, all supplement brands should do their best in providing this kind of safe-to-consume products to their clients.

My Overall Rating – out of a total of 10 points

Taste and mixability


Product quality level




Value for the money


Total rating






Naked Casein Review – the Final Verdict

To conclude with, there’s no doubt that Naked Casein is a premium non-GMO and non-denatured protein powder with plenty of benefits. It helps you maintain and build muscle while also keeping you healthy.

Still, if you choose not to buy this product because of its steep price, I completely understand, and I don’t blame you. However, in my humble opinion, despite being expensive, Naked Casein is totally worth it.

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