Best Creatine Free Pre-Workout Supplements

Because of personal preference or serious health conditions, some people avoid consuming pre-workout supplements that contain creatine. While this element can positively impact your physical performance, it can also affect certain individuals. Therefore, I created a list of the best creatine-free pre-workout products on the market.

*The following products were listed in no particular order.

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1. Neon Sport Volt

Not only is this one of the greatest creatine-free pre-workout supplements out there but it also contains 36 servings instead of only 30 scoops like most other similar powder tubs. Its combination of ingredients is effective.

Due to all these aspects, Neon Sport Volt is considered to be one of the best pre-workout products on the market.


  • It is a creatine-free supplement that contains proprietary blends;
  • It is available in four different varieties or flavors: berry, watermelon, electric punch, and pomegranate;
  • Contains plenty of energizing ingredients such as rauwolfia, caffeine, olive leaf extract, and Rhodiola;
  • Must be consumed 20 minutes before an intense workout.


  • It is an affordable creatine-free pre-workout supplement;
  • Boosts your energy levels almost instantly;
  • Due to the fact that it doesn’t contain creatine, this product will not give you a bloated look;
  • Most consumers are more than satisfied with Neon Sport Volt’s taste;
  • The feeling of tingles given by the Beta Alanine is refreshing.


  • There are a few consumers who consider this supplement too under-dosed which decreases its level of effectiveness;
  • Although it increases your energy, this supplement doesn’t improve your focus;
  • The tingling sensation can also be considered a drawback by some of you; it all depends on how your body reacts and what your preferences are.


Neon Sport Volt Creatine Free

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One container of 180 grams of 36 scoops costs around $27 which is very inexpensive. On the other hand, its value is a bit low because you don’t get a lot of energy or surprising benefits for this price.

2. GAT PMP Pre-Workout Powder

This supplement is manufactured by GAT or German American Technologies and claims to provide muscle energy, increased focus, improved workout performances, and quicker vascular muscle pumps.

Although it is creatine-free, this product contains Glycerol monostearate which is not that soluble in liquids. Therefore, GAT PMP’s mixability level is a decent but not amazing one.


  • Its formula is specially designed to suit the needs of professional athletes and individuals who go through high-intensity workouts;
  • It is made from pump accelerators like Calcium Lactate and cognitive modulators such as L-theanine and L-tyrosine;
  • It comes in several different varieties but the most popular ones are Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.


  • Boosts energy levels as well as mental focus;
  • There are four available varieties to choose from: Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Raspberry Lemonade;
  • It is a solid and effective supplement that has a quick effect. You will definitely feel its powerful kick in only 15 minutes after consuming it.


  • Because of its stimulant ingredients, it might lead to certain sensations. For example, you might deal with jitters, tingles, and mild insomnia issues;
  • Unfortunately, it has no less than three proprietary blends which might lead to specific side effects because one can never discover the real amount of the compounds added to these blends;
  • It contains a high amount of caffeine so it might not be good for you if you are sensitive to this ingredient.


GAT Sport NITRAFLEX Pre-Workout Powder
$33.99 ($3.21 / Ounce)
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05/01/2023 12:09 am GMT

You can purchase this supplement on Amazon and its price ranges between $29.99 and $30.97 for a 30-serving container.

3. Optimum Nutrition – Platinum Pre

A while ago, I discovered the Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-Workout supplement and I was amazed by its advanced formula.

It almost seems like the manufacturing company has found the perfect ingredients as well as the right amount of each one of these elements.


  • It provides the perfect mix of caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline for a significant energy boost;
  • It contains beet juice powder and grape seed extract;
  • If one scoop doesn’t give you the expected amount of focus and endurance, you can always increase your daily dosage to two servings without any risks whatsoever.


  • This supplement is sugar-free which is definitely a plus;
  • It mixes well with water or any other liquid;
  • Supports weight loss because it is a low-calorie supplement;
  • Boosts your energy levels and increases your endurance;
  • It is a jitter-free product;
  • Support lean muscle mass growth and increases your overall strength;
  • There are plenty of available flavors to choose from.


  • Although it doesn’t give you jitters, you might experience a burning sensation;
  • This product could be better in terms of mixability;
  • Despite the fact that there are a lot of varieties to pick from, the flavors are not the best ones on the market;
  • If you consume this supplement late in the evening, it might lead to mild insomnia episodes;
  • It is more expensive than many other similar protein powders.


Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-Workout
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Buying one container of 15 servings will cost you around $35-40 or even more, depending on the seller. So, we can definitely say this is a lot considering the benefits and the overall value of the product.

4. Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse is a 100% natural and safe pre-workout supplement that is also creatine-free. It delivers proven results and increases your focus levels.

This science-based product is also naturally sweetened and it offers a lot of health benefits.


  • It is a natural supplement that contains citrulline, anhydrous caffeine, ornithine, and other good-quality ingredients;
  • It works great for both women and men;
  • Lowers fatigue;
  • Increases blood flow and improves muscular endurance;
  • It contains electrolytes;
  • It has an amazing formula with clinically effective dosages.


  • There are no side effects to worry about because this product is a completely natural one;
  • It doesn’t contain harsh stimulants;
  • Helps you achieve better workout performances as well as more energy;
  • After purchasing this product, you will also receive great customer support services;
  • It has a pleasant taste and it dissolves easily in cold water.


  • It can be perceived as an expensive pre-workout supplement;
  • Might contain a high amount of caffeine which is not good for those of you who are more sensitive to this particular ingredient.


Legion Pulse, Best Natural Pre Workout Supplement
$21.22 ($2.56 / Ounce)
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05/01/2023 12:11 am GMT

The Legion Pulse natural protein powder sells on Amazon and the price may vary depending on the chosen flavor, the size of the container, and the provider. Here are the prices you must pay for a 21-serving tub:

  • Fruit Punch – $34.97;
  • Blue Raspberry – $39.97;
  • Grape flavor – $39.97.

5. G4 COR-PERFORMANCE Whey Protein Powder

This is a great source of protein if you want to maintain a slim figure while also building muscle. It helps your body retain all its required essential nutrients during and after an intense workout.

One serving of G4 COR-PERFORMANCE provides no less than 25 grams of whey protein.


  • It has a high amount of protein per scoop;
  • Contains digestive enzymes that help balance your digestive system’s functions;
  • The protein isolate content in this product is a fast-digesting one;
  • One portion has 120 calories;
  • It has a minimal content of fat and carbohydrates.


  • It comes with healthy ingredients such as digestive enzymes;
  • It supports both weight loss and better health;
  • This is a gluten-free product with no added sugar.


  • It isn’t a micro-filtered supplement and many of the premium whey protein powders are. This can be an important drawback;
  • The Cellucor G4 pre-workout powder lacks glutamine which is a bad thing considering this ingredient is crucial during the muscle recovery process;
  • Its price is slightly high.


Cellucor, G4 COR-Performance Powder
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Cellucor G4 is marketed in a wide array of flavors like molten chocolate, whipped vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter marshmallow, and many others. However, the price differs based on the size of the container:

  • 14 servings – $18;
  • 28 servings – $30;
  • 70 servings – $60.

6. NITRO SURGE Pre-Workout Supplement

NITRO SURGE is marketed by Jacked Factory and it is one of the best creatine-free pre-workout supplements on the market.

According to the company’s representatives, this product is engineered for perfection. It is believed to support muscle growth, increase one’s focus, offer strong pumps, and boost your energy.


  • Among NITRO SURGE’s ingredients, you will find L-citrulline, theanine, Beta-Alanine, black pepper extract, hordein HCI, and others;
  • It contains both natural and artificial flavorings. However, its color comes veggie and fruit juice;
  • Although certain compounds found in this product come from high-quality sources, most of its ingredients are pretty standard without offering a WOW effect.


  • It provides a smart caffeine mix of regular caffeine and L-theanine;
  • It is a premium pre-workout protein powder with plenty of health benefits;
  • Increases your energy and helps build lean muscle mass;
  • You will experience powerful muscle pumps during your workouts.


  • There are some ineffective ingredients in the NITRO SURGE pre-workout supplement that might negatively impact the purchasing decision of potential customers;
  • Some of its ingredients (e.g. L-citrulline) are significantly under-dosed which is a real issue when we talk about powerful supplements;
  • There is a possibility of experiencing some unpleasant side effects like itching face or hands;
  • This product has betaine in its formula which is linked to fishy odors in your body’s breath and secretions.


NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement
$29.99 ($3.30 / Ounce)
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04/30/2023 12:30 pm GMT

You can purchase one container of 30 servings for the price of $24-25. It sells on Amazon and other online commerce platforms.

7. Genius BCAA Pre Workout by the Genius Brand

Genius BCAA is the ideal choice for professional athletes. Helps burn fat and sustain attention. Moreover, if you consume one serving of this supplement per day, you will soon start to lose weight and gain better focus.

The ingredient profile includes Rhodiola Rosea which lowers tiredness and fatigue, branched chain amino acids which boost muscle development, taurine, and cognizin citicoline.


  • The information written on the label is transparent and detailed. You can find out the exact amount of each one of this product’s ingredients;
  • It has a strong taste and smell;
  • Genius BCAA is a safe product due to the fact that is made from natural amino acids;
  • The energy boost kicks in shortly after consumption. Still, the results vary depending on how often you use the product. It is created for daily use.


  • This supplement contains natural, safe, and effective ingredients;
  • Boosts energy while also building muscle;
  • It is free of fillers;
  • You will experience a balanced amount of energy;
  • You will enjoy its tasty natural flavor;
  • There are no artificial flavors or chemicals in this supplement;
  • Improves cognitive functions such as memory and retention;
  • Increases one’s endurance and improves performance;
  • Speeds up muscle recovery after an intense workout;
  • It is an effective product which also comes with some extra goodies.


  • It is caffeine-free but you can add some if you want;
  • Some consumers have felt a stevia aftertaste which might turn off certain potential clients;
  • Compared to many other nootropic products, the Genius BCAA pre-workout supplement is more expensive.


Genius Bcaa Powder with Focus & Energy
$34.99 ($3.47 / Ounce)
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05/01/2023 12:10 am GMT

Most people consider this to be a pretty expensive product thinking that one tub of only 21 servings costs around $35 on Amazon. However, if you become a member of the Amazon Prime system, you will benefit from discounts that can go up to 25-30%.

Summing It Up

Creatine is not an element that everyone loves so, it is only fair to have several great choices when it comes to creatine-free pre-workout supplements. Although the products presented in this article are safe, you should always consume these protein powders with caution.

Now, it is your turn to share with me and the other readers the things you know about any of the supplements described above. Just leave a comment below!

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