DietBet vs HealthyWage –This Is How to Get Paid for Losing Weight

We all know that losing weight and staying slim are daunting tasks, especially if you’re a foodie like me. To my surprise, two online platforms and apps allow people to place bets on their weight-loss process.

According to these websites’ and app creators, the goal is to motivate those who follow diet plans through financial incentives which are well-known for being effective.

So, you place a bet and if you lose your estimated number of pounds, you will receive money. But let’s find out more about how these sites work, and if its really an extra motivation, in my DietBet vs HealthyWage comparative review.

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DietBet vs HealthyWage App – What Are They?



This is a website where you can play an online game and compete against other people to lose weight. According to the company’s representatives, more than 150,000 individuals have eliminated approximately five pounds while also winning money.

All the action happens in the digital environment and nobody can deceive the DietBet system. You have to lose weight. In order to receive your prize, you must submit a couple of clear and relevant photos of you while you stand on a scale.

There are three types of diet bet programs that DietBet provides, depending on your level of experience, motivation, fitness goals, and other factors. Here are the game types for money provided by this platform:

  • Kickstarter Games – it is suitable for members who are willing to lose a minimum of 4% of their current body weight over a period of one month;
  • Transformer Games – it was created for participants who are committed to shedding a minimum 10% of their body weight during a period of six months;
  • Maintainer Games – this game is for those of you who simply want to maintain the weight they have without losing any more pounds.



Initially, this fitness app program was called the Team Challenge Healthy Wage and it was founded by David Roddenberry, in 2009. Its headquarters is located in New York City. David is a former healthcare consultant with plenty of experience in the weight loss industry. Actually, he was the co-founder of HealthyWage because he also had a partner; Jimmy Fleming was the other name behind the HealthyWage concept.

Their wellness company is innovative. In fact, it was the first program of its kind in the US that provided free health incentives to its clients to lose weight and meet their weight loss goals.

The diet bet system is carefully developed, based on industry and academic research. These studies have shown the importance that both financial rewards and social networking have on the effectiveness of this kind of weight loss program.

HealthyWage Challenges

HealthyWage offers three main program alternatives. You can choose from the following options, depending on how much you want to bet each month:

  • Team Challenge – the big prize money is $10,000 and it will be split between all the winners who have managed to lose the required weight, measured in percentages;
  • The Jackpot Challenge – this game is played between several teams and the winning ones will receive the prize;
  • The Step Challenge – this option was a limited one supported by Pokemon Go during the summer of 2016. The prizes were given to those who managed to get out and hit all the required step goals.
Why I Prefer HealthyWage

I DO like both of these innovative platforms, but HealthyWage offers better (larger) prizes, Team Challenges, and NOW also has an iOS and Android App (like DietBet).

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DietBet vs HealthyWage – How Do They Work?


How Does DietBet Work?

  • To get started, you must first join a group. There are several different alternatives: you can either create your own personal group, join a group of one of your friends, or simply access a stranger’s group;
  • Each group has a pot section where members put money in order to place their bets. Your main goal should be to shed around 4% of your current body weight (starting weight) in one-month time. Another option that you can bet for is losing 10% of your body weight in a longer period, of six months. The jackpot will be shared among all the group’s winners;
  • According to active members, one can usually win between 50% and 100% of one’s contribution. Let’s say you bet $30. In case you win, you will receive somewhere between $45 and $60. Still, be aware of the fact that DietBet also takes their share before distributing the pot and their “fee” is 10% to 25%;
  • DietBet also provides an app that is available on both iPhones and Android devices.

How Does HealthyWage Work?

  • There are two options when it comes to placing a bet on HealthyWage: you can either place one individually or become a member of a team challenge;
  • The individual bet is called the Healthy Wager and it requires you to insert your body details as well as other info such as the sum you want to place as a bet, the amount of money you’re willing to lose, etc. Based on these details, they will further calculate the prize you should receive. For example, if your bet is $100 per month and you manage to lose a minimum of 10% of your current body weight in no longer than nine months, you will most likely win $1,000. So, there’s an 11% potential return on your money but you also risk to lose it all which for me seems pretty hard to accept;
  • The other option, the Team Challenge offers a big prize of $10,000 and it is basically a competition in which teams of five members compete against each other during a period of 12 weeks. If you want to enroll in this group, you must pay a monthly fee of $25 per person. So, the total fee for the entire competition period will reach up to $75;
  • Recently, HealthyWage has introduced a new group contest which goes by the name of the Jackpot Team Challenge. In this case, each team consists of 5-9 people who must lose no less than 6% of their current body weight. Each one of the participants will contribute by paying a pot fee of $33 a month which for the entire three-month period amounts to $99. All winning teams will split the Jackpot. Like in the case of DietBet, HealthyWage also takes a cut of 25%;
  • Unlike its main competitor, HealthyWage doesn’t provide any smartphone apps which, in my opinion, it is definitely a downside. UPDATE: HealthyWage now DOES offer an app! 

Pros and Cons



Advantages of DietBet

  • Unfortunately, nowadays, obesity is running rampant. Therefore, quick fixes, as well as empty promises, are all over the place. I am not saying that DietBet is certainly an ineffective empty promise but one thing’s for sure: it can make you become more motivated and responsible for yourself while also offering prizes to those who are ambitious. Instead of being another “consume our shakes and bars and lose weight” kind of system, this is only based on boosting your motivation;
  • If you succeed in losing the necessary weight, you will receive money;
  • The element of a strong and supportive community via email and website is probably what I like most about this program. I am sure you’re aware of how difficult it can be to achieve something on your own. DietBet groups offer the best of both worlds: support and competition;
  • It is a completely flexible program because they don’t tell you the way in which you should lose weight. It is all up to you so you’re in charge when it comes to choosing the foods you eat, the workouts you’ll engage in, and the diets you’ll follow;
  • The program’s weight loss goals are realistic, measurable, specific, and timely. Also, you must lose weight which is set in percentages rather than a certain number of pounds and this is fair for everybody because each individual has different body measurements.

Downsides of DietBet

  • The fact that DietBet is so flexible and doesn’t tell you what to do to lose weight in terms of advice and tips can also be a downside because many people are less organized and they need someone who knows what he or she is talking about to guide them through the daunting process of losing weight. So, the lack of professional consultants is a disadvantage;
  • It is strictly focused on losing weight and comparing the numbers on the scales but this doesn’t mean that it is the correct way to getting healthier;
  • In my opinion, the lack of information and guidance on how to properly and safely lose weight is definitely a downside;
  • It is not suited for everyone because each person has unique body compositions which might make DietBet weight loss goals almost unachievable.



Advantages of HealthyWage

  • The program, just like DietBet, gives members great motivation to kick-start their weight-loss journey. After all, people tend to act more responsible when money is at stake;
  • HealthyWage has received an A+ rating from BBB but it is not accredited by it;
  • There are numerous challenges you can opt for. Some of them are easier to achieve than others and you should select one, depending on how much you’re willing to risk;
  • If you enroll in the Team Challenge, you have high chances of winning the entry fee reimbursement prize, even though you won’t receive the big Jackpot. This incentive is awarded to those who have lost 10% of their weight in only 9 months;
  • HealthyWage is a popular online platform that many people trust due to its press coverage. It was featured in Good Morning America, CNN, and Fox News. However, this isn’t a real proof that the program is totally legit.

Downsides of HealthyWage

  • The only thing that the program offers is pure motivation and nothing else. In other words, there’s no science that could back up the weight loss process. Therefore, participants must identify the best weight-loss programs on their own;
  • There seem to be a few complaints regarding the weight roundoff issues. It appears that some people lose the challenge because the company eliminates decimals by rounding the numbers shown on the scales up or down but no one actually knows the rules behind this action;
  • HealthyWage doesn’t offer any refunds. Still, if one member comes up with a valid and straightforward reason, he or she might get some extra time in order to join a challenge.

Are These Programs Scams or Legit?

weight loss


This is a legit and scam-free website. At least, in theory, everyone plays by the book and follows the rules. On the other hand, this type of program is not good for everyone. If you want, you can give it a try. With enough motivation, you will get out of it with at least one good thing: you will lose those extra pounds for weight loss goals that have been bugging you so much.

Still, one thing that’s concerning me is the cheating risk and breaking the commitment contract. Let’s face it! Some people aren’t honest and they will always try to beat the system and win money by fudging weight loss results or starting weight.

Fortunately, DietBet does its best to find cheaters. Also, they banish those individuals from the website for good.

All the information and photos that the company collects from its members are not published. In case DietBet suspects that something fishy is happening, its representatives will require you to create a video while you’re on the scale to show exactly what the scale reads.


From what I could discover during my research, HealthyWage seems to be completely legitimate and legal. They have received an A+ rating from BBB (the Better Business Bureau). However, you should remain realistic because not everyone will win huge sums of money.

Furthermore, you should always seek your doctor’s opinion before starting this program just as you would in the case of anything else that’s health-related. So, HealthyWage might not be a scam but it won’t make you rich either. If you want to earn unlimited income, you should find other methods instead of trying this one.

Possible Side Effects of These Two Programs

In theory, these two programs don’t cause any side effects, at least not directly. However, some people might tend to do one or several of the following mistakes that can lead to certain unpleasant outcomes:

  • Following too restrictive diets that are not healthy;
  • Working out way too much which can be harmful to their health;
  • Choosing the wrong type of diet for their organism;
  • Not knowing how to properly handle the programs which might lead to loss of money;
  • Consuming some quick-fix diet pills or supplements without consulting a doctor first.

FAQ About DietBet and HealthyWage

These are some common questions that we get on DietBet and HealthyWage:

Can You Make Money on DietBet?

Absolutely, it’s a very plausible way to earn extra money online with the cash prizes and cold hard cash. The average win rate is above 50%, according to DietBet. You might even be able to offset the cost of a personal trainer or gym membership, in theory.

What is a DietBet Runner Up?

A DietBet Runner Up is someone who did NOT reach their intended weight loss goals, but were the closest to meeting it.

How do you figure out weight loss percentage?

To work out your weight loss percentage, subtract your present weight from your initial starting weight, multiple by 100 and then divide by your starting weight.

DietBet vs HealthyWage – Bottom Line


Let’s summarize what we have learned about these two innovative platforms.

Both DietBet and HealthyWage use financial payout incentives to motivate their participants in order for them to lose weight and meet their weight goal, whether as dieters, exercisers, or both. There’s a risk you might lose money but there’s also a chance you might win the big Jackpot. It all depends on how well you balance rewards and manage to lose the required weight in a designated period of time.

DietBet is a one-size-fits-all kind of platform while HealthyWage allows members to earn money in several different ways: by losing weight, referring family members and friends, or maintaining their current weight.

Also, with HealthyWage, the winner keeps the entire prize if the goal is met and he or she is not required to share the Jackpot.

Bottom Line: I personally prefer the more guided experience and the winner take all prize options found with HealthyWage here. DietBet is also a good option, just not with as much direct utilty and potential winners as Healthywage.

Why I Prefer HealthyWage

I DO like both of these innovative platforms, but HealthyWage offers better (larger) prizes, Team Challenges, and NOW also has an iOS and Android App (like DietBet).

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