Vega Protein Smoothie Review

Vega Protein Smoothie Review – Is it Worth it?

This Vega Protein Smoothie review is the most comprehensive one you will find on the Internet. So, if you want to read an in-depth presentation of this popular supplement, you’ve landed on the right page. Maybe you’re wondering why, of all vegan protein supplements out there, I chose to talk about Vega Protein Smoothie. Well, for starters, this product doesn’t contain any added sugars, sweeteners, or artificial flavors.

In my opinion, it is an excellent choice for those of you who have an active lifestyle and who are searching for a tasty supplement that won’t break the bank.

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Vega Protein Smoothie – What It Is

vega original protein

This powder supplement is a vegan protein product that is simple, convenient, affordable, and low-calorie. Each scoop provides a good bang per dollar and per dose, with no less than 15 grams of protein per serving. The standard pouch that Vega Protein Smoothie is sold in measures a bit over 9 ounces. This amount is the equivalent of 12 scoops.

You might think that affordability and simplicity are the most important traits of this protein powder but there are also other things I like about it. For instance, I simply love the way this beverage tastes. In fact, Vega Protein Smoothie is one of the most delicious protein powders I have ever tried.

The product I’m reviewing today is the lighter version of the Vega Sport Protein which contains an advanced protein blend as well as a higher concentration of amino acids.

What Is Vega Protein Smoothie Made from? Its Main Ingredients

All the ingredients included in the Vega Protein Smoothie formula are natural, safe, and effective. However, these compounds are not all organic which might represent some sort of a drawback for some people. Also, this Vega product doesn’t provide any amino acid profiles. On the other hand, you will find a great combination of protein powders in it which makes up for the lack of the elements mentioned above.

Without further ado, here are the main ingredients of the Vega protein powder:

  • Protein blend – pea protein, hemp seed protein, brown rice protein (which comes in the form of sprouted whole grains), saviseed or Sacha Inchi protein;
  • Green blend – spinach powder, organic kale powder, organic alfalfa grass powder, broccoli powder;
  • Vitamins and minerals blend – vitamins A and C, iron, calcium.

Additional ingredients:

  • Natural French vanilla flavors;
  • Stevia leaf extract;
  • Papaya concentrate powder which contains digestive enzymes that occur naturally;
  • Xantham gum.

Nutritional Values

Vega Protein Smoothie Nutritional Facts – per one serving (one pack of 22 grams)
Calories 80
Protein 15 g
Dietary fiber 1 g
Total fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 4 g
Sugars 2 g
Sodium 140 mg

As you can see, the product’s nutritional profile is beautiful in its simplistic way. Most of its calories come from the protein blend. Vega Protein Smoothie is healthy and helps you lose weight due to the fact that it contains a very low amount of sugar and no fat at all. The manufacturer has designed this supplement for the sole purpose of protein supplementation.

Moreover, the power I’m talking about is not dangerous for sensitive or allergic people because it doesn’t contain potentially allergenic compounds such as dairy, soy, gluten, artificial colors, or flavorings. Simply put, it is a non-GMO and clean plant-based protein powder.

I don’t know about you, but I am always relieved whenever I find a product whose label lists only recognizable or easily pronounceable ingredients. I, personally, don’t have an issue with the stevia extract content but some of you might find it a bit too much.

All in all, this product does its job well by offering a minimal protein powder. You will either love or hate it.

Vega Protein Smoothie – Taste and Available Flavors

The manufacturing company sells five different flavors: Natural, Choc-a-lot, Viva Vanilla, Tropical Tango, and Bodacious Berry. Until now, I have tested four out of five varieties but when it comes to Tropical Tango, I will tell you what some of my supplement-loving friends have told me.

a. Natural Flavor

Although this variety is called Natural, it still contains a small amount of French vanilla as well as stevia leaf extract. So, it is nothing like other unflavored protein powders. It is semi-sweet without being overbearing. I like the fact that the stevia flavor is not intense at all so this powder will retain the flavor of the beverage you mix it with (in my case, fruit smoothies).

As I mentioned above, the flavoring is kept at a minimal level. However, the product still has a mild taste of vanilla bean which will remind you of cake batter but not as sweet as the real thing. Some of you might think the stevia feels a bit odd but I, for once, found it to be pleasant. Although this is not the best-unflavored supplement on the market, it is definitely a great choice.

b. Choc-a-lot Variety

I am a huge fan of all kinds of chocolate, including dark and bitter ones so nothing is surprising about me telling you how much I love the taste of this Vega Protein Smoothie variety. Its incredible flavor of Dutch cocoa powder makes me want to drink this beverage all the time. Usually, this ingredient pairs well with greens and other plant-based elements, and this Vega product makes no exception. It has a smooth and rich texture without being overly sweet.

The taste of the Choc-a-lot option resembles the one of real chocolate milk. The only difference is that this protein powder is a little darker. Its consistency is also something I enjoy because it is clump-free, not gritty, and not chalky.

c. Viva Vanilla

Basically, Viva Vanilla is just a richer, more flavored, and sweeter version of the Natural Vega Protein Smoothie. Its taste makes me think of powdered sugar cookies that my grandma used to make me when I was a kid. Overall, this powder has a decent flavor although it is a tad too intense for my taste. I don’t want to talk badly about the product but it almost seems like Vega took the unflavored variety and then jacked it up by adding more stevia in the attempt to obtain a more intense result.

When it comes to consistency and texture, Viva Vanilla is smooth and it doesn’t have any pastiness whatsoever. You can easily blend this powder in protein shakes and smoothies. In my humble opinion, this particular variety works great as an on-the-go supplementation because it blends well with all liquids, including plain water.

d. Bodacious Berry Flavor

Despite its fancy name, Bodacious Berry is my least favorite flavor of all Vega Protein Smoothie alternatives. Probably, it is just a matter of personal taste because I am not a fan of protein powders that are berry flavored. Instead, I am more of an old-school supplement consumer who prefers classic flavorings such as vanilla and chocolate. Furthermore, you cannot add this powder to any mix you want because the berry taste is a bit overwhelming.

Like in the case of all Vega Protein Smoothie flavors, this one also contains too much stevia. Still, if you like the flavor of pomegranate and cranberry, I am sure you will enjoy the Bodacious Berry variety. I will let you in on a little secret: try adding a couple of banana slices in the combination in order to balance out the general flavor.

e. Tropical Tango

The Tropical Tango flavor is the last one on my list and probably the most controversial one. Opinions vary a lot when it comes to this Vega Protein Smoothie choice. Some people say they like the taste even when they don’t combine it with something out of the ordinary. Other individuals, on the other hand, complained about the taste, stating they need to add the powder in juices or smoothies to achieve an overall better-tasting product. In fact, there were a few consumers who thought this powder had a weird aftertaste.


You can mix one serving with water, almond milk, organic juices, or any other liquid of your choice. The product has great mixability and the final result is a smooth and clump-free beverage. This supplement mixes well with almost anything you want to experience with. So far, I have added the powder to my favorite smoothies, coconut milk, baked treats, and even banana oatmeal.

Pros and Cons of Vega Protein Smoothie


  • It is a powerful and effective formula made from good-quality ingredients: protein blend, green blend, vitamins, and minerals;
  • Helps you lose weight by curbing your cravings and keeping you fuller for a longer time;
  • It is marketed in a wide range of available flavors and most of them are delicious so I can definitely say that this supplement has a pleasant taste;
  • It mixes well with any liquid and it doesn’t have a chalky texture;
  • Due to some of its ingredients, Vega Protein Smoothie contains antioxidants which will speed up your muscles’ recovery process after an intense workout;
  • Compared to many other similar supplements, Vega Protein Smoothie is an affordable product.


  • Some might say the supplement doesn’t contain enough protein. While the amount of 15 grams per serving is enough for people like you and me, professional athletes might not benefit from consuming this product;
  • Not all flavors are equally delicious but this can be a highly subjective matter.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

The cost of Vega Protein Smoothie pouches may fluctuate depending on several different factors like market demands, retailers, and others. While it is difficult to list an exact standard price (which doesn’t even exist), I can enumerate a couple of possibilities you can choose from.

Purchasing Vega Protein Smoothie on Amazon

  • A 9.2-ounce pouch costs between $14.67 and $15.99 for one-time purchases; (Check out the latest rates here!)
  • If you become an Amazon subscriber, you will benefit from a 5% discount. So, you will save approximately $0.73 per serving.

If you also subscribe to at least five other products, you will unlock another more substantial discount of 15% which you will receive in the form of a coupon.

Putting It All Together

All in all, the Vega Protein Smoothie supplement is a decent protein powder with a good taste, good mixability, safe and healthy ingredients, and an affordable price. So, if you’re a person who enjoys an active lifestyle and wants protein supplementation, this product might be the right one for your needs. On the other hand, Vega Protein Smoothie might not work as well for professional athletes because it doesn’t provide a very high amount of protein per serving.

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