The 5 Best Ambronite Alternatives

Top 5 Best Ambronite Alternatives You Should Consider in 2022

Thanks to our busy lives that leave little time for preparing nutritious meals, maintaining a healthy diet with all the essential vitamins is not an easy thing to do, and fast food is certainly not an option. If you’re a traveler, finding a healthy meal can also be a challenge, and this is where meal replacement shakes, drinks, and liquid food with high protein come in.

Liquid food or meal replacement drinks are the ideal options that can fill our bellies when a healthy meal isn’t an option. They offer nutritious and healthy meals that you can have on the go and don’t take too much time to fix or prepare.

One of the best meal replacement drinks out there that are making a lot of waves today is Ambronite. This nutritionally complete powdered drink costs a lot of money per serving, and that is why there are Ambronite alternatives as well that provide the same – or nearly the same set of nutrients and high protein.

This article will take an in-depth look at Ambronite and its alternatives drinkable meals – for people who may not be able to afford the relatively hefty price tag, it comes with – so that they can make informed decisions when buying meal replacement drinks.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about Ambronite liquid diet supply.

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What is Ambronite?

Ambronite is a food replacement shake or a drinkable-super meal that comes in powdered form and individual packets. All you need to do is to add water, and within a few minutes, you’ll have a meal with organic ingredients replacement shake ready to go down in sweet gulps.

Each Ambronite packet contains a single scoop of powder, which at first, doesn’t seem like much. But when you add water to it, the paste thickens after a minute or two.

Ambronite Meal Replacement Nutritional Shake

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The company that produces the Ambronite meal replacement powder also bears the same name as the super meal. This well-balanced meal alternative makes ordering from their online store somewhat confusing. This is why the best thing you can do is to browse through all the products on their official website to be sure you are on the right track.

It comes in different flavors, and each one can be purchased – either separately or combined in a bag – as a ten-pack bulk order which can also be shipped monthly via a subscription.

Ambronite: Ingredients

Ambronite is composed of nutritious ingredients that make meal replacement shakes healthy and flavorful with all the essential vitamins needed. The ingredients are entirely vegan and organic, and the meal replacement drink does not contain any soy products at all.

This is important as some people may have concerns about the effects of soy on estrogen levels in the human body. Since Ambronite contains no soy products, people in this category can use the product without any fear of developing allergies or any adverse effects.

As mentioned earlier, the Ambronite Company produces several different flavors of meal replacement drinks in powdered form, all with organic ingredients. Each one of these flavors has a slightly different set of ingredients that differentiate one from the other.

ambronite ingredients

But, in general, each Ambronite flavor has several of these healthy and nutritious foods in them:

  • Almonds
  • Apples
  • Oats
  • Coconut sugar
  • Bananas
  • Black Currants
  • Chlorella
  • Nettle leaves
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Spirulina
  • Flaxseed
  • Cranberries
  • Guar gum
  • Sea buckthorn berries
  • Bilberries
  • Mineral-rich salt
  • Spinach leaves

Ambronite: Nutrition Facts

According to the published nutrition facts on Ambronite by the parent company, one serving of this nutritionally complete meal replacement shake has 160 calories. That single serving also contains the following minerals and vitamins:

  • 17 grams of carbohydrates
  • 10 grams of protein
  • 233 units of iodine
  • 18 milligrams of zinc
  • 4.8 grams of potassium
  • 21 milligrams of iron
  • 1,660 milligrams of magnesium
  • 1,260 milligrams of calcium
  • 1,580 milligrams of phosphorus
  • 290 units of Vitamin K
  • 100 units of selenium
  • 24.5 milligrams of Vitamin E
  • 2.1 milligrams of copper
  • 21.5 units of Vitamin D
  • 7.6 milligrams of manganese
  • 94 milligrams of Vitamin C
  • 929 units of Vitamin A
  • 9.6 units of Vitamin B-12
  • 3.4 milligrams of Vitamin B-1
  • 815 units of Vitamin B-9
  • 2.2 milligrams of Vitamin B-2
  • 31 milligrams of Vitamin B-3
  • 88.4 units of Vitamin B-7
  • 2.3 milligrams of Vitamin B-6
  • 7.6 milligrams of Vitamin B-5

Ambronite: Uses

The primary reason why the parent Ambronite Company created this nutritious meal replacement shake is that they wanted Ambronite to serve as an easy and quick source of food (like a healthy “fast food”) during periods when you may not have the energy or time to cook a proper meal.

]The Nutritional Shake by Ambronite can also be taken along on business, camping or hiking trips as it can be beneficial at such times. This organic, drinkable-super meal does not require refrigeration, and its weight is negligible, making it an ideal option for travelers or hikers on the go who needs a well-balanced meal.

It is important to mention at this juncture that since the different foods that make up the components of Ambronite are organic, this healthy meal replacement shake will not last for more than two months.

This is the primary reason why the parent Ambronite Company makes the meal replacement powder in small batches and packs just before it is shipped out of the factory for delivery nationwide. So, Ambronite always comes as fresh and as natural as it can be. The meal replacement shake or powder doesn’t contain any chemical dyes or preservatives, so you can be sure that all you’re consuming per time is fresh, organic, and natural through and through.

As a result of lack of preservatives and the fact that the nutritious shake is natural, Ambronite does not have a great deal of potential during survival situations where an individual will need a large number of food packets that will last for an extended period without requiring refrigeration.

Refrigerating Ambronite will not help the meal replacement product to last longer than envisaged; besides, the Company has stated that this product does not need refrigeration.

This is perhaps the reason why the Ambronite Company urges both new and existing consumers to purchase ten packets of the meal replacement product on a monthly subscription basis. Keeping too much of this organic, drinkable-super meal, therefore, is not a good idea as the meal replacement product may go bad if it is unused for an extended period.

In the past, lovers of this healthy meal replacement drink have tried to extend its shelf life by refrigerating the product or storing it in a freezer. They were sorely disappointed as the moisture-rich environment caused the meal replacement product to break down even faster than it ought to. If the product had been stored in a cool and dry place, it would have fared better.

Ambronite: Price

Ambronite comes at a hefty price tag when compared with other nutritious meal replacement shakes in the market today. However, the parent company keeps a brazen facade over the price.

When the Ambronite Company was questioned about the high price tag of their flagship super meal product, they pointed out that the high costs of obtaining the high-quality ingredients used in making the product were primarily responsible for the hefty price tag.

The Ambronite Company also pointed out that it was forced to pay an excessive amount of money just to import some of the ingredients – especially the sea buckthorn berries which grow luxuriantly in Asia only – that was used in the production of this healthy meal replacement powder.

So, you should not be surprised to find out that you may expect to pay up to $8 for one packet of Ambronite organic powder if you order separately. A package of ten Ambronite meal replacement shakes costs around $55.

The Ambronite Company states that this amount of money can be spent on fast foods on a typical day and that the fast foods usually have low-quality ingredients and adds negligible nutrients to your body.

Buying all the ingredients in Ambronite will not only be challenging but quite expensive. However, just a few people can afford a significant quantity of the meal replacement shakes or order in bulk to qualify for discounts. All in all, quality costs more, and you will always get what you pay for. 

Ambronite: Does it work?

One of the first questions that will cross your mind as you take in the price tag of this healthy meal nutrition shake is: does it work? Nothing can compare with having a full stomach after eating a proper meal, so how can you remain full after drinking a full glass of a drinkable organic super meal?

You’re right to ask these questions; it shows that you’re wary of the type of foods or protein shakes that go into your body.

But you see, Ambronite has a significant amount of protein and fiber in it. The parent company confidently state that when you drink Ambronite, it will keep pangs of hunger at bay for a minimum of five hours.

Customers who have had the pleasure and opportunity to use this organic and drinkable-super meal product have dropped a lot of positive reviews that appear to back up this bold claim by the Ambronite Company.

Nevertheless, there are no proven long-term clinical studies or research carried out to validate the health benefits one can obtain from this nutritious meal-replacement shake. The only way to determine the beneficial gains from drinking Ambronite is by carrying out in-depth research on each of the vegetables, fruits, herbal products, and nuts that form the components of this organic and drinkable super meal.

For an undisclosed reason, the Ambronite Company has refused to provide relevant information about the benefits of each of the components used in producing their flagship product. However, their official website states the reasons for including these ingredients in the protein shake.

For instance, you will come across information on why the Company added mineral-rich salt to the meal replacement product, and that is to ensure that the consumer gets adequate iodine in their diet. This is an essential component that is essential for a healthy thyroid.

Nettle leaves, on the other hand, are home to a significant amount of Vitamin C; so they help in boosting your immune system as well as purify your blood to prevent the occurrence of sicknesses.

Ambronite: The Side Effects of Drinking this Meal Replacement Product

On the whole, there are no identified or acknowledged side effects initiated by drinking Ambronite. You may, however, notice that your urine’s color has changed as well as the smell. The sea buckthorn berries are responsible for such occurrences in the human body.

Some vegetables like asparagus, when eaten, can also turn the color of your urine to a darker shade and produce a nastier smell. It is vital that you know this since people who suddenly notice a change in the color and smell of their urine as a result of drinking Ambronite may panic and stop drinking the meal replacement product altogether, thinking it could make them fall in.

Ambronite also has a significant amount of algae – known as chlorella – in it. When consumed on a daily basis, the chlorella acts as a detoxifier and purifies your system extensively.

The chances that you may experience a condition known as Herxheimer’s reaction – which brings about symptoms such as frequent urination, weakness, upset stomach, and diarrhea – are high. It is also possible for you to exhibit flu-like symptoms as well.

In most cases, Herxheimer’s reaction lasts for a relatively short period, i.e., up to two weeks. After this bodily response to the meal replacement shake, users have reported that they had much more energy than they did before taking the nutritious drink.

But there are other issues to bear in mind when drinking Ambronite. The detoxifying effect of chlorella has been proven to interfere with some medications. This could be as a result of the way by which it increases your body’s waste removal process. When you have medication in your bloodstream, and you drink Ambronite, the medication may not last as long as it ought to.

So, you should be careful anytime you want to drink this drinkable-super meal. The best way to avoid complications in your system is to inform your physician and let them know that you’re going to take Ambronite – or its alternatives. The nettle leaves in this organic and healthy meal replacement shake also contribute to detoxifying the human body and could, therefore, have adverse effects on any medication you use within that period.

Once again, inform your doctor before drinking Ambronite.

Ambronite: Benefits

#1: Detoxification

Ambronite contains chlorella, as mentioned earlier, and therefore, users can enjoy the benefits of detoxification. The organic meal replacement drink can also be included in any detoxification program you plan to run or for people with severe health problems as a result of excess heavy metals and toxic chemicals in their body.

#2: Weight loss

A few individuals have been able to include Ambronite as part of an Ambronite weight loss plan. Since the meal replacement shake contains only 160 calories, Ambronite plays a significant role in the weight loss program.

So, for instance, if you replace one of your daily meals with Ambronite every day, you will begin to notice a substantial reduction in the number of calories you consume without losing any of the essential nutrients your body will thank you for.

#3: Lower cholesterol

Most of the ingredients found in Ambronite contribute to the reduction of inflammation and high cholesterol levels in the human body. The product is vegan-friendly, so you should not worry about it causing any untold damage to your heart or other vital organs in your body.

It is a safe product that people with diabetes can use. But they must receive express approval from their physicians before drinking the nutritious protein shake.

#4: Boost energy levels

When you drink Ambronite, your body is infused with all the essential minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate, and protein it needs to function optimally. Each of these nutrients is obtained from high-quality, organic food sources. You will, as a result, experience a boost in your energy levels and carry out tasks with gusto without getting tired out.

Ambronite: Final Thoughts

From all indications and the points listed thus far in this write-up, Ambronite is a meal replacement powder that is safe to use. Children and senior citizens can drink this nutritious shake safely, thereby getting the required daily amount of nutrients in their system.

The herbal content in this meal replacement shake powder may, however, restrict nursing or pregnant women from drinking the product. It also increases urination, so people with bladder problems and kidney disease should stay away from the product.

The major problem that most people have with Ambronite is its price tag, which is on the hefty side of life.

This brings us to the next section; alternatives to Ambronite. There are a few alternative meal replacement shakes that you can take advantage of if the cost of purchasing Ambronite is too steep for you.

These Ambronite alternatives offer similar benefits and nutrients without the high price tag that come with Ambronite.

Top 5 Ambronite Alternatives

Let us take a look at 5 of these powerful and highly nutritious meal replacement shake

#1: Soylent

Soylent is for people who miss their breakfasts on a regular basis or are forced to reheat lunch as a result of their busy schedules.

It is one of the best meal replacement shakes out there and contains up to 20 grams of protein – of the plant-based variety – and over 26 essential minerals and vitamins.

Soylent was created to replace any meal while providing essential nutrients that the human body can use at any time. It is available in different varieties of shakes and flavors.

Soylent: Nutrition facts

Two scoops of the Soylent Meal Replacement Shake deliver up to 400 calories – i.e. 39 grams of carbohydrates (15 grams of sugar and 5 gram of soluble fiber), 20 grams of fat (3.5 grams polyunsaturated, 1.5 grams saturated, 14 grams of monounsaturated fat), and 20 grams of protein. It contains no trans fat.

It also provides some micronutrients such as 14% of sodium, a host of vitamins and minerals along with chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Soylent: Benefits

Soylent is remarkably nutritious, and most of its components are plant-based. A majority of meal replacement shakes out there are low in potassium, fat, Vitamin K, chromium, etc. Soylent covers all these lapses and has these ingredients embedded in it.

Soylent: Price

A tub of Soylent –which weighs about 2.3 lbs and can cover up to 12 meals of 2 scoops each – for between $32 and $38. That’s about $2.80 per serving. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

However, if you subscribe to a monthly delivery or shipment of Soylent, you may enjoy a significant discount on the prices. But you may have to purchase up to 35 meals at a time to qualify for discounts

Soylent Original Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake
$47.99 ($0.29 / Fl Oz)
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Soylent: Pros

  • Saves a lot of time as there is no need to buy individual ingredients, thus allowing users to prepare multiple meals within a few minutes.
  • Contains all essential nutrients
  • Saves a lot of money as consumers can get more than a single day’s worth of meals per tub

Soylent: Cons

  • It doesn’t have everything the human body needs
  • It is carb heavy and may be unsuitable for people with diabetes or living on low-carb diets.
  • The product is not available outside of Canada and the United States.
  • It has a milky taste that may be slightly repulsive to many.
  • It lacks probiotics, omega-3s, and cholesterol.

Soylent: Takeaway

Soylent’s nutrition may not be complete, but it is heads and shoulders above many of the meal replacement products out there.

#2: Huel

Huel is a British company whose goal is to come up with a meal replacement product that is loaded with a supplement that is enhanced with 100% of the daily nutrients as stipulated by the European Food Safety Authority.

Huel: Nutrition Facts

One serving of Huel is 3 scoops – which has up to 500 calories, 16 grams of fat (no cholesterol, 3 grams of saturated fat), 47 grams of carbohydrates (1 gram of sugar, 9 grams of fiber), and 37 grams of protein – and that is equal to one cup of powder.

Huel also has a rich dose of vitamins and minerals – i.e. 28 minerals and vitamins – anything from Vitamin A to zinc and sodium. In addition to this avalanche of nutrients, you will still get other essential nutrients such as magnesium (40%), Vitamin C (80%), selenium (70%), and a host of others.

There are 3.6 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per serving as well as 4.1 grams of omega-6 and 1.4 grams of medium-chain triglycerides.

Huel: Ingredients

Huel has other components – besides the mineral and vitamin blends – such as:

  • • Brown rice protein
  • • Oats
  • • Pea protein
  • • Sunflower oil powder
  • • Flaxseed
  • • Medium chain triglycerides (obtained from coconut)
  • • Stevia
  • • Artificial vanilla flavoring
  • • Sucralose
  • • Acacia, guar, and xanthan (three kinds of gum)

These ingredients are vegan, and Huel is also available in gluten-free and unflavored versions.

Huel: Benefits

Huel has a rich dose of calories, fat, protein, etc. and each one can be obtained in snack-sized portions.

It is also predominantly vegan and is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, both from plant-based sources as well as from fish and other animals.

You can enjoy all the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids along with those from other nutrients. The only downside is that Huel also has some artificial sweeteners and this may be a huge turn-off for some people.

Gums can also bring about digestive distress, though they are available in tiny portions.

Huel: Price

This is another downside that this product has: you have no choice than to order two, 3.9-pound bags at a time. Both bags of Huel costs around $66, and you can get up to 28 servings all in all. It is inexpensive at $2.35 per serving. 

Huel (Gluten Free) Unflavored Nutritionally Powder
$93.98 ($0.76 / Ounce)
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Huel: Pros

  • No Soy
  • Rich in natural minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins
  • Less sugar
  • The flavor can be purchased independently
  • Less fat

Huel: Cons

  • Users must buy two bags at a go

Huel: Taste

Huel comes in multiple flavors. Most people tend to go for the vanilla-flavored option of Huel. It also has a nutty taste that is not as strong as other vegan shakes.

The Chocolate Flavor Boost is also lovely and costs about $9 per 75 servings. It contains cocoa as well as other natural and artificial flavors.

Huel: Takeaway

Huel provides a lot of nutrients along with essential omega-3 fatty acids that the human body needs to perform optimally. The taste of this meal replacement superfood is enjoyable. But if you don’t like artificial sweeteners and flavors, Huel may not be for you.

#3: Ample

According to the official website, Ample was created to do three things:

  • Improve gut health
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Reduce insulin spikes

Ample is a meal replacement superfood that is made from whole foods. There is a vegan version as well as a Ketogenic version and comes loaded with great nutrients as well.

Ample: Nutrition

Ample is available in two sizes: 400-calorie and 600-calorie bottles. The latter contains 33 grams of fat (16 grams saturated fat), 38 grams of protein, and 38 grams of carbohydrates (6 grams of sugar, 14 grams of fiber). Ample contains no cholesterol.

Ample comes with negligible amounts of minerals and vitamins; there’s 4 percent of your recommended daily intake of calcium, 2 percent of your Vitamins A and C, and 15 percent of your iron. Well, iron packs a punch in this superfood, but the entire set of nutrients in this meal replacement superfood is somewhat surprising.

Ample: Ingredients

Here are the ingredients found in the Version 3.1 Ample superfood:

  • Carbohydrates – Tapioca dextrin, chicory root fiber, sweet potato powder, organic psyllium husk, acacia fiber
  • Veggies and Fruits – Organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic chlorella, green banana powder
  • Protein – Pea protein, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen protein, grass-fed whey concentrate
  • Probiotics – Forty billion CFUs from six different strains: Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus Oagulans, Bifidobacterium Infantis
  • Flavorings – Cocoa powder, stevia extract, lemon juice powder, sea salt, dried honey, monk fruit extract, natural flavor, cinnamon
  • Fats – Omega- 3 chia extract, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil
  • Sunflower lecithin

Ample: Benefits

Ample is loaded with more than enough fat, protein, and fiber that will leave you feeling full for a long time, thereby eliminating insulin spikes. This superfood also comes with enough probiotics which enhance the digestive angle.

Ample: Price

One six-pack of the 600-calorie bottle of B079RMD45C comes at about $7.50 or $8.50 per bottle. The 12-pack option comes at a different price, though you can get the 60-pack variety at $6 or $7. These prices are subject to change. 

Ample - Meal Replacement Shake
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Ample: Taste

The flavor is all natural and contains no additives whatsoever.

Ample: Pros

  • Provides antioxidants
  • No artificial components
  • Excellent balance of protein, fiber, carbs, and fat
  • Contains probiotics for enhancing digestive health.

Ample: Cons

  • Pricey
  • Lacks omega-3 fatty acids
  • Not an excellent source of essential nutrients

Ample: Takeaway

The substantial amount of calories and other natural ingredients in this superfood makes it ideal for anyone looking for a nice meal replacement option.

#4: Keto Fuel

keto fuel

This is another dietary supplement designed for people looking to meet their nutritional goals without experiencing “keto flu” which is a host of symptoms that appear when the human body is about to slip into ketosis.

This dietary option exists for one reason: to supplement the Ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is an eating program that focuses on eating low carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins.

What Keto Fuel delivers to the Human Body

Keto Fuel provides essential ingredients and electrolytes which help to minimize the symptoms of keto flu.

Side effects of the keto flu include:

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

Keto flu may arise when your body starts slipping into ketosis when it assumes you’re about to go into starvation mode.

Keto Fuel: Ingredients

  • Magnesium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate
  • Medium chain triglyceride powder
  • Calcium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate
  • Silica
  • Stevia

Keto Fuel: Nutrition Facts

Keto Fuel shakes can enhance blood ketone levels significantly. A single serving of Keto Fuel contains:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Fat
  • Calories
  • Medium chain triglycerides
  • Calcium

You won’t find any significant quantity of carbohydrates and protein in Keto Fuel shakes. It was done intentionally to encourage ketosis in the human body.

Keto Fuel: What it does

Keto Fuel provides the human body with what is known as exogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones cannot be generated within the human body.

Keto Fuel also delivers fat to users so that they can meet their macronutrient requirement for the day.

Keto Fuel may not be considered as a meal replacement superfood; it plays the part by supplying the human body with essential minerals and vitamins that support a keto diet.

Keto Fuel: Benefits

There are a lot of studies that authenticate the benefits of a keto diet as well as the effectiveness of Keto Fuel in the human body.

The benefits of Keto Fuel include:

  • Electrolytes which help in replenishing the human body
  • Contain healthy fats
  • Prevents symptoms of keto flu
  • Provides ketones (exogenous)

Keto Fuel: Pros

  • Has product lines for specific needs
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for people looking to experiment with the keto diet

Keto Fuel: Cons

  • Requires initial prep work
  • Extra cost involved as more ingredients are necessary to make a complete super meal
  • May cause dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, and fatigue
  • Limited availability
  • Monthly cost

#5: Ensure Original Nutrition Powder

This is a liquid meal replacement superfood with a solid reputation behind it. It is mostly used in medical facilities or hospitals where patients find it difficult to meet their micronutrient and calorie requirements.

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Nutrition

One scoop contains 250 calories: 9 gram of fat (1.5 grams of saturated fat), 34 grams of carbohydrates (13 grams of sugar, no fiber), and 9 grams of protein. That’s 11 percent carbs, 18 percent of your recommended daily intake of protein, and 14 percent RDI fat. This is on the macros level.

On the micronutrients level, Ensure has 26 minerals and vitamins – from every B-vitamin to zinc – with a higher percentage of Vitamins C and D, i.e. 60 percent of RDI. This super meal also has some chloride and magnesium (about 9 percent), but the micronutrients more than compensates for them.

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Ingredients

The ingredients are mostly minerals and vitamins. The main ingredients, however, are:

  • Corn oil
  • Corn syrup
  • Artificial flavor
  • Sodium and calcium caseinates
  • Corn Maltodextrin
  • Sugar

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Benefits

Ensure has low amounts of protein in it, so it doesn’t provide the required amount of protein need for people with fitness goals.

The Ensure Original Nutrition Powder is originally designed for people to meet their recommended daily intake of both micro and macronutrients. So, if you’re athlete looking to enjoy this meal replacement shake, you may be disappointed.

Ensure does not have any probiotics and fiber. The lack of the former implies that this super meal offers nothing in terms of digestive health. However, the list of micronutrients on this super meal is impressive and one of the best ensemble on the market today.

You will enjoy and benefit from the vast array of essential nutrients in this liquid meal replacement shake.

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Price

A 14-ounce tin of Ensure goes for between $9 and $10 which covers 7 servings. That’s about $1.30 which is reasonable when compared to the prices of other meal replacement superfoods out there.

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder
$79.99 ($1.90 / Ounce)
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Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Taste

The vanilla flavor tastes mild when mixed with water, much like soy protein with a tinge of vanilla. The super meal powder also mixes incredibly well.

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder: Takeaway

If you’re looking for a means to obtain your recommended daily intake of micronutrients and macronutrients, then Ensure Original Nutrition Powder is the perfect option for you. But this super meal is not for you if you’re looking a meal replacement shake with excellent fiber and protein content.


These Ambronite alternatives offer different sets of ingredients and benefits that bear a close resemblance to the components used in Ambronite. Whichever one you go with will supply the necessary essential nutrients you need. However, Ambronite still holds all the aces in more ways than one. It may be worth shelling out the extra bucks to get the best in this case. Remember that these meal replacements are supplements and should never completely replace your meals entirely.

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