Leanbean Review: Does This “Female Fat Burner” Work?

In this Leanbean review, I will take you through both the ins and outs of this premium fat burner made especially for women.

Lately, everyone seems to talk about it so I got curious and did my research to find out more about it. Now, I want to share these details with you so that you will be able to make a more informed buying decision.

So, if you want to transform your body, you should continue reading this article in order to find out how much this supplement costs, its benefits and possible drawbacks as well as its ingredient profile.

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First: What Is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a female fat burner and a metabolism booster. It provides the power of three different supplements combined into one single fat burning pill. This is a well-known and premium appetite suppressant which was specially created for women. It contains more than ten active ingredients that support weight loss. Due to elements such as green tea and cayenne pepper, you will be able to melt away fat deposits.

Leanbean has a natural formula and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Therefore, it is consumed by a wide range of people like athletes, surfers, fitness models, and others. This is not a medicine or prescription pill so it can be used even when you’re competing in a race or in a sports competition.

A Few Words about the Company

Leanbean is manufactured by Ultimate Life. The company creates this product in both UK and the USA and they ship it all over the world. I’m talking about a family-owned business that was launched in 2015. They are specialized in creating and distributing sports supplements. Although it is a relatively new company in the supplement industry, Ultimate Life Limited has gained a lot of popularity due to their main product.

According to the company’s representatives, all their products are approved by the FDA and certified by GMP which means they apply good manufacturing practices. Their primary supplement, Leanbean, is a fat-blasting pill that was developed in collaboration with wellness and fitness experts through verifiable sources.

Leanbean Ingredient Profile

All Leanbean’s ingredients were studied and tested in scientific laboratories. The research was carried out in the United States as well as many other countries around the globe. It is a legit product which contains minerals and antioxidants such as black pepper, chromium, and acai. Leanbean’s manufacturer avoids using harmful ingredients like synthetics, chemicals, and others.

When it comes to Leanbean, its level of effectiveness is achieved with both the dosages and combination of the right ingredients.

a. Vitamin B6

This vitamin speeds up one’s metabolism which leads to a boosted calorie burn. Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that lowers fat stores by breaking these cells down. It is an essential element for the body because it aids your liver in the process of removing excess fat from your organism.

b. Vitamin B12

This nutrient is well-known when it comes to eliminating body fat. There is even scientific evidence that B12 breaks down fat cells while also increasing one’s energy level. All these together lead to fat loss because they make your body burn more calories.

c. Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee is made from raw coffee beans before the roasting process. Caffeine is known to increase your body’s energy level and boost metabolism. Raw coffee contains an element, called Chlorogenic Acid, which is believed to restrict the total amount of fat your body absorbs during a meal.

d. Chromium

If you want to burn fat and boost lean muscle mass growth, this trace mineral is essential and it must be included in your daily diet. Chromium will enable your organism to maintain a high level of energy, especially during periods of intense workouts or calorie-controlled diet (calorie restriction). Moreover, it curbs cravings so you will not feel the need to eat as many carbs and sugary products as you do now.

e. Green Tea Extract

There are two main important ingredients in green tea extract: ECGG and Catechins. Both of them can boost your metabolic rate through a specialized process, called thermogenesis. Specialists think that the effects of green tea continue to appear even when your body is resting.

f. Acai Berry

Acai berry helps you lose weight and burn fat. It is true that there aren’t many studies to prove this belief. However, what I know for sure is that these fruits contain a lot of dietary fiber which prolongs the sensation of satiety and lowers the feeling of hunger between meals.

g. Turmeric

This ingredient has been used as a traditional remedy for years and it is said to alleviate a wide range of symptoms. Recently, it has been proven that turmeric provides fat-blasting effects. It contains an active ingredient, Curcumin, which increases your organism’s temperature. This further leads to a boosted fat loss. Moreover, turmeric can also lower cells inflammation.

h. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia has powerful fat-burning properties. Its Hydroxycitric Acid content fires up your organism’s metabolic rate. Furthermore, Garcinia Cambogia increases satiety levels after a meal by suppressing your appetite.

i. Black Pepper

This ingredient is the second most powerful type of pepper when it comes to fat burning and weight loss, after the Cayenne pepper. It contains Piperine which is an active substance that enables the process of thermogenesis. Black pepper can even prevent fat storages from appearing, making it a lot simpler for your body to use fat as an energy fuel.

j. Cayenne Powder

Cayenne pepper is derived from a specific hot chili pepper category. This powder also contains an active ingredient which goes by the name of Capsaicin. It increases body temperature and helps you burn fat a lot easier and quicker. Cayenne powder is, in fact, a powerful appetite suppressant. If you consume this substance, you can expect to sweat more during intense workouts.

k. Glucomannan

This is a top ingredient that contains plenty of fiber which prevents you from overeating. Glucomannan swells inside your stomach. I’m aware it might sound strange to you but this element is actually filling your stomach’s entire empty space which helps you feel satiated for a longer time.

l. Raspberry Ketones

Although these elements don’t provide the same thermogenic fat burning effect as Cayenne powder, they may be effective in aiding your body in its attempt to break down already stored fat cells. On the other hand, raspberry ketones work best when combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

How Does Leanbean Work?

Let’s get down to business! When you look at the big picture, men try to build muscle mass in order to get ripped while women want to achieve an attractive physique that resembles the one Victoria Secret models have. Leanbean works amazingly well for women. It is made of natural fat burners that help us, girls, look smoking hot in our new lingerie.

This supplement contains extracts sourced from turmeric, Garcinia Cambogia, raspberry ketones, and others. So, how does Leanbean work?

  • Builds a tighter figure by lowering the body’s overall fat percentage;
  • Contains fat burners that target fat storing forms of estrogen;
  • Helps you eat less and stay fuller for a longer period while also curbing your cravings;
  • Keeps your body strong and energized during intense workouts, even when you consume fewer calories.
  • Due to all these aspects mentioned above, Leanbean makes the process of weight loss a lot simpler and easier. It helps you stick to your calorie-restricted diet and maintain yourself on the right path.


Leanbean is a powerful and effective appetite suppressant which helps women lose weight and maintain a slim figure. Moreover, it will boost your metabolic rate without the use and side effects of caffeine consumption. This product comes with a natural formula that controls your body’s Erastidiol levels which is known as the fat hormone.

Leanbean will make you feel more energized throughout the day without causing any effects on your heart rate. It has received excellent customer reviews and users have experienced amazing results. Those of you who are following a vegan or vegetarian diet can easily and safely consume this fat burner.

Finally, another main benefit that is also a competitive advantage is the company’s money-back guarantee. In other words, if you’re not satisfied with how the product works, you can return it within a 90-day time frame and you will receive all your money back.

Pros and Cons of Leanbean


  • It is made from high-quality and natural ingredients;
  • All its ingredients are active ones and they have powerful fat-burning properties;
  • This product helps you achieve a leaner physique and a stronger body;
  • It acts as an appetite suppressant so that you will not cheat on your progress anymore;
  • Boosts your energy levels so you will be able to train or perform different types of exercises even if you consume a lower number of calories;
  • It was specially created to meet women’s needs;
  • Promotes healthy levels of estrogen;
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee;
  • It can be delivered all over the world;
  • The label is very transparent and it states each ingredient’s dosage in a clear and honest way;
  • It is free of harmful chemicals and other synthetic ingredients;
  • Leanbean regulates cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels;
  • It is suitable for both vegan and vegetarian consumers.


  • This is a premium product so it is quite expensive;
  • You can only buy it online, on the company’s official website;
  • As a client, you must purchase this fat burner for at least three consecutive months, before benefiting from the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee;
  • According to some people, the raspberry ketone research is pretty inconclusive.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

The only place where you can find and buy this product is on the brand’s official website.

If you decide to take advantage of the company’s best deals, you will benefit from several different bonuses and promotions. For example, if you purchase the Bikini Body Bundle, you will get a couple of gifts. This package costs a little over $150 and contains three Leanbean bottles, one free Leanbean container, a free workout guide in the form of an e-book, and free worldwide shipping.

Another alternative is to go for the two-month supply package which comes with two bottles of Leanbean and free delivery in both the US and UK. This option costs around $97. If you have never consumed this product before and you just want to give it a try, I recommend that you first buy the one-month supply package which is sold for approximately $48 but this choice offers only one bottle of Leanbean and the shipping is not free.

Drawbacks and Possible Side Effects

Due to the fact that Leanbean is made from natural ingredients, there are no side effects linked to this product. The manufacturer’s approach was a clever one. They left out all the stimulants that one can find in many other similar supplements. The reason behind this decision is simple: stimulants can cause unpredictable effects so it is better to avoid any potential issues, whatsoever.

However, if you are not careful with how much of these pills you take each day, you might deal with certain problems like jitters. This usually happens when consumers get reckless and take a higher dose than the recommended one.

How to Properly Consume This Product

If you want to obtain quick results without having to deal with unpleasant side effects, you must stick to a daily dose of four pills. Moreover, each pill must be taken separately. So, make sure your body has completely used all the substances of the previous pill before taking another one.

You can consume the Leanbean supplement during your meals or build your own personalized schedule developed around your fitness routines. No matter what you do, be careful not to exceed the recommended dose of four capsules per day because this is more than enough to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Bottom Line – Is Leanbean Truly Effective?

As with any supplement, this is a difficult question to answer definitively.

According to most of Leanbean’s clients, this fat burner for women helps you achieve a flatter stomach, an energy boost, extra motivation, and a stronger body. In short, in contrast to most fat loss supplements, LeanBean has a lot of happy customers.

Furthermore, the fat burning ingredients are (mostly) based on proven medical evidence. Some of the ingredients may be more on the “it might be helpful side, but there hasn’t been enough testing”. Still, there’s enough “there” to make it a solid thermogenic supplement. One of the better fat burners for women that I’ve seen.

Where to Buy Leanbean Fat Burner?

It’s not available everywhere. The best place to order is via their direct site here.

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