Chef V Cleanse Review

Chef V Cleanse Review – Ingredients, Benefits and How It Works

Health buffs and athletes have started raving about the effectiveness and numerous benefits of organic Detox (detoxification) diets and cleanses. This is because these organic cleanses or diets help in the elimination of harmful toxins in the body, thereby purifying the blood and body.

How this is achieved is another ball game entirely as it appears that very few people actually know what needs to be eliminated from the body.

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What is a Detox (detoxification)?

Detox – or detoxification – diets are usually temporary dietary interventions which are specifically designed to get rid of toxins from within the body.

Detox diets may call for a short period of fasting, which is usually followed by strict diets of vegetables, fruit, fruit juices, and water. At times, a detox may also include herbs, supplements, teas, and colon cleanses.

It is believed to achieve the following:

  • Enhance circulation of blood
  • Furnishes the body with healthy nutrients
  • Allows vital organs to rest via intermittent fasting
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins through urine, feces, and sweat
  • Stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins

Every day, we’re exposed to toxic chemicals in our diet or environment. These chemicals – i.e., pollutants, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and other harmful compounds – when left unchecked, often wreak untold havoc in our bodies over time.

Detox diets claim to mitigate the effects of these toxins and also help with a variety of health problems such as:

  • Digestive issues
  • Obesity
  • Inflammation
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Bloating
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Allergies

The claims about the effects of detox diets and cleanses are not backed by enough firm research, and the few ones out there have a few drawbacks that render the results somewhat inconclusive.

how to detox

What are the common ways to detoxify your body?

There are a variety of ways to undergo a detox diet, and it ranges from juicing and total starvation fasts to uncomplicated food modifications.

However, most detox diets involve one of the following:

  • Taking herbs or supplements
  • Drinking specific liquids such as Chef V Organic Green Cleanse, lemon juice or salted water
  • Drinking smoothies, water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and tea
  • Getting rid of foods that are heavy in contaminants, allergens, heavy metals
  • Regular workouts
  • Making use of enema or colon cleanses, and laxatives
  • Complete elimination of coffee, refined sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes
  • Abstaining from allergenic foods, and then reintroducing them slowly into your diet

Do detox diets work?

Individuals who have undergone the detox diet program report that they became more energetic and focused afterward.

But then, this enhanced wellbeing may be attributed to the elimination of alcohol, processed food, as well as other unhealthy substances that are typically ingested when taking regular meals.

In addition to this, it is also possible that their bodies were infused with essential minerals and vitamins which they were previously lacking.

On the flip side, many individuals who have also carried out a detox diet reported feeling unwell during the diet.

Detox diet: which toxins are eliminated from the body?

There are no specific reports or studies that show the toxins a detox diet is meant to eliminate or how the elimination process is carried out.

As a matter of fact, there’s very little evidence that proves the effects of detox diets when it comes to removing toxins from the body.

There is practically no scientific evidence that backs up the claim that the body is loaded with harmful chemicals that must be eliminated – via cleansing – to prevent severe health conditions.

The body is a powerhouse and capable of cleansing itself thoroughly via urine, sweat, and feces. The liver works to ensure all toxic substances in the body are rendered harmless and eliminated as soon as possible.

However, despite this seamless operation, some chemicals can be difficult to eliminate from the body. These persistent contaminants include:

  • Phthalates
  • Organic pollutants
  • Heavy metals
  • BPA (bisphenol A)

These contaminants are notorious as they usually accumulate in blood or fat tissue and can take a very long time for the body to dispose of.

Benefits of Detox diet

That being said, this program is not without its benefits which are as follows:

  • Elimination of harmful substances from body fat by way of losing body fat.
  • Steering clear of processed foods
  • Limiting stress, thereby promoting adequate sleep
  • Drinking more green tea and clean water
  • Regular workouts and sweating frequently
  • Eating more nutritious, healthy, and whole foods
  • Keeping away from persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals

Chef V Organic Green Drink

Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses

If you’re interested in undergoing the detox diet program, one of the best products out there that you should utilize is the Chef V Organic Green Drink and Cleanse product.

Chef V is an Organic Green Drink-and-Cleanse Company that offers an exceptional line of Green Soups, Detoxification Drinks, Cleanses, and Teas.

The Chef V Company also delivers the products – e.g., Green Drinks, Soups, and Ultra Shakes – at your place of work or doorstep, though they are not a traditional meal delivery service. They also offer 3-, 5-, and 7-day varieties – along with their organized 21-day challenge – and you can also buy individual drinks from them.

The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses is made entirely of pure greens along with all-natural, organic and certified ingredients that are not only picked fresh but also blended immediately before shipment. The products are designed to jump-start your energy levels, metabolism, and weight loss. You’re even at liberty to keep using the Green Drink on a weekly or daily basis.

Chef V products are:

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free, i.e., does not contain any genetically modified organisms
  • Soy-free, thereby making it safe for use by people who are soy-sensitive
  • Contain zero antibiotics or pesticides
  • Have low sugar content
  • Dairy-free

Information on Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses Varieties

It was mentioned earlier in this article that Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses comes in three varieties, i.e., 3-day, 5-day, and 7-day cleanse.

Here are the expected results should you choose any of these varieties, based on your needs and budget:

#1: 3-Day Cleanse

  • Excellent choice for beginners
  • Users may lose up to 15lbs.
  • Powerful and quick

#2: 5-Day Cleanse

  • It is the most popular choice
  • Perfect detoxifier
  • Users may lose up to 20lbs.

#3: 7-Day Cleanse

  • Suitable for experienced cleansers or users
  • Users may lose up to 25lbs.
  • Produces maximum results

chef v detox

What you get when you order for the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses

The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses is a potent, detoxing trio of:

  • A purely Organic Green Juice (which is used for cleansing vital organs of harmful substances from the body)
  • A nourishing and raw whole food Protein Shake (tastes somewhat like a churro)
  • A savory Soup that is loaded with organic, local ingredients (which help in detoxifying the body).

The Chef V Organic Green Juice is composed of nutritional greens with a healthy dose of apple juice and apple. It contains a negligible amount of fruit juice – which is usually employed to sweeten a majority of green drinks out there and to make them edible, thereby diluting the health benefits of those juices out there.

The Green Drink is composed of several ingredients such as:

  • Collard greens
  • Green Kale
  • Dandelion greens
  • Black kale
  • Curly parsley
  • Green chard
  • Green leaf lettuce

Each 8-ounce serving of the Green Drink has 26 calories. You can go for the seven, 16-ounce bottles which cost $40.95 per week or go for the two, 64-ounce bottles which will be supplied on a weekly basis at $35.95.

The Chef V Protein Shakes are made of the following ingredients:

  • Sprouts of quinoa
  • Sprouted brown rice protein and sweetener
  • Sunflower seed
  • Amaranth
  • Lentil
  • Millet
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Garbanzo bean
  • Chia seed
  • Stevia
  • Flax

Each shake contains approximately 150 calories.

These Green Detox Drinks have no more than 3 grams of natural sugars compared to the regular green juice which usually contains up to 30 grams of sugar. It is sweetened with apple.

Besides detoxifying the body, the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses can be utilized for weight loss goals. The 3-day cleanse costs $229, the 5-day cleanse goes for $369 while the 7-day cleanse costs $499.

The 21-day challenge which is a program that is put in place by the Chef V Company includes one-, two- or three-day cleanse that will enable you to change your eating habits. You will also take delivery of a free recipe book that will provide relevant information about healthy meals on the days you’re not supposed to eat the foods on the cleanse.

The primary goal of the 21-day challenge is two-pronged: to help you cut down your cravings as well as lose excess weight in the process. This challenge will cost you any amount from $500 to $879, though these depend on the duration of the program.

chef v what you get

When the insulated bags containing the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses (i.e., 3-day cleanse) arrives your doorstep, you will find the following:

  • 8 Organic Green Juice Drinks

These are not juices in the real sense of the word since they contain whole foods. This means that each Organic Green Drink bottle has some fiber as well as extra nutrients which make it yummy and enjoyable.

The Organic Green Juice Drinks are sweetened to some extent with apple, but in negligible amounts (low sugar, 3 grams/serving) to satisfy your taste buds. They have that typical green flavor, though the taste is not all that grass-like.

It has a mild and refreshing flavor. You may also notice some fiber fragments that settle at the bottom of each bottle; therefore, it is a good idea to give the bottles a good shake before use!

The Organic Green Drinks help to purify your vital organs and rid them of harmful substances without making you experience the untold discomfort that is commonly felt when other forms of juice cleanse are used. Chef V cold-blends the Organic Green Drinks to preserve the density of the nutrients.

  • 4 Organic Detox Tea Bags

This antioxidant-rich, decaffeinated weight loss green tea is loaded with detox herbs such as licorice root (an adaptogenic herb), chamomile, hibiscus, dandelion root, and several highly effective, natural Chinese herbs that are known for hormone balancing. This decaf green tea is enjoyable (a cup in the morning and another one before you turn in for the night) and if you’re a tea drinker, you will enjoy the benefits of this detox tea. It does not contain caffeine and is, therefore, the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to the stimulant.

  • 2 Containers of Organic Detox Soup

This soup is incredibly flavorful and comes with heavy notes of spices and lemongrass in a carrot and sweet potato base, all of which are geared towards flushing your vital organs thereby leaving you satisfied. It is not watery in any sense and can be taken cold or warm. The Organic Detox Soup is also extremely satiating, tastes great, and is very nourishing, thanks to the presence of ginger and turmeric, a few of the most therapeutic nutrients on earth.

Ingredients used in the Organic Detox Soup include:

  1. Sweet potato
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Leek
  5. Garlic
  6. Onion
  7. Ginger
  8. Turmeric
  9. Sea salt
  10. Curry powder
  11. Zucchini
  12. Carrot
  13. Filtered water

Each of these ingredients is certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). One full container has less than 300 calories but is loaded with excellent natural ingredients.

The soup – which may come as Sweet Potato Curry Soup, Ginger Carrot Soup, and No Bone Broth – are vegan-friendly.

  • 4 Organic Vanilla Pea Protein Packets

They contain little amounts of sugar – about 1 gram – and share similar tastes with the protein powder (which has a Garden of Life plant base). The subtle vanilla flavor is tasty when mixed in water and there is no doubt that you will enjoy these high-protein shakes, especially since it is easy to digest and absorb into your body.

This whole food protein shake contains all the nine essential amino acids and is very delicious.

  •  A BPA Free Shaker

The BPA-free shaker is a bonus and this goes to show how concerned the parent company of these innovative products is about the health of its numerous customers and also proves that they do not take chances. It is the perfect tool for mixing up your protein shakes.

Among those you will also receive:

  • Chef V Newsletter – The Chef V Newsletter contains information about recipes along with any recent updates.
  • Instructions – This is an infallible guide that shows you what to do, when to do, etc. when the time comes for you to start the cleanse program.
  • Insulated Zipper Bag – This insulated and reusable Zipper Bag looks somewhat like a grocery store bag, but you can use it for other things other than storing your Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses.

It comes in useful when you need to keep the juice drinks with you in the vehicle and will remain secure all day.

The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses are delivered in insulated bags to keep them fresh all the time. But you should also bear this in mind that the freshness of the content of that bag does not last beyond 7 days.

How Chef V works

How Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses works

You are at liberty to choose the daily Green Drink, Cleansing products or participate in the 21-Day Challenge program. Then your weekly delivery of the Green Drink is prepared on a schedule.

The Cleanses, however, are one-time options that you can arrange or plan for throughout the year. Shipping the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses to your doorstep or office is free.

Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses: Benefits

Without any doubt, the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses provides all the nutrition you need to stay satisfied all day via the shakes, green drinks, and soups.

The benefits of drinking this entire ensemble include:

  • Improvement of digestive functions in your body. This Organic Juice Cleanse also speeds up your metabolism for lasting and immediate weight loss results.
  • Total elimination of harmful substances that have built up over time in the fat cells of your body.
  • Significantly enhance the quality of your sleep, thereby allowing you to have enjoyable night rests that will also rid you of anything related to stress. You will wake up feeling very refreshed and bursting with natural energy to tackle the day’s tasks.
  • Improves the quality of both your skin and hair
  • Significantly boosts your immune system
  • Relieves stress by increasing the quality of your sleep.
  • Burns off excess fat from your body
  • Enhances your cognitive processes, thereby allowing you to think clearer and be more focused.

Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses: Pros

  • • Free shipping with at least two pick-up locations (if needed)
  • • All products are certified organic by the USDA and do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • • Gluten-free, low sugar, soy-free, lactose-free, and nut free
  • • Limited preparation for soups and shake

Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses: Cons

  • Relatively expensive
  • Cannot be medically tracked to provide your specific needs
  • Chef V is not a pre-prepared weekly meal service

Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses: Side Effects

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

blending juices

How to Carry Out a Juice Cleanse Effectively without Experiencing Cravings and Detox Symptoms

No one likes failure, but you may end up flopping your juice cleanse exercise which may leave you feeling bad or unsatisfied. This is the most common experience that many beginners had reported when they tried to use a  juice cleanse to clean out their system for the first time.

However, many individuals have gone on to start and complete the juice cleanse process successfully and even went ahead to drop raving five-star reviews.

If you want to be ranked among the elite crowd who are always successful whenever they do a juice cleanse, then these tips outlined below will be of immense help if you follow them doggedly:

#1: Go for Organic Ingredients

For juice cleanse to be a success, you need to make sure that all the ingredients in the juice are organic. If the juice contains impurities or contaminants like pesticides or preservatives, you will find it extremely difficult to detox and lose weight.

An Organic juice cleanse is the perfect option for you as they assist the liver in doing away with the toxins and other harmful substances that are responsible for your skin problems and weight gain.

#2: Fiber

A juice cleanses will not be a success if the fiber is missing from the picture. This is why blended green leafy veggies are preferable for sound health since they contain fiber. If you do not poop, you cannot detox. This is why your juice cleanses must include fiber.

Sadly, a lot of individuals who spend a lot of money on juice cleanses end up feeling very miserable and unhappy as a result of constipation. Fiber also helps you feel full for extended periods. You will experience more temptations and cravings for junk food if you go without fiber. Therefore fiber is very important to the success of the juice cleanse process.

#3: Blend the Veggies Instead of Juicing Them

Do not make the mistake of opting for an organic juice cleanse that is mostly fruit juice; it is an utter waste of money and time. It is also detrimental to your overall health.

This is because the considerable amounts of fruit sugar present in the so-called juice cleanse will bring about excessive cravings for junk snacks or food as a result of erratic blood sugar levels.

As a matter of fact, a juice cleanses procedure cannot be successful if fruit juice is a part of the ensemble. There should be no juice at all.

What a juice cleanse should contain are green, leafy vegetables that have been blended uniformly. That is to say; it should be an Organic Green Drink that comes with a lot of nutritious and detoxifying veggies. Blended veggies can taste great by adding fruit to the mixture.


#4: Protein

Most organic juice cleanses – along with ordinary juice cleanses – do not contain enough protein. Going without any protein, even for just three days, can have significant impacts on your body as your muscles will start wasting away.

Over time your nails will feel brittle, and your hair will also start feeling like straw when touched. Veggies and fruits do not contain any significant amounts of protein that is enough to support the lean muscles in your body.

This is one of the reasons why you need an organic juice to cleanse that has sufficient protein to meet your body’s requirements. Just enough protein to boost up your metabolism is adequate for your body’s needs.

#5: Pre and Post Cleanse Guidance

It is highly crucial for you to know what you should eat and the types of foods you should avoid if you want to have a stellar organic juice cleanse experience. You should have this information before you commence the program and afterward as well.

Many people have made the mistake of eating bacon cheeseburgers with fries right after a juice cleanse. This may be shocking, but entirely true. But nobody can blame them since they were not adequately informed about the do’s and don’ts before and after a juice cleanse program.

When you follow the tips above to the letter, it will help you to have a successful organic juice cleanse program without experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned earlier in this write-up.


The majority of the organic juice cleanse programs out there do not provide sustainable results. The primary reason for this anomaly is the fact that they are not satisfying enough. If you keep drinking juice – without taking anything else, even if the juice is organic – there is a likelihood that your body is not receiving those essential nutrients it needs for optimal performance, and will, therefore, leave you unsatisfied at the end of the day.

When this occurs, you will be subject to major bingeing and cravings, especially after the detox program is over.

This is the reason why Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses is the best out there, and hands down beats its competitors in these areas. The Organic Shakes, Green Drinks, and Soups provide all the essential nutrients your body needs to function well and stay satiated all day long.

The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses are delivered fresh to your workplace or home along with step-by-step instructions you can follow on how to achieve success when you are braving a juice cleanse!

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