Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire Review: Let’s Discuss Benefits

I’ve always been intrigued by keto supplements, but Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire was the first one I tried.

Experimenting with different ways of eating (I have tried so many over the past decade or more, looking to improve my mental and physical health and, occasionally, drop a few pounds) is always fun and exciting to me, and I’ve tried keto, too.

However, I was always nervous about taking the capsules meant to put you in ketosis. I’d always thought they’d make my heart race, cause me to smell funny, or–the least of my worries outside of wasting money if the return policy wasn’t excellent–just not do anything at all.

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Bottom Line Up Front

I don’t think Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire (Caffeine Free) made a massive difference during the time I tried my bottle, but I think the potential is there. It definitely did something because I was sweating more, sleeping harder, and craving fewer sweets.

I didn’t lose a noticeable amount of weight that I could attribute to Keto Fire, and I didn’t notice improvements in focus or energy. I imagine taking it long-term could help with weight loss, but I’m not sure that I would expect drastic results.

Key Features of Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire (Caffeine Free)

Right off the bat, the bottle tells you this is for boosting your metabolism, cognition, and energy levels with exogenous ketones, MCTs, and adaptogenic herbs. 

It may also:

  • Improve athletic performance
  • Help you achieve a healthy body composition and healthy weight
  • Help you focus
  • Does not require you to be on the keto diet to work
  • The caffeine-free version can be taken for every serving, or you can purchase the one with caffeine and take that one in the morning

Pros and Cons

I actually liked Keto Fire more than I thought I would. I expected to feel nothing at all.  


  • You can still eat more carbs than the keto diet allows and still be in ketosis.
  • The capsules are easy to swallow, in my opinion. They’re not tiny, but they never bothered me the way some pills have.
  • There are capsules with and without caffeine for different people’s needs and morning vs. night. You can use them together (three in the morning and three at night) if you purchase both types.
  • They did seem to rev up my metabolism, so they seem to be doing something.
  • You can subscribe and/or buy up to six bottles at a time to save money, taking the price from $59.95 to $39.73 each.
  • These aren’t loaded with caffeine (even the caffeinated version) the way some keto and diet-related products are, which gives you more control over how you feel, whether you get jittery, and whether you get to drink your coffee in the morning (some have so much caffeine, it might not be a good idea to add a caffeinated beverage to the mix).
  • Each ingredient serves an obvious purpose, but the list isn’t excessively long. There aren’t any filler ingredients, but the list isn’t so bare bones, it’s just magnesium, calcium, and sodium. It’s a perfect balance compared to some of the competitors out there.


  • The sweating as your body adjusts!
  • The fatigue and how it affected my ability to perform workouts
  • The intense thirst and dried-out feeling my whole body had
  • You have to take six per day. You can take them at the same time. Hence, you only have to remember once, according to the Ancient Nutrition website. Still, I read that it’s better to spread keto supplements out across the day.
  • They’re expensive at $59.95 for a 30-day supply if you don’t want to subscribe (one bottle will cost you $46.71 if you subscribe, but you can save more by buying more than one bottle).

My Experience

Photo by Crystal Schwanke

First, a necessary evil: You have to take six capsules per day. Apparently, spreading them out (I took two at a time, three times per day) helps you stay in ketosis.

This is true for any ketone supplement, so I can’t blame Ancient Nutrition here. Needing to remember to take them was annoying.

The Ancient Nutrition site does say you can take three in the morning and three at night. That’s not too bad.

Side Effects I Noticed

Extreme thirst was the main thing I noticed. Now, I’m usually pretty on top of my water intake, but I felt like I couldn’t get enough while using Keto Fire.

I also had a headache most days. It could’ve been a coincidence; it could’ve been that I needed more water than usual. Going to physical therapy and doing my “workouts” there felt especially hard and I was sweating a lot more than usual. 

There were a few very brief episodes (we’re talking five minutes, max) when my body felt unusually anxious and I didn’t have a good reason to feel that way. Since I used the caffeine-free Keto Fire, I’m not sure what would’ve directly caused that.

I have noticed that when my electrolytes are off, that happens. I’m wondering if that’s what was going on here. My body seems to have its electrolytes thrown off quickly; it takes me more than a sports drink to get them back on track, too.

That’s why I think my results weren’t typical, though they do show that Keto Fire will have an effect. I expect other people would get more of the energy and focus boost that I didn’t experience–without feeling dehydrated and getting headaches.

Sleep and Energy

I slept exceptionally well, though. I’ve made getting rest a priority lately, and I still don’t remember the last time I slept so well. Before starting Keto Fire, I would wake up several times per night. While using Keto Fire, I think I’d wake up once- maybe twice- per night.

Keto Fire is supposed to improve your energy levels, but I didn’t experience that. Naps sounded delightful, and when I finally crawled into bed at night, it was bliss. I wasn’t especially exhausted while taking them, but I was far from energized. Maybe the version with caffeine would be a totally different experience. Still, I prefer to control my caffeine intake by sipping coffee and tea when I need a pick-me-up, not taking a supplement.

Was I in Ketosis?

I didn’t have keto strips to see if I was in ketosis but based on Healthline’s 10 Signs and Symptoms You’re in Ketosis, I’d say there’s a chance I was in ketosis while taking these. I had short-term fatigue and a decrease in performance. Plus, I was sweating so much more than usual, which is a sign that you are, in fact, in ketosis. I felt warmer than usual during the day and night, but especially during workouts.

I had the opposite of insomnia, though. The Healthline article mentioned insomnia as a sign that you’re in ketosis. Maybe that’s because many of them have caffeine, and this one does not. 

Ancient Nutrition’s Keto Fire was doing something in my body, but I’m not 100 percent sure what it was. Maybe it actually was helping me use fat for fuel.

Appetite and Digestion

Keto supplements sometimes stifle your appetite; that wasn’t the case for me with Keto Fire. I was on a mission to eat more for the sake of my fitness goals and had no trouble remembering to eat throughout the day. I was hungry.

The beauty of ketogenic supplements is in the fact that they are supposed to help you achieve ketosis even if you’re not adhering to the keto diet. My digestive issues weren’t anything special, but I wasn’t sticking to a strict keto diet, either. The keto diet can slow down digestion due to a lack of fiber. Instead, I relied on this supplement to give me the extra nudge into ketosis.

Did I Lose Weight?

I wish! I’d like to lose some around my middle. If I did lose anything, it wasn’t enough to notice. My clothes still fit about the same.

Keto supplements may help with weight loss by suppressing appetite. You may also find yourself moving around more if you get more energy from them. I ate just as much, if not more, than usual, but I made better choices. I’d say I had fewer cravings overall. 

So, could I lose weight by making Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire a long-term addition to my life? Probably. I feel like something was happening and I might’ve been burning more fat than usual.

If my energy levels recovered and soared high enough to get all of my planned workouts in, that would help.

I don’t really need the appetite suppression anyway (I tend to under-eat if I’m not tracking macros or following some sort of plan). Still, if I could continue to have fewer cravings, I think that would help on the weight loss front.

And, of course, if I wanted to switch to the caffeinated version and didn’t experience ill effects, the extra movement in my daily life would improve my NEAT score. Then that could contribute to weight loss over time.

Not everyone will need to be nervous about the Keto Fire with caffeine, but I already have a fast heart rate and prefer to have more control over the amount of caffeine I have, and when.


If you still have questions about Keto Fire, I don’t blame you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, they’ll clear some things up.

Question: What do Keto Fire pills do?

Answer: Keto Fire pills help you get into a fat-burning, ketosis state without necessarily adhering to a keto diet. They’re supposed to increase your energy levels, boost athletic performance, bump up your metabolism, and improve cognition. Other claims they make include healthy weight management and improved joint function.

Question: Does Keto Fire have caffeine?

Answer: One does, containing about 100mg of caffeine per serving. There’s a caffeine-free version, too.

Question: Can you take Keto Fire at night?

Answer: I wouldn’t take the one with caffeine at night, but the version without caffeine is probably okay to take. Since you have to take it throughout the day to stay in ketosis. Anyway, start in the morning, see how you feel afterward, and then decide whether it’s good to take it at night. I experienced better sleep at night, personally (caffeine-free), so I could take it at night. Not everyone’s experience will be the same.

Question: Is Keto fat burner good for weight loss?

Answer: It’s debatable. Whether they directly cause weight loss or not, the jury’s still out. However, weight loss could be a side effect from more energy (resulting in more movement) from the caffeine and/or other ingredients and suppressed appetite.

Question: Do keto pills work without a keto diet?

Answer: They’re supposed to help put you in ketosis even if you’re not following a keto diet.

Question: What are the side effects of pills?

Answer: My personal experience was quite different from the norm, but you can usually expect side effects like sweating, insomnia, fatigue (at first), increased energy (later), bad breath, heartburn, digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea, or nausea.

Alternatives to Consider

If Keto Fire sounds like a good idea, but you’re not sure it’s the one for you, here are some others to check into.

BPI Sports Keto Weight Loss Support Supplement 

BPI Sports Keto Weight Loss Support Supplement 

The BPI Sports Keto Weight Loss Support Supplement makes me nervous, but if you want a lot of caffeine to get you going, you may love this one. It has 200 mg of caffeine per serving, and you’re supposed to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You only have to take three capsules per day. The price per bottle is less, but there are only 25 servings in a bottle, not 30 like Ancient Nutrition has.

Real Ketones Lean for Life Powder Sticks

Real Ketones Lean for Life Powder Sticks

These Real Ketones Lean for Life Powder Sticks have a less robust list of ingredients than some others. Depending on your needs and preferences, that could be a pro or a con. This one’s nice because you mix it with water–no pills to swallow. These look like the least expensive option at around $22.00, but you’ll only get 10 servings for that price.

You can take it with or without food, and there’s no caffeine, so you’re free to drink your coffee or tea as you wish without overdoing it.

HVMN Ketone-IQ

HVMN Ketone-IQ

HVMN Ketone-IQ looks interesting because it has no caffeine or sugar–and it’s a liquid. Claims include “optimal blood ketone levels for four hours,” which may result in sustained energy, mental clarity, improved endurance and recovery, weight management, metabolic health, and longevity.

There are only 10 servings per bottle, so keep that in mind if you place an order. This is one of the most expensive options. You can drink it straight or put it in your coffee or other drink.

For a three-pack (which looks like it would cover about a month), you’ll spend $120.00 unless you want to subscribe ($108.00 per month). You can order a six-pack, 12-pack, or even a 24-pack, though that set of 24 will set you back about $1000.00.

Tips for Making a Decision

There are a few things I recommend asking yourself before you take the plunge and spend the money on Keto Fire:

Are you looking for a quick fix? If so, know that this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. This will need to be, at most, one tool you can use to make incremental changes over time, in conjunction with lifestyle changes. What really works is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, being in a calorie deficit, and moving your body.

Are you on the keto diet? I suspect this will work best with a keto diet, though it’s not required.

Are you just curious? If you’re interested, there’s no reason not to try it unless you’re sensitive or allergic to something in it. I recommend getting started on a day (ideally, a few days) you don’t have anything important planned. You may feel fatigued at first or have digestive discomfort, so I’d err on the side of caution. 

If you like it, are you prepared to buy it monthly or stock up? If it works well for you, you’ll probably want to keep taking it. Do you plan to stock up to save money? Will it fit in the budget long-term?

Do you want to buy the caffeine-free and caffeine versions to take one type in the morning and one type in the evening? That will play into how Keto Fire fits into the budget, how often you have to purchase, and your routine. 

keto pills


This seems like a mixed review, and I had mixed results. Still, I do recommend giving Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire a try if you’re curious about ketone supplements. This is the best blend of ingredients I’ve seen in a supplement like this.

Based on my experience, it does seem to have an effect, and it could give you the boost you need. 

My results weren’t everything I hoped they would be, but Keto Fire did do more than I expected. 

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