21 Day Fix vs T25

21 Day Fix vs T25 – Which Should You Do?

When it comes to fitness there are two types of people – those that prefer to create their own custom workout regimens and those that enjoy following a proven workout plan. Having a regimen already made for you is definitely the easiest way to go, especially for those that are new to fitness and unsure of where
to begin.

There are literally hundreds of different workout regimens to choose from, with some that focus on total body exercise while others focus on specific areas of the body, such as flattening the stomach or thinning the legs. Everyone has some part of their body they’d like to improve but these tempting “trouble spot” workouts aren’t as effective as they seem.

It is important to really workout your entire body as studies have proven that it really isn’t possible to just blast fat or tone one part of the body.

Two very popular workout regimens today are the  21 Day Fix and Focus T25, both of which have been created by Beachbody. Beachbody is one of the leading at-home workout and nutrition companies at
the moment.

They were founded in 1998 and it didn’t take long for them to become a household name. This company is reputable and their workout programs check out as the real deal. For the most part, they all have glowing reviews and will work when followed.

Bottom Line Up Front: For most people who have trouble controller their diet, the 21 Day Fix available here is the better option. However, if exercising alone is your core struggle (and diet is under control), T25 is better.

Of course, you can continue reading for the full comparison…

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How the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Works

21 day fix

Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix is easily their most popular workout regimen. Though it is marketed heavily towards women looking to get back into shape it can also be used by men. The trainer/nutritionist for this program is Autumn Calabrese, a popular celebrity trainer, and author that is a best-known for her work with Beachbody.

The 21 Day Fix is unique compared to other programs because it combines diet as well as fitness. Other plans seem to either focus on one or the other, but 21 Day Fix will get you on the right eating plan as well as guide you through workouts for the best results. This alone is one reason why so many love the 21 Day Fix.

The exercise part of this regimen is based on effective 30-minute workouts done 7 days a week. There are 6 different workouts in total, including:

  • Total Body Cardio Fix – Designed to boost heart rate and metabolism
  • Upper Fix – Focuses on chest, arms, back, abs, and shoulders
  • Lower Fix – Focuses on legs, glutes, and the rest of the lower body
  • Pilates Fix – Strengthens core, helps to develop long, lean muscles and reduce jiggle
  • Cardio Fix – All over workout to get heart rate up and speed up fat loss
  • Yoga Fix – Relaxes muscles while improving balance, all over body strength and flexibility

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If you are new to fitness and have led a fairly sedentary life then these workouts may seem like a bit too much at first, but over the three weeks, you’ll find that they become easier. There are multiple people in each training video, plus an easily visible person that does modified exercises.

You can either follow Autumn if you are fairly fit already or follow the modifier person (visible in blue shirt) for an easier workout. With that being said, even if you’re already a fairly fit person you will still get sweating and feel a burn these programs.

21 days fix

As for nutrition, the 21 Day Fix uses a container system. These containers are all different sizes and color-coded based on nutritional needs for the average adult. There are 7 containers in total, which include:

  • Green for vegetables
  • Purple for fruits
  • Red for lean proteins
  • Yellow for carbohydrates
  • Blue for healthy fats
  • Orange for seeds, nuts or dressings (comes with 2 of these)
  • Shakeology shaker cup for drinks

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The 21 Day Fix diet focuses on healthy, fresh food choices that you can make yourself. There are plenty of recipes out there and you can experiment a bit with your own recipes by following container guidelines. This diet is high in fresh veggies and protein, though it isn’t considered a low-carb diet. If you have dietary restrictions you may need to alter recipes or otherwise tweak recommendations to suit your needs.

How the Focus T25 Works


Focus T25 is fairly different than the 21 Day Fix as it focuses on workouts only. This program runs a whole 10 weeks and is made up of two cycles, Alpha and Beta.

The Alpha Cycle workout is done for the first 5 weeks, with 5 workouts per week, which includes:

  • Cardio – Intense calorie-burning workout
  • Lower Focus – Focuses on the lower body only
  • Total Body Circuit – Bodyweight-only workout that builds strength
  • Stretch – Relaxes and stretches muscles
  • Speed 1.0 – Very fast-paced workout to burn fat

After you’ve completed the Alpha Cycle for 5 weeks you move to the Beta Cycle, which is also 5 workouts per week for 5 weeks. The workouts in this cycle are more intense and include:

  • Core Cardio – Super intense cardio that will help shred muscle
  • Rip’t Circuit – Circuit training that repeats cardio, upper body, lower body, abs and more
  • Dynamic Core – Unique core strengthening routine that includes vertical and horizontal movement
  • Upper Focus – Focuses on defining and strengthening the upper body
  • Speed 2.0 – Faster workout than the 1.0 and will push you to your limits

Even though the Focus T25 regimen is for working out a bonus that is included is a Get It Done Nutrition Plan. These include easy to make 5-minute recipes to help you get started, but that is about all that is covered. There is no dedicated diet plan like the 21 Day Fix.

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The trainer for this program is Shaun T, a Beachbody trainer than many love for his intensity and motivational workouts. These workouts are designed for those that are already close to the end of their weight loss goals and are now focusing on building muscle while getting rid of the last bit of stubborn fat.

This program seems to be a bit more popular amongst men when compared to 21 Day Fix, but by no means is it not perfect for women. Shaun T includes women in his background group as well as includes a modifier in the event your body isn’t quite ready to take on full impact movements.

Which is a Better Choice?

Comparing the 21 Day Fix to Focus T25 is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are good programs and you will see results if you stick to them, but they are quite different. The 21 Day Fix is a lifestyle change as it encompasses diet as well as fitness. Focus T25 doesn’t touch on a diet, though diet is clearly an important aspect of getting in shape.

The Focus T25 workouts are 25 minutes vs 21 Day Fix 30-minute programs, but T25 offers far more intense workouts. Both workouts tackle the entire body, but T25 is slightly different because it includes interval training which studies have found is highly effective.

The 21 Day Fix is only a 3-week program which means after the 3 weeks is up there is a chance of some people falling back to old habits due to a lack of structure. Focus T25 is only a workout program but is 10 weeks long so you will be firmly into excellent training habits before you are on your own.

What it all boils down to are your individual weaknesses. If you know you really struggle with juggling diet as well as regular exercise then the 21 Day Fix is your best choice.

If you already eat fairly clean and maybe already hit the gym occasionally, then the Focus T25 is really going to impress you.

Bottom Line: for most users looking to control their diet specifically, the 21 Day Fix is a better option here.

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