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Javita Coffee Review: Does it Really Work as Advertised?

There are way too many supplements on the market, and most of them promise the same thing: to help you lose weight. For a coffee lover, a weight loss supplement in the form of instant coffee, might just sound too good to be true. Is it really possible, is there such a thing, and more importantly, does it really work?

Well, that is what we are here for, to take a deep look at the supposed effects of Javita coffee. Do you expect a simple review? Than prepare for more, for we are going in deep, and you will know everything you need to know about this supplement.

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What is Javita Coffee – Key Features

Javita coffee promises to boost metabolism and help you manage your calorie intake, while still tasting awesome. The reason that it should do this is found in its ingredients: Coffee, Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. It’s sold in the form of instant coffee, which can be dissolved in water, but also in any kind of liquid, so you can drink it warm or cold, with soy or almond milk, or in any other way you may like.

The packets are small, and they can certainly be carried around in a purse. It costs about 60$ for 48 sticks. This is about double the price of a normal coffee (coffee that doesn’t do anything else). Nevertheless, if you were to buy all its ingredients separately, you would spend the same amount of money, so the price seems fair (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

Javita coffee is manufactured in the US, this might not look like a big deal, but knowing that it respects certain safety regulations is a relief. For it to work as desired, the manufactures says that you should drink it on a daily basis, depending on your needs. There are no “perfect” doses. You can start with ½ stick of coffee, and you can drink up to 3 sticks per day, if there are no side effects.

Javita Coffee Key Ingredients

Now, that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at what it does and how it works. In order to do this efficiently, we should observe each ingredient separately.

The main ingredient in Javita coffee is… coffee. Coffee itself helps increase metabolism, it provides an important amount of antioxidants, and it also improves digestion. A study, conducted by the Harvard University, showed that coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes, which is strongly linked to obesity.

However, this is not news, and there are plenty of other coffee brands out there, most of which are much cheaper than this one. Then, let’s examine the other ingredients, so that you can decide if it’s worth your time and money.

The second important ingredient in Javita coffee is Garcinia Cambogia, a tropical fruit that looks like a small pumpkin. Nowadays, there are so many fruits that are said to promote weight loss, that almost every weight loss supplement must contain one. At some point, you’ve probably thought: “Seriously, another miracle fruit?!” So, is this fruit useful, or did they just add it to follow the “fruit trend”?

The active substance in Garcinia Cambogia, that supposedly helps shed some extra ponds, is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), and it’s found in large amounts in the skin of the fruit. Studies have shown that it does lend a helping hand in getting rid of the nasty fat. The mechanism behind it may seem complicated, but when you sum it up, it becomes quite basic.

The HCA inhibits certain chemical reactions, and by doing this it reduces carbohydrate metabolism. In translation, it doesn’t allow carbs to be transformed in fat. Ok, the theory is sound, but what about proof, is there any?

Well, here is where it becomes tricky.

The Problem with HCA

A study published in 2007, in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, analyzed the effect of HCA, extracted from Garcinia, on fifty obese women. The results showed that those who supplemented their diet with the extract, lost more weight, at a faster pace, than those who received the placebo (pills with
nothing in them).

This sounds good, but an article published in the Journal of Obesity, did more than a single study could ever do. The article brought together data from all eligible trials related to the subject. What was the conclusion? Sadly, they have found that there was only a small difference between those who consumed Garancia extract and those who didn’t.

How small? 0.88 kg. And there is even more bad news. One particular study focused on the appetite reduction capabilities of the Garcinia Cambogia extract, and it found that it had no influence on
appetite whatsoever.

So, the Garcinia Cambogia element in Javita coffee might not help too much in your weight loss journey, but let’s not dismiss it just yet, it still has one ingredient left, even if right now it appears to be just coffee that has some useless fruit in it.

The Final Ingredient: Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is the third and final component of the Javita coffe, and it’s a special kind of tea. Yes, you are right, if it’s not a magical fruit, it has to be some kind of tea or herb. It just looks like the weight loss industry is out of ideas.

Yerba Mate is in fact a tree that grows in South America. The leafs of this tree, contain theobromine, a form of caffeine, but they are also rich in antioxidants and many valuable minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The benefits of Yerba Mate range from cancer prevention to weight loss. So, let’s take a better look at how and why it is supposed to help you lose weight.

A Korean study, published in March 2012, found that Yerba Mate was able to reduce the accumulation of fat cells,  that it increases the metabolic rate, and that it diminishes appetite. The study concluded that Yerba Mate can be useful in fighting obesity, and that it also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Another study, published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, focused on the effects that Yerba Mate has on insulin resistance, and it showed that it can reduce inflammation, which in turn will ameliorate sensitivity to insulin, leading to a balanced appetite level, and over time, to weight loos and a healthier overall status.

One of the ways Yerba Mate works in reducing appetite is by slowing down digestion. This way, your stomach will stay full for a longer period of time after eating. This will allow you to feel less hungry and also digest food better. When your digestive system works at a slower pace, you will be more likely to absorb important nutrients, while eating less.

Portion control, and feeling hungry all the time, is the most difficult part of the weight loss process, and it’s safe to say that Yerba Mate can have a positive influence.

Is Javita Coffee Worth it?

When taken separately, the ingredients in Javita coffee can be useful, but what about the whole package? Is it worth it?

The opinions are almost equally divided between those who tried it. Some are truly satisfied with the product, and some aren’t. A few customers complained of side effects such as: heartburn, stomach pain, palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia.

However, these side effects are common with excessive consumption of caffeine. The best way to avoid them is to take it slow at first, by using just a bit of the product and by increasing the quantity gradually.

Let’s look at the Pros & Cons of this product.

Burn + Control Coffee, Premium
$34.95 ($1.46 / Count)
Check Price
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/16/2024 05:14 pm GMT

Pros of Javita

  • All the ingredients are safe and present other important health benefits;
  • It is easy to make and to carry around;
  • It will replace your daily coffee;
  • You won’t need to adjust your schedule, you can prepare it anywhere;
  • It tastes like coffee, with a slight herbal aroma, which can be pleasant;
  • The high level of caffeine will give you a boost of energy;
  • It can lower your appetite, so you will be able to eat less;
  • Due to its caffeine content it is slightly diuretic and laxative;
  • Javita coffee is kosher.

Cons of Javita

  • Javita coffee does contain more caffeine than normal coffee, so you can develop a reversible high blood pressure;
  • If you drink it late during the day, you might have trouble sleeping;
  • The herbal aroma could feel unpleasant to you;
  • If you suffer from heartburn it might worsen your symptoms;
  • Javita coffee may interact with some drugs. Combining it with Ephedrine is extremely dangerous. Antibiotics, estrogens, and Lithium, may need a doctor’s consent when taken with Burn+Control coffee. Antidepressants are also a bad mix, since taking them while using this supplement can cause tachycardia;
  • You shouldn’t drink Javita coffee if you are breastfeeding;
  • You may feel more anxious due to the caffeine content.

All in all, the science behind Javita coffee indicates that it could be an efficient supplement for weight loss. However, the increase in metabolic rate that this product offers is not enough to lose an important amount of weight.

Although the manufacturer claims that by only drinking Javita Coffee, you can get back in shape, the truth is that this supplement can only act as a small boost. Nevertheless, if you watch your calorie intake and exercise regularly, while drinking Javita Coffee, you may notice that you lose weight a bit faster.

In conclusion, there is no fairy dust in Javita Burn+Control coffee, but it may give you the small push you need to get things started. (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

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4 thoughts on “Javita Coffee Review: Does it Really Work as Advertised?”

    1. There are a few things at play here. Please keep in mind that I am not a qualified medical specialist on this. Treat it like regular coffee, except a bit more intense.

      1) If you have a significant amount of caffeine during the pregnancy, it might not affect a nursing baby.
      2) After 6 months caffeine’s effect via breast milk is limited.

      Because Javita has such a relative high dose of caffeine, I’d still be careful. Overall, it’s like having 2-3 cups of coffee per day. If that’s a big chance in your diet, then it might have an effect. Hope that helps!

  1. You know, I am the biggest skeptic of them all. I went to an old friends Javita demo, gathered some friends to maybe help her sell some. Funny enough, we had so much fun, we chatted all night and none of us bought any coffee! I felt so bad I drove to her house the next day and bought a couple of boxes. So I will not say that this is the great miracle of weight loss, and I am not overweight, but I just turned 50 and could use to tighten up the pudge, perhaps lose some water weight. I began drinking 2 a day and… I am hooked! Like I said, not a miracle, but I have a very healthy appetite. Despite the claims that this curbs it, well, not sure if it has done that for me, but my afternoon one helps me cruise through to dinner without feeling hungry like I normally would. I still probably eat the same amount for dinner, but don’t feel “snacky” during the afternoon. Also, the taste is great. I use one vanilla creamer or almond milk only. Iced in the afternoon, hot in the a.m I feel like it helps with digestion and staying regular (every 50 something woman’s issue I’m sure(=) I feel like it keeps my belly flat and things under control. I went to NH on vaca for a week with my family and forgot it. I felt bloated all week. To put it plainly – I will never stop drinking Javita. And no, I am not a distributor!

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