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Forza Pro Protein is a protein powder that’s easy to mix up, tasty, and great for building up for your muscle mass! This protein powder has a special blend of protein helps to not only gain muscle mass, but also to aid in the digestion of the proteins. Not only does this protein powder come in several unique flavors, but it’s also an extremely fine powdery mixture which means less mixing or shaking for you!

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The biggest complaint that a lot of people have with protein powders is the price tag that comes with the jars. The Forza Pro Protein powder comes with around $64 price tag (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) which comes to right around $1.06 a serving for 5.3 pounds.


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It’s recommended that you use one scoop of protein powder two to four times a day, which means your protein is going to be costing you around $2.12- $4.24 a day! As for the nutritional information for the Forza Pro Protein powder, it goes as the following:

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Nutritional Information for Forza Pro Protein

  • Serving size: one scoop
  • 146 calories per serving
  • 18 calories from Fat
  • 2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 30 grams of protein
  • 60 milligrams of sodium
  • 45 milligrams of cholesterol

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One jar of Forza Pro Protein contains an estimated 60 servings!

Forza Pro Proteins Flavors

For the majority of protein powder users, taste is the most important part of the entire protein experience. There are four different flavors that you can choose from, which are: chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, peanut butter banana, mint chocolate, and chocolate. The biggest complaint that a lot of people had about this protein powder is that they are a bit sweet and sugary tasting.

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Depending upon your personal preferences, you may or may not be bothered by the sweetness, but it is rather noticeable. However, I found that adding some water to my protein mix really helped to dilute the sweetness of the drink.

Amongst the majority of Forza Pro Protein, the peanut butter banana flavor is the most popular flavor. Personally, I found that the flavor of the peanut butter banana was equally as strong on the taste of the peanut butter and the banana, which is wonderful because, in other protein powders that have two flavors, one flavor typically overpowers the other.

However, with the Forza Pro, there is an equal balance of both flavors with the perfect hint of sweetness. I found that the peanut butter banana was the flavor that had the least amount of sugar taste to it.

As for the vanilla, I found that it had a very smooth flavor with a very authentic vanilla flavor. I find that with a lot of protein powders that have a vanilla flavor, I often get a very chemical aftertaste that’s extremely bitter. However, I didn’t have that problem with the Forza Protein Powder!

The mint chocolate powder had the sweetest taste to me, so if you’re someone who is in the need of a mid-day sugar kick, this is a healthier option for you. I found that the mint flavor was overpowered by the chocolate flavor, which was surprising since they did such a great job balancing their peanut butter banana powder.

Last but not least, there’s the chocolate flavored protein powder! This is the powder that I liked the least, which was surprising, especially since they did such a great job with the chocolate flavor in the mint chocolate powder.

It wasn’t a true chocolate taste, but more of an artificial chocolate flavoring that had a powdery taste to it. The chocolate powder reminded me of a watered down hot chocolate from an off-brand hot chocolate manufacturer.

forza pro vanilla

All of the flavors have a nice smooth and creamy taste to them, without being too thick! I didn’t experience any grittiness after I finished the shakes, as the powders were extremely easy to mix in because the consistency was so thin. The biggest complaint that I had about the shakes is that after mixing, there was a medium amount of foam on the top of the shake, but that’s really nitpicking at the shake.

After finishing the entire shake, there weren’t any chunks, lumps, or extra residue left over in the bottom of my mug. I also found that by using water instead of milk in the powders, the powders weren’t as sweet tasting.

Pros and Cons of the Forza Pro Protein

The powder itself was extremely to mix into both water and milk, no matter what flavor I chose. The powder was extremely fine, which is great for mixing! If you aren’t extremely picky about the taste of your protein powders because you chug them, all of the flavors generally had a great taste, without being too powdery or too heavy in a chemical taste.

However, while this protein powder may be jam-packed with protein, it isn’t very heavy with vitamins and minerals. If you use protein powders as a meal replacement, you should most likely consider taking a vitamin supplement to replace all of the vitamins and minerals that you aren’t going to be getting from this drink.

As someone who uses protein shakes to reduce my sugar cravings during mid-day or whenever I’m tired, I found that these powders really made me crave sugar more.

While the average bodybuilder may not have a problem with the sugary taste, I do believe that people who are looking to lose weight or reduce the amount of sugar they’re consuming may want to stay away from these protein powders, just because they’re so sugary tasting.

After consuming a protein shake from Forza Pro Protein, I found that my sugar cravings had kicked right back in and I was physically craving another shake, just for the sugar alone.

If you’re looking just to ski quickly through this article, we’ve created a pros and cons list of the protein powder for you to glance at!

Pros of Forza Pro Protein Cons of Forza Pro Protein
Easy to mix in Not a large variety of flavors
Has a great taste Doesn’t have a lot of vitamins
Doesn’t cause bloating/gasiness Has a very sugary taste

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If you’re looking for a readily affordable protein powder that actually jam-packed with protein, the Forza Pro Protein Powder is something that you can’t go wrong with. The biggest downside for a lot of people with this powder is the sweet taste that comes with the powder, but that may be a plus for you if you’re someone who needs a taste of something sweet to keep you on track!

However, this protein powder may be something you want to stay away from if you’re looking to reduce your sugar intake or if you’re looking to lose weight, simply because of the heavy sugar taste that is present in these powders.

However, this powder would be great to carry around with you if you’re someone who is constantly on the go and looking for a quick and healthy meal. While the jar itself it heavy at 5.3 pounds, having a serving or two in a plastic bag and a water bottle with you will ensure an easy meal or snack to prepare, as the power is super easy to shake up into a drink!

At the end of the day, this protein powder is an inexpensive and easy to use powder that is versatile enough to fit into many different types of lifestyles.

Forzagen Whey Protein Powder | Amazon
$62.90 ($0.79 / ounce)

Protein Shakes with 25g of Protein Low Carb Protein Powder. No Sugar Added.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/16/2024 01:43 am GMT

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