Boku Super Shrooms Review: Harness the Power of Mushroom Powders

Boku Super Shrooms Review: Harness the Power of Mushroom Powders

Boku International is a small, family-owned business with humble beginnings. The brand focuses on improving health and well-being by providing high-quality dietary supplements. All of their supplements are meticulously formulated with the help of a doctor and contain only 100% USDA organic ingredients, the majority of which can be consumed by anyone regardless of restricted diets.

While you’ll probably recognize many of the ingredients in their supplements, you’ll also find some more rare plant, herb and fungi species. Boku really is a unique brand that offers super foods that are fairly uncommon.

A great example of Boku’s expertise in creating amazing blends is their Super Shrooms supplement. Despite mushrooms being some of the most powerful foods to add to the diet, unfortunately, very few supplement brands turn to mushroom powders.

If you love mushrooms but find you have a hard time eating enough or if you have read about mushrooms and want to start consuming them on a regular basis, Super Shrooms is a great supplement to choose.

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Ingredients and Features of Boku Super Shrooms

As the name suggests, the Boku Super Shrooms powder is a blend of some of the best mushroom species. There are 20 species total in this blend, which include:

  • Agarikon
  • Artist’s Conk
  • Blazei
  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Enoki
  • Hiratake
  • Honey Mushroom
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Maitake
  • Mesima
  • Poria
  • Reishi
  • Scarlet Cordyceps
  • Shiitake
  • Suehirotake
  • Tremella
  • True Tinder Polypore
  • Turkey Tail
  • Zhu Ling

All of the mushrooms in Boku Super Shrooms are USDA organic and grown in the US. While other blends import their mushrooms, Boku really takes their product quality up to another level by having all of their ingredients grown in the States.

This blend is pure powdered mushroom and therefore is 100% vegan and gluten-free. Unless mushrooms, in particular are an issue for you, there really isn’t any dietary restriction that would prevent you from enjoying this supplement.

Boku chose these particular species as they are some of the most beneficial for overall health. Many have histories in Chinese, Roman and Egyptian culture as powerful mushrooms used for healing, well-being, and vitality. Some of the mushrooms in this blend are fairly difficult to come by for the average consumer, so this blend really offers access to nutrients that otherwise could not be consumed on a regular basis.

Benefits of Boku Super Shrooms

There are a lot of reasons to give Super Shrooms a try but the three main advantages to this supplement include the following.

Allows You to Consume More than You Could Eat Whole

As mentioned before, one of the main ways Super Shrooms can be more beneficial than eating whole mushrooms is that it allows you to consume more than a normal person could eat. This is especially true for those that don’t enjoy the taste of mushrooms and find them difficult to eat.

Even the most passionate mushroom lover would be unable to consume whole mushrooms and gain the same nutrition as they could from a couple servings of this concentrated powder.

One serving of Super Shrooms is just 1 teaspoon, which includes just 20 calories, 4 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fiber. Boku doesn’t mention any maximum servings per day but many customers find that 2 or 3 servings per day cause no digestive upset.

Very Reasonably Priced for the Species Included

Mushrooms really aren’t cheap food, especially more rare species. One 8oz pouch of Super Shrooms contains 45 servings and is $37.95 or $32.95 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) for auto-ship.

This is more expensive than their other supplements but worth every penny compared to buying fresh mushrooms. Not to mention you’ll need to properly store fresh mushrooms, as well as find sources as some of the species included probably won’t be found in average grocery stores.

Mushrooms Offer Numerous Health Benefits

Each species in Super Shrooms have their own unique benefits. Reishi mushrooms have been used in Chinese culture for thousands of years as a medicine. It is also known of the Mushroom of Immortality and really helps with improving the adaptiveness of the body. This means reishi helps the body process and handle stress, fatigue, and trauma more efficiently.

Chaga mushrooms are known for its cancer-fighting properties, increased blood circulation and anti-viral power. Turkey Tail is also known for fighting cancer cells and viruses within the body. Cordyceps are another powerful little mushroom that is particularly good for improving total body function, reducing fatigue and increasing feelings of strength, making it popular for athletes.

Mushrooms as a whole are tied to improved immune systems, lowered blood pressure, reduced allergy symptoms, reduced anxiety and more. There are other studies, like this one, that support the idea that mushrooms offer potential medical benefits.

Alternatives to Boku Super Shrooms

If you love the power of mushroom supplements but aren’t sure Super Shrooms is the right one for you, consider one of these three alternatives instead.

Boku Super Fuel

If you really love what Boku is about but you don’t really want a supplement that focuses singularly on mushrooms, a perfect alternative is Boku’s Super Fuel. Super Fuel is one of their most popular supplements and often the first product new customers decide to try. This powder is designed for reducing stress, improving energy levels and just making you feel better all over.

Just like Super Shrooms Super Fuel is made with 100% organic ingredients and is plant-based. There are only nine ingredients in this blend, which includes maca root, Cordyceps, goji berries, reishi, and matcha powder. There are also hints of vanilla bean, maple syrup, marshmallow root, and red dulse.

Nearly all customers find that Super Fuel tastes amazing and is particularly good in smoothies. Since it is energizing it is great to have in the morning or in the afternoon as a pick-me-up.

Vitacost Mushroom Ultra-10 Complex

Some people prefer supplements in capsule or tablet form over powders. This is especially true for powdered supplements that have a fairly strong flavor, like Super Shrooms. If you have sensitive tastes or already aren’t a fan of the taste of mushrooms a great alternative would be Vitacost’s Mushroom Ultra-10
Complex capsules

These vegetarian capsules allow for easier consumption of 10 different species of mushrooms, which include species like shiitake, cordyceps, reishi, blazei, and maitake. The primary purpose for the mushrooms included in these capsules is to improve immune system health.

These mushrooms contain high levels of beta-glucan which will support immune system function and contribute to overall better health, just like Boku Super Shrooms. Vitacost also added a small amount of aloe vera to help with digestion, but otherwise these capsules contain pure mushroom powder.

Host Defense MycoBotanicals Brain

Mushrooms can work wonders throughout the entire body, including improving brain function. While Boku Super Shrooms will help with brain function it isn’t its primary purpose. If you are looking for a supplement that focuses on brain health first, a great choice to go with is MycoBotanicals Brain blend by Host Defense.

This supplement is in capsule form, containing only organic mushrooms and herbs. There are three types of mushrooms in this product – Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps. Host Defense also added Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, and Bacopa extracts.

The mushrooms included were chosen for their positive effects on neurological, adrenal and brain system functions. The three botanical extracts were chosen for protecting brain health from aging, increasing blood flow to the brain and helping with memory.

The Final Scoop

The Boku Super Shrooms blend is an incredible product that really isn’t as popular as it should be. Mushrooms are widely known for their numerous health benefits and Boku really makes accessing these nutrients far easier by offering a powder form. Boku Super Shrooms is priced right and can be used in a number of ways.

Some enjoy adding their powder to water to make a tea while others prefer adding some to a smoothie. You can even add the powder to meals by sprinkling on top. If you’d like to consume more mushrooms adding Super Shrooms to your diet is an easy way to boost your health.

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