5 Best Ketogenic Diet Books in 2020

The ketogenic diet is a type of low carb diet that is designed primarily for the goal of losing weight. This diet focuses on a low carb, a high-fat meal plan that is similar to popular diets like Atkins.

The name is derived from the metabolic state of ketosis, which occurs when carbohydrate intake is limited to the point that the liver begins to produce ketones as energy.

The body essentially begins to burn fat for energy rather than relying on carbs.

While there are differing opinions surrounding the keto diet, studies have shown the low carb, high-fat diet to be as or more effective than other diet plans. While the diet isn’t designed to be a permanent lifestyle many do find it is ideal for initial weight loss, afterward transitioning to a higher carb, clean diet for maintenance.

The ketogenic diet has only been gaining in popularity and as more studies show how effective it is, chances are high it’ll be much more widely recommended. In response to the surge in interest for this diet, more keto-focused books have been published and will be showing up on bookstore shelves.

If you’re interested in starting the ketogenic diet or have been a fan but need some inspiration for meals, here are the top keto-centric books to pick up in 2018.

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The Keto Diet: the Complete Guide to a High-fat Diet by Leanne Vogel

First up is one of the most popular ketogenic diet books on Amazon, and one that is highly recommended by low carb, high fat enthusiasts. The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel is not just a diet book, but a complete guide to starting the keto diet and it also includes explanation about the best fats you can eat while on keto diet. This book is ideal for those that want a book that is simplistic and actionable.

Vogel breaks down her book beautifully, with four in-depth sections. These sections include What Is The Ketogenic Diet?, Eating Keto, Keto in the Kitchen, and Recipes. The name of each section alludes to the information included.

This book not only delves into what the keto diet is but why it works and what types of health problems it’s been proven to eliminate. You’ll also learn what foods are acceptable, which to avoid, ideas for fat burning meal plans, and some very tasty recipes to get you started.

If you could only purchase one book about keto this would be an excellent choice.

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle by Amy Ramos

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners is a good book for those that already are somewhat familiar with the keto diet but want a handy reference guide to keep on their shelf. Unlike the above guide, this one has less detail but it still very well written with good information. There are three parts to this guide – The Ketogenic Lifestyle, A 14-Day Meal Plan, and The Recipes.

Most reviewers of this book find it most appropriate as an introductory book, meaning it is better suited for a beginner that has never tried the keto diet before. Ramos explains about the diet well and condenses how to go into ketosis in five steps.

The meal plans are broken down into Week One and Week Two, which helpful shopping lists for each. Most of the recipes are excellent foundation meals and for the most part are very easy to make, even for those that are gifted cooks.

Ramos also includes sections with tips on eating out while on the keto diet, measurement conversions, macros for each meal, as well as some other resources to help you on your keto journey.

Ketogenic Diet: the Step by Step Guide for Beginners by Jamie Ken Moore

While the ketogenic diet has also been used to help treat certain illness and ailments it is primarily a weight loss diet. The Ketogenic Diet by Jamie Moore focuses primarily on keto for weight loss. Despite being a very simply written book, this guide touches on all the basics you need to know.

It is also free with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, making it a good choice for those that are only curious about the diet and are reluctant to pay for a book about it yet.

As this book is written with beginners in mind, Moore explains what the diet is and why it’s a good choice for weight loss. He explains how to get started as well as all the nutritional basics you need to know about what foods are good or bad. This guide also includes some foundation recipes and a planned out 28-day diet plan.

While this book isn’t an in-depth guide like the first two, it is still a great primer for beginners. If you have Kindle it is definitely worth a download and a read.

Ketogenic Diet: 55 Budget-friendly Recipes to Lose Weight by Adele Baker

Perhaps you’re already on the keto diet or are familiar with it but need some new recipes to try. This cookbook features 55 different keto recipes for weight loss, but focuses on less expensive meals. A common misconception about the keto diet is that it is an expensive diet to be on due to the costs of meats, healthy fats, and organic produce.

This book proves that you can still follow this diet and make delicious meals without putting stress on your wallet.

The book touches on the basics of the keto diet and its advantages before delving straight into diet guidelines. There are sections for foods you can eat freely, which foods should only be eaten in moderation and foods that should not be consumed on the keto diet. Baker also includes tips for shopping on a budget, what types of cutlery or other kitchen tools you’ll need, and some general dietary tips and tricks.

The largest part of this book is the 55 featured recipes, but Baker doesn’t just include these in a normal fashion. One of the unique features of this book is that it doesn’t only focus on saving you money, but also saving you time. Baker breaks down her 55 recipes into four sections – 5 to 10 minute meals, 10 to 30 minutes meals, 30 to 60 minute meals, and a section for slow cooker meals.

This makes it easy to flip through this book and select a recipe to make based on how much time you have to prepare and cook.

Easy Ketogenic Diet Slow Cooking: Low-carb High-fat Keto Recipes That Cook Themselves by Amy Ramos

Another excellent keto cookbook for busy individuals is the Easy Ketogenic Diet Slow Cooking. This is another book by Amy Ramos and focuses on tasty recipes that can be made in a slow cooker or crockpot, though you may still slow cook these in a pot on a stove if you do not have a slow cooker.

Ramos breaks down this cookbook into nine sections, with the first two focusing on keto and slow cooking basics. The remaining seven sections break down recipes into categories like Breakfast & Brunch, Vegetables & Vegetarian Dishes, Desserts, Beef, and more. Included are recipes for condiments and sauces to be used with the main recipes in this book.

To finish it all up, this book ends with Ramos’ Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list, measurement conversion tables and a recipe index to make finding your favorites faster. This is an invaluable book for those that look to use their slow cooker.

The Final Read on Keto

Those that are looking to lose weight and cut fat should consider the keto diet. This diet is very effective and one type of weight loss diet regimen that doesn’t leave you feeling starved.

More and more people are beginning to look towards these types of diets, especially as the Paleo diet has really cemented itself in the fitness and nutrition world.

These five featured books are an excellent addition to your library and will help you start or continue your keto diet in a healthy, safe manner.

Additional Readings

As a Reminder: IF you are looking to just get started today, I foundĀ this guide “Bacon & Butter” to be a really helpful way to get started right away with actionable recipes. It’s available for FREE right now as a special promo.

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