the best keto snack ideas to include in your ketogenic diet

The Best Keto Snack Ideas to Include in Your Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet plan is highly appreciated by many dieters due to its high fat intake. This helps you eliminate the hunger sensation. Still, if you’re used to satisfying your cravings with snacks in between meals, then you should avoid certain foods and include only keto-friendly snack alternatives.

Although this eating system encourages the consumption of fat, not all fat is created equal. Therefore, you should stick to healthy fat from well-balanced foods such as coconut oil, salmon, and avocado. If you want to know more about the best fats to eat on the Keto diet, click here. If you’re a keto dieter, that doesn’t mean you should indulge in anything that has a high content of fat.

To help you pick the best snacks that will support your weight loss, we have compiled a list of delicious yet healthy low-carb keto snacks.

*The following keto snack ideas were listed in no particular order. It is all a matter of taste and preference.

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The Best Keto Snack Ideas to Consider

1. Easy Whole Foods

Some of the best keto-friendly whole foods are those who are rich in healthy fats and protein while also being low in carbs. These can be eggs, cheese, avocado, olives, pecan and Macadamia nuts, and even certain cold cuts.

You can easily curb your craving and stop feeling hungry with these tasty choices. Furthermore, the keto foods listed above require no preparation whatsoever and they are ketogenic diet’s basics. Obviously, you must pay attention to portion control and not consume a lot of each of these foods.

For example, one slice of cheese, a few olives or a handful of nuts are some of the best keto snack ideas. Makes sure you select low-carb nuts and avoid those who contain a lot of carbohydrates like cashews.

2. Vegetable Sticks and Dips

Vegetable sticks are probably the healthiest ketogenic snacks. They are almost carbs-free, and they support you during your weight loss journey. From, cucumber and celery to carrots and bell peppers, there are plenty of options you can try to avoid getting bored.

If plain vegetables are not your thing, you should consume these snacks with a small amount of cream cheese or low-carb dip sauce. However, be careful, there are a lot of sneaky fruits and vegetables that you should avoid on Keto!


Also, make sure you cut and prepare these snacks on your own at home, instead of buying a ready-to-eat veggie straw snack. Veggie straws are less nutritious than raw fresh vegetable sticks, and they contain a lot of oil which is unhealthy and not recommended if you’re on a diet.

3. Berries

Berries are the perfect fruits for those of you who have a sweet tooth. Not only are they low-carb snacks but they also are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and other essential nutrients, not to mention they are delicious.

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are low-carb sweets and an excellent occasional treat. Still, of all these fruits, blueberries contain the most carbohydrates.

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With the ketogenic diet, you can forget about the fake cream that might be low-fat, but it is not very tasty. Instead, you can opt for a heavy whipping cream with a 40% fat content that goes perfectly with berries.

Something you should pay attention to is selecting an unsweetened whipping cream because its natural sweetness is more than enough. Moreover, try not to eat too much of it because you might be easily slipping off the right path and it might slow down your weight loss.

4.  Beef Jerky

Beef jerky might be good or bad for you. It all depends on which type of beef jerky you purchase and how much you eat. Unfortunately, many similar products found in supermarkets are filled with preservatives, carbohydrates, and added sugar. Therefore, you must buy a low or no-carb version that has only a few added ingredients. So, it is preferable to prepare your own beef jerky that will contain only natural ingredients.

On the other hand, this food is rich in protein and helps keep your insulin at a proper level. From this point of view, it is an amazing between-meals snack that comes in handy when you’re trying to lose weight.

5. Vegetable Chips

Although, as a keto dieter, you are allowed to indulge in cheese or low-carb salami chips once in a while, the snacks we recommend the most are veggie chips. But are they completely safe and healthy? Well, it is true they are tasty, and they can be a great snack that will curb your cravings.

Still, the secret lies in the way you prepare them. Yes, it is way better to make them at home rather than buying a bag of highly processed chips.

For starters, you must be careful with these snacks because some of them might contain a lot of sodium and salt. So, from this perspective, they can be quite dangerous for your diet as well as your health.

As long as you opt for veggie chips prepared at home (avoid potato chips) and you don’t add a lot of salt, you will achieve a nutritious and safe snack. So, it all comes down to making wise decisions.

6. Cheese

I am sure you’re wondering whether dairy products are keto or not. These products have received both positive and negative reviews over the years, but the pros seemed to the outcome the cons.

One thing is for sure: while ice cream, nonfat dairy products, and milk are not included in the keto diet, cheese, butter, and other full-fat dairy are recommended by specialists of the ketogenic eating plan.

So, controversial or not, dairy products are good for our health, and they shouldn’t be excluded from our daily diet. Also, most research shows that these foods provide plenty of benefits and favorable effects when it comes to body composition and weight loss.

7.  Nuts

It is very important to understand exactly what types of nuts you should consume when following a ketogenic diet because some nuts will slow down your body’s ketosis process. For example, you should avoid cashews but you are free to treat yourself with a small portion of Macadamia nuts as a nutrient-dense snack between meals.

Nuts are healthy and recommended by most nutritionists due to their high content of healthy fats, low content of carbohydrates, and other benefits. Some of the best options out there are pecan nuts, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. However, these are high in calories, so make sure you control your portions.

Some Delicious Keto Snack Recipes to Try

1. Fat Head Nachos

In this recipe, instead of real nachos, you will use a fathead pizza crust to ditch the carbs. This crust is low-carb and doesn’t contain gluten and grain. The entire thing is made from cream cheese, one egg, almond flour or ground almonds, and cheese.

fat head nachos

You must season this base with cumin and chili and cut it into a tortilla shape. Then, fill the tortillas with a meaty sauce and add some of your favorite toppings such as jalapenos, guacamole, and salsa. This snack is perfect for a movie night with your family.

Get the whole recipe here:

2. Keto Cookies

Just because you’re on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you should avoid sweets such as cookies.

As long as their ingredients are keto-friendly, you’re on the safe side. If you’re too busy or simply too lazy (I know I am) to make your own treats, you can always buy the Keto Cookies, created by two business people who went through the ketogenic diet and they were successful in achieving their weight loss goals.


Their keto cookies are gluten-free, don’t contain added sugar, and they are also low in carbs. These treats come in three delicious varieties: cinnamon snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and double chocolate. Another great advantage of these cookies is the fact that they don’t raise your blood sugar level and support your body in maintaining a balanced state of ketosis.

3. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

You might be surprised that a pizza is allowed in a healthy eating plan, but this particular pizza is both keto-friendly and low-carb. So, you don’t know what you’re missing out until you taste this delicious snack. It is very easy to make, and you can enjoy it at home or take it to work.

Add some cauliflower in your food processor and combine it with garlic, parmesan, and egg whites. All these ingredients are used to prepare the crust.

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Then, on the crust, you can add regular cheeses and other toppings you normally use on classic pizzas. It is as simple as that! All that’s left now is to enjoy this tasty keto snack.

4. Grain-Free Finger Sandwiches

Instead of eating store-bought sandwiches, we recommend you to make them at home, using only keto-friendly ingredients. Purchase grain-free bread and start preparing delicious finger sandwiches. You can add cheese, cold cut meats, and vegetables, to meet your preferences.

For those of you who are rather new to the notion of keto diet, grain-free means anything that doesn’t contain rice, wheat, barley, corn, and oats.

5. Cheese Meatballs

Some of the best keto snack ideas that also require a little preparation are cheese meatballs made from grass-fed beef and full-fat fresh cheese. There’s no way you won’t like this combination. If you’re looking for a delicious keto snack, these seasoned meatballs are the answer.

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You can consume them as they are, or add them to a leafy greens salad if you want to achieve a more nutritious and substantial keto meal.

6. Low-Carb Tortilla

This can become a life-saver when you are on a keto diet. There’s nothing more delicious and easier to prepare than a cheese roll-up. Add some of your favorite cheeses and don’t forget about some spices like cayenne pepper and pepper jack cheese. Heat the entire thing in the microwave until the cheeses melt and enjoy this tasty snack.

You might find a suitable alternative to homemade tortilla in the form of store-bought products, but the best way in which you can get a healthy low-carb tortilla is by preparing it at home.

7. String Cheese

This snack is a perfect keto treat from many points of view. First of all, it is rich in both protein and fat. Secondly, it is a very convenient snack. It is true, however, that it all depends on the product and brand you choose to purchase. Make sure to always check the label to see whether the product you are about to buy contains carbs or not.

Putting It All Together

Even though you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean you should eliminate snacking altogether. Also, the concept of healthy low-carb snacking shouldn’t mean you must eat something boring or bland. You can still treat yourself with something delicious from time to time, something that doesn’t require a lot of preparation or time.

All the options described in this article are some of the best keto snack ideas that are low-carb and easy to prepare. They will certainly add flavor and variety to your keto diet. Make them at home, on weekends or Mondays, so that you will have something to snack on at work the entire week.

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