Top 5 Best Weight Loss Books for 2019

The 5 Best Weight Loss Books in 2022 You Should Read Next

2022 is right around the corner and with the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. The most common New Year resolution is a combination of weight loss or improving physical fitness. With over half of adults being overweight to some extent, it really isn’t a surprise that dropping those extra pounds is a concern
for many.

In the spirit of a new year and a new you, here are the top 8 weight loss books for 2022 that you should check out. All of these can be found through Amazon, and either in paperback, hardcover or Kindle formats.

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The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig

The Whole30 program is an extremely popular 30-day diet plan with very strict, Paleo-like restrictions. It focuses on whole, healthy foods and not just weight loss, but overall health and wellness.

For many people the Whole30 diet can be challenging as it eliminates so more “normal” foods that Americans consume on a daily basis. Getting help with recipes is the first step in achieving success with this diet.

The Whole30 Cookbook: 150 Delicious and Totally Compliant Recipes to Help You Succeed with the Whole30 and Beyond

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The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig is loaded with 150 different Whole30-appropriate recipes, including snacks, meals and desserts. You will even find recipes for salad dressings, appetizers and recipe variations for families or leftovers for multiple meals. Not only do these recipes work perfectly for the Whole30 program, but also after the 30 days is up.

This book is a must-have for anyone interested in clean eating, specifically a paleo-style diet. The Whole30 program has been proven time and time again to deliver results when followed. Diet is the biggest part of weight loss, and these recipes will help you in your endeavor, even if you don’t necessarily follow paleo.

The Bikini Body 28 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide by Kayla Itsines

If you want a comprehensive plan for diet as well as fitness, the Bikini Body 28 Day guidewill catch your interest. Author Kayla Itsines is known for her success with her fitness app Sweat with Kayla, one of the most popular fitness apps available. Those already familiar with Itsines will know she is upbeat, energetic and really helps motivate when it comes to fitness.

The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide: 200 Recipes and Weekly Menus to Kick Start Your Journey

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This book includes a fitness plan for the whole 28-day program, as well as 200+ different recipes. The diet portion of this program is fairly non-restrictive compared to others, instead it focuses on portion control and balance. Purchasing this book also gives you one-week free access to Itsines Sweat with Kayla app.

Primal Fat Burner by Nora Gedgaudas

While paleo diets have been popular for a couple years now, more and more research continues to come out about the advantages of this diet for weight loss and overall long-term health.

Nora Gedgaudas is one of the top authorities on paleo nutrition, and the author of Primal Body, Primal Mind. Her new book Primal Fat Burner will be published in late January ’17.

Primal Fat Burner focuses on the positive effects of the primal/paleo diet, specifically directed at how people can naturally burn extra fat simply by changing what they eat. This book highlights a high-fat paleo diet, which at first may seem far from healthy to those who are unaware of good vs bad fats.

Primal Fat Burner: Live Longer, Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life with a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet
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As Gedgaudas points out in this new book, using fat as an energy source is not only possible but recommended. Rather than relying on sugars or carbs for energy, the body can instead burn fat.

If you enjoy the paleo diet or are someone that enjoys learning about alternative diets, this book should be on your wishlist. While so many traditional diets shame all types of dietary fats, Gedgaudas has plenty of research and studies that back her stance on the importance of a high-fat, low-carb diet.

This book doesn’t go into recipes or an actual diet plan, but you will understand what you should or shouldn’t eat for weight loss after reading it.

The Hungry Brain by Dr. Stephan Guyenet

One of the most common weight loss obstacles is overeating. Overeating is a tough habit to break as it’s psychological. Not surprisingly, many people end up falling off their diet plan because of feeling hungry when in reality their brain simply thinks it need to eat more when it doesn’t.

In his new book The Hungry Brain, Dr. Stephan Guyenet delves into why people overeat and how they can stop this habit. Dr. Guyenet is a neuroscientist with a background in obesity research. Overeating is something many people struggle with but many health authorities aren’t sure why. Simply telling yourself to not overeat isn’t working.

The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat

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In this book, you’ll find that your urge to eat, even when you’ve already consumed enough calories, isn’t just because you lack willpower or determination. Instead, your brain honestly believes you need to eat more due to instincts we still have from ancient times.

The Hungry Brain explains everything you need to know about this habit and actionable ways you can stop it. If you have big plans for weight loss in 2022, you should really have this book on your shelf. Reading it will leave you with insight into why you do what you do and how you can stop your brain from sabotaging your body goals.

Diet Right for Your Personality Type by Jen Widerstrom

Bouncing from fad diet to fad diet never ends well. A large number of people struggle to find a diet that works for them. Perhaps one diet isn’t leading to weight loss results while others are helping you drop the weight but they don’t leave you feeling well. With how individual each person’s body is from another, it’s not a surprise that one thing that works for your friend may not work so well for you.

Jen Widerstrom, a fitness expert known for her work on The Biggest Loser, is well-aware that diets aren’t just a one size fits all deal. Because of how unique humans are, tailoring a weight loss plan to specific individual needs is important for long-term weight loss maintenance. Diet Right for Your Personality Type is Widerstrom’s first book, which lays out a new approach to dieting.

Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Plan That Works for You

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Personality type has a huge effect on all aspects of life, from relationships to work and how we perceive the world. It’s only natural that personality also has an effect on how diets work. This book explains the five basic personality types when it comes to weight loss and diet – the Everyday Hero, the Rebel, the Organized Doer, the Swinger and the Never Ever.

Widerstrom will help you discover which category you fall into, and provide a customized plan based on your personality. This 4-week plan includes a diet and fitness plan that will work for you.

If you’ve struggled with diets and can’t seem to find the right one, this book is definitely worth a look at. Not only will you gain knowledge on healthy diet and get a full fitness + diet plan, but this book is also chock-full of motivational advice.

The first step in achieving your weight loss resolution is to have a plan of attack. These books will be able to give you the information and motivation to get 2022 off to a healthy start.

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