thermakor is not one of the most heavily thermogenic on the market

Thermakor Reviews – My Thermakor Thermogenic Review

Finding a good thermogenic protein supplement amid a sea of pretenders is not easy at all.

There are many quick fix solutions out their to help burn fat and optimize workout routines, but not all of them are equal in quality. To put it bluntly, everyone and their uncle wants to decrease body fat.

After hearing some horror stories from buddies who had some nasty side effects from popular thermogenic products, I was eager to try out an alternative like Thermakor. With the goal of adding a thorough article to the few Thermakor reviews that I had already read, I tested it out for a period of three weeks.

Below you can read about my main findings so far.

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Features and Ingredients

Thermakor is not one of the most heavily thermogenics on the market, but it does offer some of the better features and ingredients. Below I’ve highlighted the key points:

  • Green Tea Extract: Long known for its fat burning properties, it is not a revolutionary new ingredient. However, the tried and true ingredients are often the most effective.
  • Yohimbine: This is a relatively new ingredient in the health and fitness industry. It boosts and accelerates lipolysis (leading to enhanced fat loss). Numerous recent studies have confirmed this. Yohimbine helps fight free radicals and provides antioxidant support.
  • Evodia: Not as well known as Yohimbine, but also helpful in facilitating weight loss and stimulating the heart. It effectively serves as an appetite suppressant. You can read about the clinical studies on Evodia here.
  • Caffeine: A common ingredient in many thermogenics. Caffeine has long been known for its positive benefits towards enhancing focus and accelerating lipid oxidation (key to fat loss).
  • Garcinia Cambogia: This has been a highly hyped ingredient in the health community for some time. Personally, I don’t think it’s the “miracle” ingredient so many make it out to be. Still, it does seem to have some affect managing cortisol levels and controlling cravings. For further information, check out this resource on the clinical effects of garcinia combogia.
  • Raspberry Ketones: This is another quasi-scientific fat-burning ingredient. It’s still quite a black box as to the exact effects, but some studies have shown weight reduction in mice. You can read more about the existing studies here.
  • Forslean: It’s not “weight loss” ingredient exactly, but it has been proven to prevent weight gain. This is clearly helpful, but not necessarily in the way it’s advertised.
  • Salicin: Is an ingredient found in white willow bark. It has long been known for it’s pain-relieving properties as a sort of herbal “aspirin”. However, I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s an effective weight loss ingredient, despite being common in many thermogenic supplements. It’s a nice anti-arthritic treatment for those who work out, but saying it is a “metabolism” booster is a bit of a stretch.

Pros of Thermakor

Despite some of the ambiguous ingredients, there are some things I really liked. I’ve highlighted the main aspects of the Theramkor fat burner supplement that I like below:

  • Appetite Suppressing: Simply put, I feel less hungry and have greater impulse control throughout the day after taking Thermakor before my morning workout. If you are trying to keep on track with a calorie plan, this is critical. I’d say 80% of the battle is just controlling my appetite.
  • Enhanced Metabolism: Like any good thermogenic, Thermakor enhances the process of thermogenesis. By increasing your core body temperature, your metabolism becomes hyper-effective at burning calories. The proprietary blend is critical to accelerating this process. I’ve always been super annoyed at people who have natural rapid metabolism and can eat whatever they want without seeing any fat gain. I definitely noticed a “boost” in my daily metabolism after starting with Thermakor. It wasn’t a huge increase, but it was noticeable.
  • Increased Energy: Similarly, the four-part blend left me feeling very energized. I’ve taken different kinds of energy supplements over the years – from pills to “too much coffee” – and Thermakor left me with a healthy level of intensity for my workouts. I wasn’t through the roof by any means, but I was definitely burning more through greater energy expenditure. If I timed it right, I wouldn’t get the usual fatigued sensation halfway through my workout.

Side Effects/Cons of Thermakor

Thermakor Reviews

One of the reasons why I highly recommend Thermakor is that it does not have any major side effects. After trying a few other mainstream thermogenic/fat loss supplements, I had noticed some side effects like dizziness and nausea. After 4 weeks using Thermakor, I have not noticed any side effects. Still, I would recommend only taking the recommended dosage.

Also, keep in mind the time-frame in which you are taking it. Pre-workout is obviously ideal. Try not to take it before going to bed. Much like having coffee before bed, you likely will not be able to sleep.

Don’t expect immediate results and please, PLEASE implement a decent workout regimen. I see so many people popping pills alone and expecting results, when this clearly won’t work.

Thermogenics DO elevate your heart rate (that’s basically how they work), so if you have a history of heart issues, check with a doctor first.

Overall, the all natural ingredients make Thermakor a more wholistic solution without noticeable negative side effects. Every body is different, so I can’t make a blanket statement, but it worked for me.

Where to Buy Thermakor – Thermakor Discount Code

review of thermakor

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