5 Best Detox Diets

As summer is approaching, you’ve probably made some sort of effort to get your body into better shape for whatever activities you are planning out for the warmer weather. Spending any time on social media will leave you bombarded with detox diets of all sorts, from juice cleanses to probiotic supplements taken with every meal. Figuring out what the best way to detox your body in can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re not really sure where you’re looking to start.

One of the biggest misconceptions about following a detox diet plan is that many people assume that detox diets are nothing but deprivation and weird foods or juices. While there are some detox diets out there that may encourage you to expand your food palette, there are other detox diets out there that you can better customize to your lifestyle without depriving or juicing.

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How do I know if my body needs a detox?

  • You are struggling with your carb and/or sugar cravings
  • You constantly don’t feel well
  • You’re lacking energy
  • You have never detoxed before
  • You’re looking to reset your body

Not a whole lot of people understand that what they put in their bodies has a direct result on how their bodies feel. Even if you are already thin, following a detox diet can provide your body with numerous benefit. If you happen to wake up lacking energy (even if you slept through the night), have allergies, digestive problems, joint pain, brain fog, or achiness, following a detox diet can help to heal your body up quickly.

How do I choose a detox diet?

Finding a detox diet that will help to heal your boy rather than harming it can be difficult, so here are a couple of tips you can follow if you’re looking to follow a detox diet that is healthy for your body.

  • Choose a detox diet that includes a great amount of whole, unprocessed foods that are full in antioxidants, fiber, and other vitamins and mineral.
  • Make sure that you’re choosing a plan or program that has enough calories in it. It’s very common for detox diet users to follow along with a diet that’s low in calories, which can be extremely detrimental to your health. Consuming enough calories throughout the day will allow your body to function properly; if you do end up following an extreme low-calorie detox plan, make sure that you do so with the consultation of a medical professional.
  • You should also choose a detox diet that encourages to you to healthy foods out of all portions of the food pyramid. Get yourself involved with a detox diet that has several nutrient dense whole foods, instead of just consuming juices or supplements to make your diet work better for you.
  • Make sure that you avoid programs that seem to be promising to deliver promises that are too big, such as ‘you’ll lose ten pounds in three days’. Quick weight loss isn’t a promise to be reckoned, but the weight you do lose following this short diet can quickly stack itself be back on.
  • Most importantly, remember that what detox diet works for your best friend may not work for you.

SHRED Power Cleanse

If a two week detox cleanse if what you’re looking for, the SHRED Power Cleanse by Dr. Ian contains whole, fiber-rich foods that are filled with nutritious vitamins and minerals. This detox diet is more of a ‘common sense’ approach to detoxing your body, pairing healthy eating with exercise. While this diet wasn’t built to be a weight loss program, some users have experienced weight loss while following the SHRED Power Cleanse.

The Drinking Detox

Maybe entirely changing your diet is a bit too big of a step for you and that’s totally okay! You can still work on detoxing your body by changing what you’re drinking. You can start off by completely cutting alcohol out of your diet, even if it’s only for a short time. Alcohol doesn’t provide your body with any nutritional benefits, it extremely calorie dense, and can help to encourage the consumption of junk food. Cutting out alcohol out of your diet will not only help you cut back on your calorie consumption, it may even help you to lose a bit of weight!

Detox Tea

If you don’t really drink too much alcohol but you’re still looking to make a small step into the detox diet community, sipping on some detox tea throughout the day is a great change that you can implement into your lifestyle. Finding an all-natural detox tea that you can sip on throughout your day is a way that you can detox your digestive system so that your body will have an easier time handling the nutrients that you eat and not absorb as many toxins.

The Three-Day Detox Diet

Following a short term detox diet may be easier for you to follow if you’ve never tried a detox diet before or if you’re just looking to follow a simple diet. This is a great detox diet to follow if you’re not into eating a whole lot of fancy foods and it actually follows along with the USDA’s My Plate nutritional program.

Five-Day Detox Diet

Maybe you’re looking for a detox plan that’s a bit more structured to help keep you on the straight and narrow. This is a diet that you can repeat every week and comes with instructions to follow for the five days to slowly introduce you to the world of detoxing. Here’s what your five-day detox will look like:

  • Monday: After every meal you eat, take a seven minute walk. Also, cut out any extra sugar you’re eating by not consuming foods that add extra sugar in, such as candy bars and other sweets.
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Continue to follow the walking routine and cutting out sugar, but double up on your veggie and fruit consumption.
  • Thursday-Friday: Keep walking after meals, cutting back on your sugar intake, and doubling up on your fruit and veggie intake. However, these next two days you’ll want to try to make all of your meals meat free.

After the five-day detox, you should start to notice some improvements in your health. You can continue to follow this detox for more than five days and can even follow it for several weeks, so that way you will see even better results in your health over a longer period of time.

Try adding probiotics into a healthy diet

Consuming probiotics when paired with a healthy diet can help to restore your intestinal health, which will in turn help you to improve your mood, your skin, and help you to regulate your weight. Adding probiotics into your healthy diet can help to encourage the growth of microbiota that live in your intestine, which will help your body to process the nutrients in the food that you’re eating. This means that the more nutrient-dense foods you eat, the healthier the microbiota in your gut will be, which ultimately will lead to a healthier feeling body.


If you are following a detox program to help assist in weight loss, remember that you are playing around with your health. Before you commit to one program, make sure that you do some research to see which diet would fit your level of commitment, the amount of time you have for a diet, and your lifestyle; keeping these factors in mind while researching the best diet for your personal needs will help to keep your weight-loss healthier rather than just crash dieting.

The huge amount of diets and weight-loss programs out there can make your head spin. Before you start a detox diet, you should keep in mind that not all diets are going to work for everybody. You should pair your diet change up with your lifestyle so you find something that really works for you. If you’re looking to lose weight with a detox diet, you should also remember that a successful weight-loss plan will be one that fits your personal health needs, tastes, and lifestyle.

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