top 10 best vitamix recipe ideas that you'll really, really love

Top 10 Best Vitamix Recipe Ideas That You’ll Really, Really Love!

One item that is on many food lovers’ wishlist is a Vitamix blender. These high performance blenders aren’t just a mere luxury, but are actually a very versatile, useful machine to have in your kitchen and especially if you are following a certain diet plan. The steep price tag does make this purchase more of an investment, however, majority of Vitamix owners agree that this blender is worth every penny.

When most people think of a blender they simply think of the typical appliance for making smoothies and drinks. You can easily find one of $20, so why pay a few hundred for a Vitamix? Well the reason the Vitamix is expensive is because it is a culinary-grade machine that does a whole lot more than just making
tasty smoothies.

With it’s ability to also perform as a grater, food processor, juicer, and even mixer all in one it’s easy to see why the Vitamix is a great alternative. Instead of your kitchen being cluttered with 3 or 4 different appliances clogging up space you can instead just use this machine.

A simple Google search for Vitamix recipes will leave you with a plethora of information to sort through because there is little this machine can’t do. If you’re not quite sure you want to splurge on a Vitamix or you just got your Vitamix and are unsure of what to try first, here are 10 of the best recipe ideas to consider.

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The very first thing that comes to mind with any type ofis its ability to make smoothies. The Vitamix is really the best blender you can use for smoothies due to it’s excellent blending ability and power

Everyone has probably experienced the frustration of trying to make a delicious cold fruit smoothie just to find that their blender left chunks of ice or frozen fruit.

The Vitamix has zero issue blending up any frozen items to the perfect consistency.
Making a smoothie in a Vitamix is only limited by your imagination. You can focus on tasty fruit smoothies, either fresh or frozen fruit or both, or try out some green smoothies.

Green smoothies (smoothies made with a mix of vegetables and greens) can often be a disaster in a cheap blender that is unable to handle the fibers in produce like kale. The Vitamix will break down these fibrous veggies and leave you with a silky smooth green smoothie.


Most people that are “smoothieholics” probably also enjoy fresh whether it’s fresh fruit juice or green juice.Unfortunately many of the better juicers are expensive and unlike a blender they can only perform one function.

Since the Vitamix is a very powerful machine you can easily make juices with it, even when other
blenders fail.

Just like smoothies, the juices you can make in a Vitamix are totally up to you. As long as you have a good liquid ratio (typically water) you can make any type of juice you want, such as wheat grass, apple, carrot, lemonade, etc. You can also make very tasty custom juice blenders, such as a spicy cayenne
watermelon lemonade.

The Vitamix also allows you to juice to a certain degree, meaning if you want a little pulp in your orange juice you can easily do this by simply turning off the blender when you see the juice is how you’d like it.

 Vegetable/Fruit Puree

Food processors are useful for purees, but often are difficult to clean. Not only can your Vitamixfunction as a food processor, but you also can simply rinse it out to clean.

It also makes pouring purees much easier with less mess. Vitamix Ascent A3300 Black Diamond 64 Ounce Blender[/easyazon_link] While purees aren’t as popular as smoothies or juices, they are still very useful for home chefs.

For example, if you’re spinach in the fridge is beginning to wilt or those strawberries you bought aren’t going to get eaten in time, simply pureeing them and freezing means you can use them at a later time.
Until very cool thing you can do with the Vitamix is make a thick and then dehydrate it for homemade
fruit leathers.

This is a super healthy alternative to sugar-filled store bought fruit treats and allows you to put any combination of fruit (or even veggies) in it that you’d like! The combination of having a Vitamix and a dehydrator is very popular for this reason.

Chopped Vegetables

Not too many people find  to be fun, especially if you’re chopping a bunch in preparation for soups, stews, casseroles, and similar dishes. It’s easier to use a food processor for rough chopping veggies, and even more simple with your Vitamix.

Simply chop your veggies to length as you would before throwing them into your food processor. Use the switch manually on and off, replicating the pulse feature on most processors. Do keep in mind that the Vitamix is more powerful than most food processors so be careful to not go from chopping to puree. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can dice up carrots and similar veggies.


The power of theVitamixhas been mentioned multiple times, but what you may not have guessed is that the power of the motor and the ability to cause heat after a few minutes of constant use offers another versatile recipe idea. This machine is perfect for making soups!

Not only is the Vitamix great for blending up soups, especially the creamy types, but when blending for 6-10 minutes you’ll begin heating theup. Soon you’ll see steam and your soup will be ready to pour straight
into a bowl.

Homemade Sauces and Salad Dressing

Since the Vitamix is so easy to just simply wash out it is great for quick recipes that you need to do in a hurry, such as sauces and dressings.If you enjoy making your own at home you’ll get a ton of use from a Vitamix.

Unlike a food processor which doesn’t mix thin liquids so well, especially with it having a wide base, the Vitamix easily mixes them up and combines oils with other liquids flawlessly.

Nut Butters or Nut Milks

If you’re a fan of peanut butter but have never had it homemade, you’re missing out. Not only only homemade nut butters far healthier and less fatty/salty than store-bought, but often is a less expensive option if you buy nuts in bulk. Almond butter is a popular nut butter for the health-conscious but is
often expensive.

Instead you can buy raw almonds in bulk and use your Vitamixto make your own butter.
Another option is to make nut milk.

Store-bought nut milks are often loaded with preservatives and additives that many would rather not be drinking. Since nut milk often have a very short shelf life it’s much easier and healthier to make some with your Vitamix every couple days.

Baked Good Toppings

Instead of dragging out your stand mixer to make some frosting or homemade whipped cream, try your instead! You can get quite a nice whipped topping when set on high speed and can also make super creamy, smooth frosting.Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester 32-Ounce Container with Dry Blade, Lid, and
Recipe Book.

If you are a baker at heart you are going to love how easy it is to not only make toppings, but also mix thinner batters in your Vitamix.

Not to mention it’s a super fast cleanup with no whisks to scrub.
A Vitamix blender is one of those appliances that many put off buying due to the high price tag and then wonder why they ever waited so long once they do purchase one.

Vitamix blenders really are an incredible investment if you enjoy cooking and find yourself often using appliances like food processors or juicers. The Vitamix brand offers excellent warranties on their blenders. You can also get lucky searching for factory reconditioned or refurbished blenders if you’re on a budget.

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