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How to Cancel Nutrisystem (and What to Replace It With)

If you are looking for the best answer to the question “how to cancel Nutrisystem subscription,” you’re in the right place. Week over week, our experts come across over a hundred questions related to deactivation of an active Nutrisystem subscription or trial. Many Nutrisystem subscribers, like you, feel the need to switch to a better alternative.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to cancel Nutrisystem subscription and discuss better weight loss plans tried and tested by our experts. Keep reading to get all your answers.

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How to cancel Nutrisystem subscription – All you need to knowcancel nutrisystem

Canceling an active Nutrisystem subscription can be a tricky affair since the complete process depends on the type of membership you have purchased. So, let’s look at a stepwise guide to see how to cancel Nutrisystem subscription is a few simple steps.

Step 1: Call the cancelation helpline

It’s important to note that the only way to cancel your Nutrisystem subscription is by calling the toll-free cancelation helpline. So, if you’re not too fond of calling helplines and waiting for the customer service representatives to answer, you don’t have a choice in this case. There’s no other method to cancel.

The Nutrisystem cancelation toll-free number is 877-338-8446.

Step 2: Talk to the customer service team

Once a customer service representative is ready to handle your case, give them your subscription details such as your name and Nutrisystem membership ID. You can find your membership ID on any Nutrisystem invoice. Once the customer service team is able to fetch your account details, inform them that you wish to cancel your Nutrisystem subscription and stop all meal delivery services.

Step 3: Note down the cancelation request number

Once the customer service representative has taken your request, they’ll provide you with a cancelation request number. Make sure you carefully note down the number for any future reference.

Other important things to remember

  • You cannot cancel your Nutrisystem subscription using the Nutrisystem website or by sending a cancelation email. The only way to cancel an active Nutrisystem subscription is by using the cancelation toll-free number.
  • You can cancel your shipment anytime before 6 PM the day before your meal delivery.
  • If it is your first Nutrisystem shipment, you can return the shipment items and for a refund.

How to return a Nutrisystem shipment and get a refund?

cancel nutrisystem

To return your Nutrisystem shipment, you’ll need to call the Nutrisystem Return Department’s toll-free number at 888-849-4686 and request for a return authorization number.

Once you get the return authorization, mention it on the packaging slip that came with your Nutrisystem shipment. Place all the snacks and meals along with the slip in a fresh box and ship it back to Nutrisystem’s Return Team. Your refund will be processed and credited to your account within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. However, the credited amount may take up to 2 weeks to reflect in your account depending upon your payment method or bank.

Here’s the address of Nutrisystem’s Return Team:

OHL/Nutrisystem Return Department,

1490 Nitterhouse Drive, Chambersburg,

PA 17201

How to cancel Nutrisystem subscription after the 14-day Money Back Guarantee period?

If you’re a new subscriber, make sure you cancel the subscription within the 14-day Money Back Guarantee to avoid paying any additional fees.

However, if you are Nutrisystem Auto-Delivery Subscriber and want to cancel after 14 days of subscribing, you’ll be charged a $125 fee. That’s primarily because almost all Nutrisystem Auto-Delivery subscribers get massive discounts while signing up.

For instance, Nutrisystem’s basic 4-week meal delivery plan costs around $423. But, if you add Auto-Delivery, the cost goes down by almost 50% and becomes $270. Isn’t that a big difference?

Pro Tip

If you only wish to delay your Nutrisystem delivery and not cancel the subscription altogether, you can delay your meal delivery shipments by calling the toll-free number 877-338-8446. Postponing your meal delivery shipment is free up to a month.

3 best Nutrisystem alternatives – Our experts’ choices

If the Nutrisystem Diet isn’t for you, and you were able to cancel Nutrisystem, here are our 3 top-rated Nutrisystem alternatives to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Our experts have tried and tested each of them to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s look at some interesting options and see which is the best for you.

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is similar to Nutrisystem when it comes to meal delivery service. However, you may notice small differences that make it a good Nutrisystem alternative.

The best thing about the South Beach Diet is that it works in 2 phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2. Both phases are different from one another. The closer you move to your weight loss goal, the more interesting the program will become. And, the diet program does work. One of our experts were able to lose 10 pounds in just 2.5 weeks.

Even though the food quality is almost similar to Nutrisystem, the snacks and meal options are more appealing and fun. So, if you are a fan of variety, the South Beach Diet may suit you well. The price of both diet plans is almost the same; however, Nutrisystem is a little more cost effective.

Key features of the South Beach Diet

  • Healthy snacks and meals
  • More focus on low-carb foods
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to follow
  • Snacks and meals are more appealing
  • The food tastes good

Is the South Beach Diet suitable for you?

The South Beach Diet can be a good Nutrisystem alternative for you, if:

  • You’re a fan of meal delivery services
  • Cooking is not your cup of tea
  • You like low-carb snacks and meals
  • You want to lose weight quickly – up to 5 pounds in a week

Pros and cons of the South Beach Diet



A simple diet plan which does not include counting calories or any other measurements

Depends a lot on the glycemic index

Focuses on snacks and meals made of low saturated fats

Phase 1 is somewhat difficult and restrictive

Meal delivery service is great

Not suitable for individuals who prefer carbs for energy

Can help you meet your weight loss goals quickly


How much weight can you lose?

At the moment, the South Beach Diet is helping customers lose up to 10 pounds and up to 3 inches in the first 2 weeks of the diet program.


Medifast is also a meal delivery service, but more creative and interesting than Nutrisystem. You can order snacks and meals from Medifast and create your own assortment of healthy eating. There are 2 primary meal plans – Go and Flex.

The “Go” plan allows you to order up to 5 Medifast meals each day and prepare 1 “Lean and Green” meal in your kitchen. Under the “Flex” plan, you can make the most of 4 Medifast meals, 2 Lean and Green meals, and 1 nutritious snack each day. This plan comprises more meal variety than the Go plan.

In the case of Medifast, weight loss is more gradual, and you develop healthy eating habits over the course of the diet plan.

Key features of the Medifast Diet Plans:

  • Designed by dieticians and nutritionists with proven track records
  • More meal variety options; you can choose meals and snacks from 65+ breakfast foods, shakes, nutrition bars, and a lot more
  • Better than Nutrisystem when it comes to taste and food quality
  • Comprises multiple phases to help you reach your weight loss goals
  • Helps you learn portion control

Is the Medifast Diet Plan suitable for you?

The Medifast Diet Plan can be a suitable plan for you, if:

  • You want to lose weight gradually
  • You want to learn how to control your portions
  • You’re not a fan of frozen meals and snacks
  • You want more flexibility in meal planning and weight loss
  • You are looking for a diet plan that’s easy to follow and less cumbersome

Pros and cons of the Medifast Diet Plan:



Helps you meet your weight loss goals while preserving your lean muscle mass

More expensive than Nutrisystem

A nutrition-rich weight loss plan with the right combination of minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats, fiber, and more

Does not comprise frozen food items

Convenient and easy to follow

   Some individuals have reported constipation and bloating

Does not include calorie counting


Reduces hunger pangs and leads to controlled portion intake


Diet-to-Gocancel nutrisystem alternatives

Diet-to-Go is a popular meal delivery service like Nutrisystem. Instead of high-protein foods, the diet focuses on fruits and vegetables that can help you lose weight quickly. The menu is interesting, and you can personalize it based on your likes and dislikes. You can select your favorite meals, provide inputs on existing meals, pause your plan, and get back whenever you want. The portions are properly measured, and the calories are counted while preparing the meals.

You can choose between 4 meal plans such as the Vegetarian meal plan, the Balance menu, the Balance Diabetes menu, and the Keto-Carb30 menu. The most interesting feature of the diet plan is the 5-week rotation plan during which your meal delivery plan is revised and renewed with new meals and snacks.

Key features of the Diet-to-Go Plan:

  • Easily personalize your diet plan
  • Meals and snacks are delivered hot and fresh
  • Suitable for all age groups as well as people with preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes and thyroid
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Customize your meals and snacks whenever you want
  • All the meals and snacks are cooked using whole foods

Is the Diet-to-Go Plan suitable for you?

  • You prefer fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • You don’t like cooking your own meals
  • You’re looking for healthy, portion-controlled meals and snacks
  • You’re looking for valuable advice on health, fitness, and nutrition
  • You’re a fan of whole foods

Pros and cons of the Diet-to-Go Plan:



Comprises a wide variety of meals and snacks to pick from

The food is delivered only once every week

All meal plan can be customized

Can be more expensive than the other Nutrisystem alternatives mentioned above

The meals and snacks are a delight for the taste buds

Even though the meals and snacks are tasty, they’re not eye-pleasing

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Cancel Nutrisystem

How much does Nutrisystem cost per month?

Nutrisystem currently has three plans which may vary depending on whether or not you have auto-delivery.

  • Basic – $8,57 a day or $239,99 for the whole 4-week plan
  • Uniquely Yours – $10,36 a day or $289,99 for the whole 4-week plan
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate – $12,50 or $349,99 for the whole 4-week plan

How does Nutrisystem ship its food?

Nutrisystem primarily ships with FedEx and UPS, or Purolator if you are from Canada.

Can I return Nutrisystem shipment?

You can return any unopened item for a full refund, except for frozen foods.

Pick the Nutrisystem alternative that best suits your requirement

Now that we’ve answered the question – “how to cancel Nutrisystem,” and made the cancelation process easy for you, are you ready to take on an affordable and effective Nutrisystem alternative? Well, if you aren’t, you should give it a thought.

While you may have solid reasons to discontinue Nutrisystem, if you still haven’t met your weight loss goals, pick a Nutrisystem alternative from the list above and continue your health and fitness regime. The South Beach Diet, Medifast Diet, and Diet-to-Go Plans are loaded with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. And, the best thing is that each diet plan has something special to offer. Our experts have tried and tested all the diet plans to make sure they’re not cumbersome and boring. And, they’ve provided good feedback.

We hope you found our guide on how to cancel Nutrisystem helpful. If you have more questions on the topic or any Nutrisystem alternative mentioned in this post, please feel free to post your queries in the comment section below.



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