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Golo Diet Review – Is This Diet Too Good to Be True?

We are all aware that a happy life starts with a healthy body. For this reason, a lot of diet plans, health supplements, and fitness products have flooded the market, especially in the last couple of years. They all promise miraculous results but most of them simply miss the mark. In this review, I will discuss whether or not the Golo diet is safer and more effective than other similar systems. The company claims their program will help you lose weight while also improving your general health.

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What Is the Golo Diet?

Golo is a diet program that has gained a lot of attention in 2016. It is a system made of three consecutive parts that were created to help clients lose weight and control their insulin levels. When we say Golo, we think about their patented supplement, their meal plan, the company’s membership program, and plenty of support.

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The Metabolic Plan focuses on repairing hormonal imbalances that impair metabolic health, using a realistic lifestyle plan that addresses the root causes of a sluggish metabolism.

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What Does the Golo Diet Menu Include?

What I like about the Golo diet is that it doesn’t ban any food item. Still, you must purchase all the materials included in the program to know exactly what portion sizes and calorie intake you must consume. Simply put, you can eat almost anything you want, from fresh meats and healthy fats to whole grain pasta and bread. Even the Golo Release supplement is made only from natural ingredients; it contains a mix of seven plant-based ingredients and three minerals.

Is This Program Effective?

I am sure you’re wondering whether or not this eating plan will help you lose weight. According to the company that has created it, Golo helps you lose weight without having the yo-yo effect of a crash diet.

Most reviewers said they decided to give Golo a try because they were looking for a safe weight-loss solution that wouldn’t make them deal with serious side effects. Some diets might cause severe damages to your body, including gallbladder stones, so you really need to be careful when you choose an eating plan. Many of the people who have followed this program said they lost considerable weight in the first two months.

So, I guess for some people, this diet truly works but you need to strictly follow the instructions written on the packages or published on the company’s website and in their booklets. Still, I don’t believe there’s a 100% guarantee that the diet will work the same for all people. It depends a lot on your body.

Golo Diet Main Benefits

1. Golo Diet Has Effective Components for a Healthy Weight Loss

The program is comprised of three different parts that will help dieters achieve their fitness goals within a period of three months. This system is more than just a simple meal plan. You will also gain access to good-quality supplements made from a mix of natural ingredients that regulate both your weight and your metabolic rate.

Moreover, your organism will receive properly balanced nutrients that will maintain your energy levels high without increasing insulin production. So, Golo offers a unique combination of elements for a healthy weight loss.

2. It Is a Sustainable Long-Term Solution for Weight Loss

From the information I could gather, it appears that this program is safe, sustainable, and effective. It is recommended for those who are looking for a healthy and balanced way to shed their extra pounds. Golo lowers the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The brand’s products are all approved by the FDA and the meal plan doesn’t seem to have any serious adverse effects.

3. Golo Aims to Improve Your Health

Golo fights insulin resistance which is an issue that affects your weight, metabolism, and overall health, not to mention it speeds up the process of aging. So, the company claims that Golo dieters will be able to keep their insulin level under control which will lower the risk of the aforementioned conditions. Therefore, if you want to lose weight while also leading a healthier lifestyle, you should probably give this diet a try.

4. It Is More Affordable than Other Similar Diets

Unlike other eating plans, Golo won’t break your bank. You can lose weight without spending a lot of money. In fact, with almost $40 for the first month, you will receive all the necessary materials marketed by the company to kick-start this program. Also, there’s no delivery fee. If you like it, you can order the supplies for the other two months for almost $70. The supplies needed for the entire diet (3 whole months) cost approximately $90.

5. There’s a Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers you the possibility to receive a full refund within 30 days since the order in case you’re not happy with how the system worked for you. So, from this point of view, you can rest assured that the company delivers what it promises or at least it tries its best to do so.

The Golo Diet – a 3-Part System

1. The Golo Release Supplement

GOLO Release Diet Supplement | Amazon

Release works fast to stop and repair metabolic function, for overall health and increased energy. 

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The supplement is created based on the company’s patented formula and represents the backbone of this diet. It is said to lower food cravings, regulate your body’s insulin levels, and boosts your energy. Here’s a list of the ingredients contained by the Release supplement:

  • Banaba leaf extract – it is supposed to treat diabetes due to an active ingredient contained by this extract which is called corosolic acid;
  • Chromium – most people don’t consume enough of this element which is important when it comes to a healthy metabolism. As a matter of fact, chromium deficiencies are linked to glucose intolerance that further leads to a slower metabolism;
  • Berberine – has the ability to lower blood sugar levels and alleviates the symptoms of diabetes;
  • Salacia bark extract – this herb is found in countries like India and Sri Lanka and it appears to prevent diabetes;
  • Rhodiola – another amazing herb that increases one’s energy, lowers stress, helps you lose weight, and decreases blood sugar levels;
  • Apple polyphenol – it is said to reduce belly fat, especially the visceral type;
  • Zinc oxide – it plays the role of a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and facilitates digestion;
  • Metabolic blend – made from a combination of magnesium, inositol, magnesium oxide, and Gardenia Jasminoides fruit extract.


Additional ingredients:

  • Organic rice concentrate;
  • Vegetable cellulose for the capsules;
  • Silica;
  • Tapioca dextrin, etc.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Facts – Release Supplement (per one serving = one capsule)
Magnesium 15 mg
Chromium 70 mcg
Zinc 10 mg
Proprietary blend 297 mg

2. Booklets

  • Truth and Change;
  • 30-Day Rescue Plan;
  • Creating Matrix Meals.

All three booklets have the goal of keeping you from consuming unhealthy foods. The information you will find there will teach you the proper way to burn fat while keeping your energy high. Besides these three main materials, you will also find fitness guides.

3. The Metabolic Meal Plan

Golo meal plan encourages you to consume whole foods such as eggs, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, real butter, etc. Moreover, dieters are allowed to eat whole grains like pasta, rice, and bread but in moderate amounts. The good thing about this particular meal plan is the fact that you can choose the foods you eat. So, instead of always feeling frustrated because you deprive yourself of eating the foods you like, you can fuel your organism with healthy products and stabilize your insulin production.

Once you become a Golo member, you will eat three main meals per day. The portion sizes will vary, depending on your metabolic rate. Basically, there’s no secret. It is all about how much you eat and how well you combine healthy foods.

Bonus: a One-Year Membership and Support

The membership gives dieters access to several online tools to keep track of their progress. Also, it enables them to download and use cleverly-designed shopping lists as well as restaurant cards and seasonal menus. Finally, through the Golo membership, clients will receive plenty of guidance and support from the company representatives and their team of experts.

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How to Use the Supplements Offered by Golo

During this 3-month diet plan, you must stick to following its guidelines. For example, dieters must follow the recommended meal plan, use the company’s supplements accordingly, and complete the exercise plan. You need to do all these if you want optimum results (or so the company says which makes me think if this is truly the way to go or if is just a marketing strategy). The Release supplement must be taken with a tall glass of water. Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of information or tips on the website, regarding the right dosage or the proper time to consume these tablets but you will find some useful details on the packages.

*The Release Supplement must be taken during meals and the right dosage is one tablet, three times per day.

Then, the Metabolic diet plan enables significant weight-loss results. It curbs cravings and keeps you satiated for a long period. It focuses on providing essential nutrients and foods high in fiber. Apart from these things, Golo also comes with a workout program which should boost the weight-loss process. Most exercises involve HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which can be quite challenging for some people. Also, if you suffer from back injuries or other similar health problems, you might not be able to perform these types of exercises. In my humble opinion, this can be a perceived as a drawback of the Golo program.

As a precaution measure, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and youngsters under the age of 18 should not follow this eating regimen.


Pros and Cons of Golo Diet


  • The Golo eating plan is developed by a transparent company – all the details regarding the manufacturer are published on the company’s official website;
  • It is an effective long-term solution for people who want to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. You won’t lose weight overnight but the risks of you gaining back those lost pounds after the diet is completed are low;
  • The company that markets the Golo system has a good reputation;
  • It is an affordable diet plan and dieters will benefit from free shipping;
  • Clients will receive a customized meal plan, dietary supplements, and plenty of information.


  • A few people have complained about certain mild side effects such as digestive issues;
  • The company failed to provide the proportion of the ingredients they included in their supplements.

Why Should You Try the Golo Diet?

  • It is less expensive than most other similar eating plans;
  • The company does not offer an auto-ship option so clients are in total control of their orders or membership;
  • Besides their free shipping benefit, you can also take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back policy in case you don’t like the system or the diet doesn’t work for you;
  • All their supplements are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain caffeine so you don’t have to worry about certain side effects like jitters;
  • Besides losing weight, this program also focuses on improving your metabolism and helping you maintain your general health;
  • It does all the things I mentioned above through two simple things: portion control and healthy foods (but I guess you could do that on your own, without the need of a supplement-based diet);
  • Golo representatives offer reliable customer support via phone or through their online platform.

golo diet

Potential Side Effects

Normally, this diet, including Golo supplement, is safe for most people. Still, some of you might experience the following issues:

  • Nausea;
  • Headaches;
  • Fatigue.

Where Can You Purchase Golo Supplements?

You can buy Golo products on the company’s official website or through third-party sellers such as Amazon. Also, you can choose to purchase only one-month supplies at first, especially if you have never tried these products before. On the other hand, it is best to buy the entire 3-month supply if you want to benefit from discounted prices.

GOLO Release Diet Supplement | Amazon

Release works fast to stop and repair metabolic function, for overall health and increased energy. 

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Golo Diet – Final Verdict

From what I have found out during my research, it seems that this eating plan and diet system is a sustainable weight-loss method that includes a wide range of whole foods and natural supplements. You should expect to lose a couple of pounds per week which is a balanced and safe way to shed those pounds away. On the other hand, in my opinion, any diet plan that involves the consumption of pills is a bit sketchy and should be carefully researched before being followed.

GOLO Metabolic Plan | Amazon

The Metabolic Plan focuses on repairing hormonal imbalances that impair metabolic health, using a realistic lifestyle plan that addresses the root causes of a sluggish metabolism.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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