Best Thermogenic Supplements You Should Try Next in 2022

Burning fat is the primary goal for many individuals. Selecting the right thermogenic metabolism booster is not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you have to be careful about which one you choose. Many fat burning thermogenics have unwanted side effects that can be detrimental to your overall health.

In this post, we will first be defining exactly what makes a good thermogenic supplement and then offer a few recommendations and reviews of the best options.

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How Do Thermogenic Supplements Work?

Before giving some recommendations, it’s important to define exactly what we mean by “good” thermogenic supplement. Essentially what it does is accelerate the metabolism rate. This is ideal for digesting and metabolizing fat cells quickly and efficiently, without letting them go into “storage” i.e. visible fat. A Thermogenic works by raising the core body temperature (slightly) as a way to jump-start metabolism.

A quality supplement will also provide other benefits to enhance fat burning. Beneficial side effects of thermogenics include suppressing appetite, preventing fat cell creation, increasing overall energy, and regulated insulin levels. With the full package put together, a thermogenic can exponentially enhance your workout regimen and lead to weight loss.

Thermogenic Side Effects

Yes, there are some. It definitely depends on the particular supplement. The main things to be concerned with are the following:

  • Difficulty Sleeping: Don’t take thermogenics before going to bed. My general rule of thumb is to avoid taking any thermogenics after 4 pm, assuming a 10-11pm bedtime.
  • Dehydration: Because you are burning calories more quickly and stimulating metabolism (and heart rate), you will want to consume extra water especially during and following workouts.
  • Elevated Heart Rate: Know your body. The point of most thermogenics is to raise your metabolism and heart rate. I’d recommend starting below the recommended dosage of any thermogenic and then working your way up as needed. If you don’t see any results, you can always adjust up later. If you have a history of heart conditions, you definitely should check with your doctor before taking
    (as with any supplement).

Main Benefits of Thermogenics

Now that we know “what” a thermogenic does, let’s go over the main benefits to consider. Each supplement tends to vary, but here are a few general principles:

  • enhanced metabolic rate
  • helps facilitate burning calories more efficiently
  • enhances workouts but maximizing calorie burn
  • also helps “post workout” burn rate
  • increases energy levels
  • helps to isolate fat loss during and after workouts

Below you will find our top list of the best thermogenics currently available. We do update this list frequently as new products hit the market.

So What Makes a Good Thermogenic?

Before we get into specific recommendations, let’s establish some base criteria for evaluating a
good thermogenic.

  1. Brand Reputation – Read the reviews. Not all reviews are honest, but try and get the overall gist of customer sentiment from those who have actually used the product. Similarly, not all brands in the supplement industry are reputable. We cross-check brands to ensure they don’t have a history of – well – being sketchy! Similarly, we don’t want a “fly by night” operation that hasn’t been around for a while and makes dubious claims.
  2. Tested Ingredients – Many supplements try and include the latest “hot” new ingredients. This is not necessarily a problem, but we like to verify that there is some testing (independent research) out there to back up the claims. In particular, we at least want to know if there are any negative side effects.
  3. Caffeine is a One Trick Pony – Don’t be fooled by supplements where the dosage of caffeine is higher than usual. Caffeine – as part of a holistic ingredient list – is an excellent supplement. Most products we test have at least some levels of caffeine. However, we’ve also come across supplements that are 1) branding, 2) fillers, and 3) caffeine. In some cases, you might be being sold an overpriced cup of joe!
  4. Value – Many supplements are run on branding and there are actually few differences to spot beside price. We like to look at thermogenics that are doing this a bit differently, whether it’s higher quality ingredients, better combinations, etc… We dig down into the ingredient list to only select thermogenics that are both tested, are doing something better, and aren’t in the stratosphere when it comes to pricing.

Top Thermogenic Supplements

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post if you have questions, concerns, or success stories with a particular supplement.

NatureWise Raspberry Ketones+

NatureWise Raspberry Ketones Plus | Amazon
$18.99 ($0.16 / Count)

NatureWise Raspberry Ketones Plus+ combines pure raspberry ketones with a blend of powerful plant extracts like acai, African mango seed, green tea, and cayenne to naturally increase fat burning and detoxing for a healthier and more efficient metabolism.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/16/2024 07:35 am GMT

NatureWise is marketed a bit differently. It is intended to have a gentler impact on the body which is especially beneficial for people who have struggled with side effects from other mainstream thermogenics. Raspberry Ketones have received a fair amount of publicity in recent years, but deservedly so.

While some thermogenics harness the power of ketones, NatureWise offers a weight loss supplement specifically built around a foundation of ketones, with other helpful ingredients.

We wanted to test out an alternative thermogenic. True to our “altprotein” name, it’s okay to go off the beaten path to find the results you are looking for. We noticed strong results after taking for about a month.

The effects were not as immediate as some of our other recommendations, but the overall effect was the same: significant fat loss after about 4 weeks. Furthermore, the proprietary blend of resveratrol, African mango, acai berry, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit extract and kelp was an all
natural solution!

NatureWise has a relatively competitive price point, right around $30. While you pay a bit more for all-natural ingredients, they are backed by top ingredient safety. You can read more about the product on Amazon by visiting our link below.

NatureWise CLA 1250, Ketons, Green Coffee, and Forskolin

NatureWise CLA 1250 Natural Weight Loss Enhancement | Amazon
$21.99 ($0.12 / Count)

Promote Muscle Growth: CLA supplements may support metabolic activity and lean muscle gain.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/15/2024 04:55 pm GMT

This isn’t necessarily in the same category as most thermogenics. It’s an all natural, non-GMO, GMP/NSF certified weight loss supplement with no artificial ingredients.

It doesn’t necessarily raise the heart rate, but I’ve had some success in conjunction with my fitness regimen. It’s an excellent option for people who find that most mainstream thermogenics cause too many side effects.

NatureWise CLA is derived from Safflower oil with 80% CLA (conjugated linoleic acids). You can combine this separately with their Green Coffee Bean extract, Raspberry Ketones+ and Forskolin Plus to get a very similar end result to a traditional thermogenic. This combination with exercise leads to weight loss and enhanced energy.

Why both with separate supplements? I personally like to carefully control what’s going into my body. Not all of the ingredients common in thermogenics are helpful or even always the best for you. Most times, it’s a convenience factor.

One pill is easier to remember than multiple ones. However, if you’ve studied these supplements for a while – like me – you tend to figure out which ingredients are truly helpful and which ones need further testing.

If you are wary of complicated ingredient labels, I’d definitely recommend checking out the NatureWise line of supplements.

BSN Hyper Shred

BSN Hyper Shred
BSN is a well-recognized brand with a strong following in the supplement industry. Their Hyper Shred thermogenic fat burner is a top of the line addition to their offerings.

Their formula creates a synergy between promoting good weight management, boosting focus, generating energy, and ultimately increasing physical performance. We had actually used BSN Hyper Shred in the past, so we already knew that it was a solid product before testing it out.

The first thing we noticed was some jitters on an empty stomach in the morning, more so than the other thermogrenics that we tested. However, a simple fix was to eat something within 30 minutes before/after taking the capsules. Like with other similar supplements, starting with just one capsule for the first 3-4 days is recommended.

With a good workout routine, we noticed some solid fat loss over about 4 weeks without any negative effect on muscle mass. Hyper Shred is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who already have a set workout routine.

In terms of affordability, BSN Hyper Shred is right in the mix at roughly $30 per 90 capsules. You can generally find the best prices for Hyper Shred ont their website.

These are the top 5 thermogenics on the market right now that I can recommend. Depending on your goals, each one offers something slightly different. That said, you really can’t go wrong with trying out any of them. We will continue to update this list as we test out more products, so check back frequently.

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