7 Best Food Intolerance Test Options: Which Is Best For You?

Food intolerance is a pretty important issue. Approximately 20% of the population is affected by this problem. Those people who experience discomfort after consuming certain foods are always trying to find a solution to eliminate their symptoms.

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to go to the doctor to find out if you have a food intolerance (although that would be the wisest thing to do, especially if you don’t really know how to test yourself at home). Or, you could try a test at home and then, also seek a doctor’s opinion to be sure of the result.

Most at-home food intolerance tests are effective and reliable. But they vary a lot in terms of the price, the support these tests provide to their users regarding diet changes, and the food types they test.

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Best Food Intolerance Test Options – Top 7 Choices

In today’s article, I will review some of the best food intolerance tests available on the market and, hopefully, among them, there will be one that suits you best.


EverlyWell is a food sensitivity test that measures a person’s immune reaction to no less than 96 different foods. The company also markets a comprehensive version of its food intolerance test that costs $259.

The test comes with a collection of materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and prepaid delivery. You can choose from three options when it comes to the test’s results: digital, printable, or both.


  • I’ve looked up this test online and I found more than 4,000 amazing reviews from users;
  • Your results will be reviewed by an independent and board-certified expert before being sent to you;
  • This test is highly convenient and easy to use at home;
  • All it requires is a painless finger prick;
  • It offers a high level of accuracy of up to 95%.


  • Unfortunately, the EverlyWell test isn’t covered by insurance;
  • You should always seek your physician’s approval and advice before and after using this test;
  • These food sensitivity tests aren’t available in all the states.

Check My Body Health

Check My Body Health is a food intolerance assessment test that’s very comprehensive. The ones who created it rely on top-notch technology which is why this product became one of the most popular food sensitivity tests in the world.

It examines a wide range of intolerances and allergies. Besides drinks and foods, the test will also examine heavy metals, environmental sensitivities, gut health, digestive health, and more. The results are usually received within 3 to 5 days since you’ve tested yourself.


  • With this test, you can discover whether or not you have food sensitivities by testing more than 970 different foods;
  • There are two available packages; one is suited for couples and the second one is designed for the entire family;
  • This food intolerance test has a decent price.


  • Once you receive the results of the test, there won’t be a lot of suggestions or recommendations regarding the dietary changes you should implement.


Vitagene will test your DNA to help you discover the way your genetics might influence your overall health. It shows how your organism reacts to lactose, gluten, alcohol, fat, caffeine, sodium, and carbohydrates. Besides the results, you will also get an ancestry report offering an interactive ethnic map. This way, you will know your heritage when it comes to food intolerances.


  • You will receive a lot of useful recommendations that will help you find ways to live a healthier life and achieve your wellness goals;
  • Their product tiers will select what suits you the most;
  • As a client, you will gain access to one of the company’s online coaches;
  • You have the possibility to delete your information from their database.


  • A few people say that Vitagene advice can be pretty vague;
  • This test will analyze files of raw DNA sourced from only 3 websites;
  • The website lacks more specific information;
  • They’ve experienced a data breach.

Walmart’s 5Strands Test

The 5Strands intolerance test was created by Walmart and it is quite popular among people who want to find out if they have any types of food allergies. It is recommended to those who experience symptoms like headaches, bloating, water retention, an upset stomach, and joint pain.

It will take between 7 and 10 days for your results to be completed and delivered. Although it focuses mostly on minerals and vitamins, Walmart’s test also covers other compounds such as proteins, lactose, gluten, and more.


  • This food sensitivity test covers no less than 600 different allergies and intolerances;
  • The test is easy to do and uses bio-resonance as its main technology;
  • It costs less than other similar tests.


  • It focuses more on vitamins and minerals;
  • Your health insurance might not cover this test;
  • It doesn’t cover certain allergies that involve the response of your immune system.

CRI Genetics

The CRI Genetics is a food intolerance test that you can do at home. It is quite accurate and comprehensive. The test was developed by scientists who were trying to help people with food sensitivities. It uses DNA to decode numerous food intolerances.

CRI Genetics is an award-winning test that costs around $199 and offers reports for health issues, food allergies, and weight loss. It comes with an efficiency guarantee that lasts 8 weeks. So, the turnaround is pretty short from the moment when you purchase the test to when you get the results.


  • This test is done with a mouth swab;
  • The price is pretty decent, although there are other less expensive tests out there;
  • It’s an efficient and accurate food sensitivity test.


  • You must wait for 6 to 8 weeks before receiving the results;
  • The company’s Y-DNA test is only suitable for men;
  • You won’t be able to easily delete your personal information.

Food Marble

Food Marble is a test that was created in 2016. Back then, it was the first digestive tracker ever created. It’s a very interesting food intolerance test because it focuses on the user’s breath to come up with accurate results. The company sends users breath test devices together with an app that helps them improve their food choices.

You must create an account on the app and insert all the foods you consume daily. Then, you must blow air into the test device. This tool measures the level of hydrogen that’s present in your breath which further reveals those foods that your organism isn’t able to digest well.


  • The test is detailed, interesting, and comprehensive;
  • You will eat better and become more present during your meals due to the app food log feature.


  • Users have more work to do to achieve the results of this test; they must insert all the foods they consume.

Request a Test

The Request a Test product was launched in 2002 and it has soon become popular among people who have experienced food allergies or sensitivities. It’s a testing company that has multiple lab testing centers and its services are very affordable. They also sell at-home food-intolerance tests.

You can check your blood at home through this test with just a slight finger prick. The turnaround will be quick and it will help you adjust your diet. These tests search for certain antibodies that your organism might produce as a reaction to certain substances.


  • It’s an affordable food-intolerance test;
  • It’s easy to use and you will get the results very quickly.


  • You might have to order multiple tests because the one created by this company doesn’t cover all the allergens or foods.

Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerances vs. Food Sensitivities

Food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities come in many different forms, from headaches and digestive issues to skin rashes and chest tightness. Even those of you who are trying their best to eat as healthy as possible might experience these problems.

Allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances are 3 different terms that describe different problems. So, let’s differentiate them properly.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are the worst because they can be severe and even life-threatening. There are stories of people who have become very ill after they accidentally consumed food that contained peanuts. That is how an allergy manifests itself. As a reaction to a food allergy, your body responds by creating antibodies that have the role of fighting off those antigens.

If you’re having an allergic reaction, your symptoms will normally appear in just a few minutes after consuming certain food or drinking a specific beverage. Symptoms may vary but, most of the time, they include breathing difficulties, hives, and even anaphylactic shock.

Food Intolerances

Unlike food allergies and sensitivities, intolerances won’t trigger immune reactions. Food intolerances occur when your organism doesn’t have a specific digestive enzyme or when it isn’t able to absorb certain nutrients.

However, food intolerances can also trigger disruptive and unpleasant symptoms that might make you feel unwell. Lactose intolerance is the most common type of digestive issue and can often lead to gas, diarrhea, heartburns, and bloating. These reactions can happen within one hour since you’ve consumed the substance.

Other times, symptoms of food intolerance might also appear after a couple of days.

Food Sensitivity

Just like food intolerance, food sensitivity won’t threaten your life. Still, it’s more serious than a simple intolerance and can make you feel unwell or uncomfortable. Food sensitivities manifest themselves through the following symptoms: hives, joint pain, nausea, and headaches. These can appear several hours or even days after you’ve ingested the food.

Your body reacts by producing more antibodies. But, this time the response is different than the one that occurs if you’re allergic to certain foods.

  Sensitivity Intolerances Allergies
When symptoms occur 30’ to a couple of days <1h – two days later A few minutes later
The type of response Immune response No immune reaction Immune response
Severity Significant Unpleasant Severe
How common it is Very common Around 65% of people 5-10% of kids; 3-4% of adults.

Best Food Intolerance Test Options – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should You Use a Food Intolerance Test?

Answer: You can use an at-home food intolerance test if you’re experiencing strange symptoms that you believe might be associated with certain food consumption. However, it is also good to double-check on those tests by going to the doctor’s office and do some blood tests as well.

Question: How Should You Choose The Best Food Sensitivity Test?

Answer: When choosing an at-home test for your food intolerance, you should consider the following aspects:
– Comprehensive testing – How many types or groups of foods and substances does the test cover? Also, think about the type of support you will get from the manufacturer, once you receive the test results;
– Reputation – You should always opt for a food intolerance test after you’ve read or browsed numerous client reviews. You should also read a little about the company’s history and reputation;
– The turnaround of the results – How soon will you receive the results? The sooner, the better!
– The price of the test – Cost is important and it depends on your budget and financial situation. Besides the price of the initial test, you must also consider any upsells or ongoing fees.

Question: Should You Trust A Food Intolerance Test?

Answer: At first, these kind of tests weren’t completely reliable but, the industry has evolved a lot lately and at-home tests became significantly more reliable and accurate. Companies that launch these tests now work together with industry experts and clinical physicians.

Question: What are Food Sensitivity Tests?

Answer: Test that measure your sensitivity to certain foods are ways for you to discover what kinds of changes and adjustments you should make in your daily diet to live a healthier life. Some tests rely on a saliva sample, others on the air you;re breathing through your mouth, and a few of them might also require a tiny blood sample from your finger.

Question: Should You Use A Food Intolerance Test?

Answer: You can use an at-home food intolerance test if you’re experiencing strange symptoms that you believe might be associated with certain food consumption. However, it is also good to double-check on those tests by going to the doctor’s office and do some blood tests as well.

Best Food Intolerance Test Options – Bottom Line

Dealing with the stress and unpleasantness of food allergies or intolerances is certainly exhausting. The food intolerance tests presented above might lower some of that stress and offer you a better health strategy and a focused eating plan.

At the same time, regardless of the at-home test results, if you notice any sudden changes in your regular symptoms, you should discuss them with your healthcare professional.

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