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Casey Roche

Casey Roche loves to write about fitness and weight loss. She believes healthy living has so many positive life benefits for people. Casey says that weight loss shouldn't be about heating your body and a desire to change yourself. Instead, it should be about loving your body so much that you want to feed it the right nutrients so it can stay healthy and thrive. She believes weight loss and fitness look different for everyone. That's why she thinks it is important to share as much information on the topic as possible. She wants to help someone on their personal weight loss and fitness journey.

Casey's favorite weight loss plan is eating a well-balanced plant-based diet that isn't restrictive but instead encourages people to eat more whole plant foods. She said that doesn't mean people can't have animal products, but to just focus on adding more fruits and veggies into the diet while limiting animal products whenever possible. Her enthusiasm for fitness and health shines through in her writing and she's more than excited to share what she knows with Alt Protein readers.