Coty Perry

Coty Perry

Gym Rat & Record Holder

Coty Perry is a self-proclaimed gym rat who competed in weight-lifting tournaments during high school and in college. He went through training with expert weight lifting and still holds lifting records for power clean at Northampton College and North Pocono High School.

Becoming so good at weight lifting requires a strict diet and weight lifts always want to find ways to increase their mass and to take in more calories to gain muscle faster. At 5’6″, Coty had to work twice as hard to gain muscle mass and compete, but he was able to do this through high protein and healthy fat consumption.

His experience in weight lifting, mentoring from experts, and obsession with fad diets is why Coty feels confident in providing the best information to people that want to increase muscle mass and feel the strongest they’ve ever felt in their lives.

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