Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra Gavrilescu

Lifelong Learner

Why are you giving advice for Alt Protein?

As a child and teenager, it was hard for me because I didn't know how to ask and my parents didn't know how to handle that part of my life, the physical activity. I was a sedentary child and I liked to eat, especially after my parents divorced, I used to find joy in cakes and sweets. So, I started to become a little chubby and some of my schoolmates were very rude to me, calling me names, and bullying me. The effects stayed with me to this day but I'm healing and recovering both physically and emotionally.
As a student, in my early 20s, I've tried several diets and I used to walk a lot around the city. So, I've managed to lose a lot of weight but I didn't know what I was doing so that weight loss wasn't healthy and balanced. Fast forward 5-6 years, I've discovered Pilates on machines such as reformers, barrels, and others. I fell in love with that sport and I kept going to the studio three times per week. A couple of years ago, I've also started to use a mobile app to keep track of my calorie intake. So, now, at 32, I am in a much better place, mentally and physically, I'm not very toned and I don't have a model's body, but I work out on a regular basis, engage in long evening walks, and eat mostly healthy foods, while also allowing myself to indulge in small treats so that I avoid frustration. 
I want to help others get to their happy place without making all the mistakes I've made which have messed up my bowel movements. I believe I now know what it takes to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without giving up on the food you enjoy eating or engaging in workouts you don't really love. I also take online dancing classes at home, especially salsa movements. I don't like cardio very much but I include cardio movements in my workouts. 

What do you like best about health and wellness?

The way it makes me feel inside and out. In the last two months or so, I've managed to lose almost 1.5 kg and I still have some work to do to become the best version of myself, but I'm at peace with how my body looks like (well, not always, doubts and not liking your cellulite or stretch marks are normal and we should accept them as they are). I may not like my cellulite but I'm doing my best to accept it and respect my body for all the wonderful things it's able to do. Working out, walking outdoors, and eating whole foods make me feel good about myself and they bring me peace of mind. But, most importantly, I do all of this for myself, not for others. 

What is your favorite source of protein?

Mostly, I take my protein from chicken, turkey, fish, and shrimp (and other seafood). Occasionally, I also consume lean meat like pork and beef, but the second one is not that often. 
I stopped drinking milk some years ago and now I've become a bit sensitive if I try it again. But I don't miss it. So, it's all good. Instead, I eat eggs (not daily), cheese (in small portions), and yogurt. 
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